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Worldwide Headquarters

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Worldwide Headquarters
Jasc Software, Inc.
7905 Fuller Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-2137

Phone: 952-930-9800

Fax: 952-930-9172

Mailing Address
Jasc Software, Inc.
PO Box 44997
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-2697

World Wide Web Address

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your interest in our private beta programs. At Jasc Software, we’re committed to developing the highest quality software solutions, products, and services for our customers. Our beta program and the feedback we receive are integral to our unique development process.

To be considered for a private beta program at Jasc Software, you must complete Jasc Software’s “Private Beta Tester Qualification Questionnaire and Pre-Release Software Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)” form and fax it to the attention of Private Beta Testing at 952-930-9172. You can e-mail a digital copy of this form to as long as you use a digital signature (acquired using a digital tablet) to sign it. You may also mail the agreement to the mailing address above.

Fill out the questionnaire completely. If a question does not apply, please mark it with “N/A”.

Due to the volume of responses we expect we cannot give personal replies. If you are selected for the current project we will notify you with details by the end of August. Your submission of the questionnaire and the signed NDA does not guarantee your selection by Jasc as a private beta tester. However, we keep applications on file for one year, during which you may be re-contacted as a potential private beta tester for projects you mention an interest in.

Thanks again for your interest and good luck,

Private Beta Team

Jasc Software, Inc.

Private Beta Tester Qualification Questionnaire


First Name: Last Name:

Home Street Address:

City: State/Province:

Zip/Postal: Country:

Home Phone: Home FAX:

Email Address: Web Address:

Company Name:

Street Address:

City: State/Province:

Zip/Postal: Country:

Company Phone: Company FAX:

Email Address: Web Address:

Which contact information do you want to use for private beta testing?  Home  Company

Are you a Jasc Vendor or Distributor?  Yes  No

Are you an Author/Publisher writing a book on a Jasc product?  Yes  No

Do you work for an image editing software development company?  Yes  No


Computer Manufacturer & Model Number:

Operating System & Version Number:

Hard Drive Capacity:

Video Card Manufacturer & Model Number:

Display Settings:

Sound Card Manufacturer & Model Number:

CPU (speed):

Installed RAM:

Internet Connection Type & Speed:


Printer Manufacturer & Model Number:

Digital Camera Manufacturer & Model Number:

Scanner Manufacturer & Model Number:

DVD player Manufacturer & Model Number:

List any other peripherals you use:

List any font utility applications you use:

List the Plug-In filters you use:

Internet Browser(s) you use including version number:

Email Product you currently use including version number:

Please list other Image Editing, Animation, or Media Storage Products you use:


Please indicate which product(s) you would be interested in private beta testing:

 Paint Shop Pro  Animation Shop  After Shot/Image Expert  WebDraw

Complete form below for each product selected above.

Paint Shop Pro Synopsis:

What version of Paint Shop Pro are you currently using?  None  PSP ____.x  PSP 6.0x  PSP 7.0x

Please rate your knowledge of Paint Shop Pro:  Novice User  Intermediate User  Expert User

What do you use Paint Shop Pro for? (E.g. web graphic creation, photo retouching, image sharing, file viewing)

What Paint Shop Pro features (up to 5) do you use/like the most? (Please list specific effects, tools, etc.)

What Paint Shop Pro features (up to 5) do you use/like the least? (Please list specific effects, tools, etc.)

How many hours have you used Paint Shop Pro in the last month:

Animation Shop Synopsis:

What version of Animation Shop are you currently using?  None  AS 1.0x  AS 2.0x  AS 3.0x

Please rate your knowledge of Animation Shop:  Novice User  Intermediate User  Expert User

What do you use Animation Shop for? (e.g. web banners, file viewing)

What Animation Shop features (up to 5) do you use/like the most? (Please list specific effects, tools, etc.)

What Animation Shop features (up to 5) do you use/like the least? (Please list specific effects, tools, etc.)

How many hours have you used Animation Shop in the last month?

After Shot/Image Expert Synopsis:

Which product and version are you currently using?  After Shot_____  Image Expert _____  Neither

Please rate your knowledge of the product:  Novice User  Intermediate User  Expert User

What do you use the product for? (e.g. Importing from cameras, photo editing, printing, etc.)

Which product features (up to 5) do you use/like the most? (Please list specifics like slideshow, tools, effects etc.)

Which product features (up to 5) do you use/like the least? (Please list specific slideshow, tools, effects etc.)

How many hours have you used the product in the last month:

WebDraw Synopsis:

What version of WebDraw are you currently using?  None  WebDraw_______

Please rate your knowledge of WebDraw:  Novice User  Intermediate User  Expert User

What do you use WebDraw for? (e.g. Web site graphics, Web application interfaces, Technical drawings/diagrams)

What WebDraw features (up to 5) do you use/like the most? (Please list specific effects, tools, etc.)

