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Why Bao Yen? Bat Xat (Bao Ha) and Bao Yen

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Why Bao Yen?
Bat Xat (Bao Ha) and Bao Yen Districts were equally vulnerable and severely affected by the disaster. While Bat Xat was highly damaged in terms of human lives and infrastructures, Bao Yen was more vulnerable due to the high lost of agriculture productivity system and water supply and irrigation system.
However, the striking lost in Bat Xat - the vanish of half of Tung Chin 1 hamlet, Trinh Tuong commune after one night - has drawn most of the attentions of mass media throughout the next two weeks. Through the media, many local agencies such as private sectors, banking and social organizations, started to mobilize support for Bao Xat District.
The need gaps, therefore, is higher in Bao Yen District, as reflected in the Rapid Assessment report in Lao Cai. As a result, in order to urgently support the affected communities from humanitarian threats, it was necessary that Oxfam to take responsive actions in Bao Yen District, Lao Cai Province.
On 18 August 2008, after having discussions and feedback on the situation report, concept notes and appraisal report, Oxfam Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) decided to response to the Typhoon in Lao Cai Province. Given the current capacity of Oxfam, it was decided that the relief phase to focus in Bao Yen District. It was difficult to ensure the efficiency of relief if Oxfam provide relief for both