What WebDraw features (up to 5) do you use/like the least? (Please list specific effects, tools, etc.)

How many hours have you used WebDraw in the last month:


Why do you want to be a private beta tester? (50 words or less)
How would you prefer to receive beta software (approximately 50 MB)?:  Download  Mail



This Confidentiality Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made effective this _________ day of _________________, 2002 (the “Effective Date”), between Jasc Software, Inc., a Minnesota corporation, with offices located at 7905 Fuller Rd. Eden Prairie, MN (“Jasc”) and _______________________, with an address of ____________________________________________________________________(“You”).

The parties contemplate that Jasc will be disclosing confidential information to You. This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions which will govern Jasc’s disclosure of confidential information to You. For mutual consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, Jasc and You agree as follows:

  1. Definitions. For purposes of this Agreement, the following definitions shall apply:

1.1 “Confidential Information” means information disclosed to You by Jasc or its Agents either orally or in writing that includes, but is not limited to, computer codes, computer programs, computer documentation, brochures, business plans, business concepts, financial projections, e-commerce proposals and passwords. “Jasc” includes all of its affiliates, representatives, subsidiaries and officers, directors, and agents and employees.

Confidential Information does not include information which: (a) is or becomes generally known or available by publication or otherwise; (b) is disclosed by Jasc to third parties without restrictions on disclosure; (c) is developed independently by You without reference to Jasc’s materials or information; (d) is rightfully received by You from a third party without a duty of confidentiality; or (e) was already known by You prior to receipt from Jasc.
1.2 “Agents” means a party’s agents, employees and persons retained and engaged by it.

  1. Use and Protection of the Confidential Information. You agree that the Confidential Information disclosed to You by Jasc will be used for the purpose of evaluating Jasc’s technologies (hereafter, the “Discussions”) and that such information will be kept confidential by You and your Agents, provided, however, that any of such information may be disclosed by You to Agents who need to know such information for the purpose set forth herein (it being understood that such Agents shall be informed by the parties of the confidential nature of such information, and shall be directed by the parties to treat such information confidentially). You agree to be liable to Jasc for any breach of this Agreement by its Agents.

You shall use reasonable means to safeguard and keep confidential the Confidential Information and to not, without prior written consent of Jasc, disclose the Confidential Information in any manner, in whole or in part, or use the Confidential Information except for the purpose set forth herein. In the event that You or your Agents become legally compelled to disclose any of Jasc’s Confidential Information, You will use best efforts to promptly notify Jasc and to provide reasonable cooperation to Jasc in connection with Jasc’s efforts to lawfully avoid or limit disclosure and preserve the confidentiality of the Confidential Information in such circumstances.

3. Ownership; No Warranty. All Confidential Information is and shall remain the property of Jasc. Nothing herein shall be construed as granting or conferring any rights by license or otherwise in the Confidential Information except as expressly provided herein. Neither party makes any warranty, express or implied, as to any Confidential Information that it may provide hereunder.

  1. Time Limitations. This Agreement will apply to all disclosures made within three (3) years of the date Jasc signs this Agreement. However, the obligations hereunder with respect to any disclosure made within that period will continue indefinitely thereafter in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

  1. Return and Destruction. You agree, upon termination of the Discussions or any time upon Jasc’s request, to immediately return to Jasc or destroy, as such party may direct, all tangible materials within Your possession, custody or control containing or reflecting any portion of the Confidential Information and shall make no further use of the Confidential Information.

  1. Remedies. You acknowledge and agree that a violation of the terms of this Agreement would cause irreparable harm to Jasc, and that Jasc’s remedy at law for any such violation would be inadequate. In recognition of the foregoing, You agree that, in addition to any other relief afforded by law, including damages sustained by a breach of this Agreement and without any necessity of proof of actual damage, Jasc shall have the right to enforce this Agreement by specific remedies, which shall include, among other things, temporary and permanent injunctions.

  1. Miscellaneous. This Agreement is the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject matter and supersedes all earlier oral or written agreements with respect to its subject matter. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the State of Minnesota and shall not be amended except by a written agreement between the parties. Failure of a party to enforce its rights on one occasion will not result in a waiver of those rights on any other occasion. This Agreement will be binding upon the parties and their respective successors and assigns.

  1. Age Requirement. You acknowledge and agree that You are over the age of 18 and have the authority to sign this Agreement on behalf of yourself and/or your company.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, You have executed this instrument effective as of the date indicated above.

Name of Company (“You”)


Authorized Signature
Title (if applicable):

 If you are signing this NDA as a representative of a company, please include the company’s name

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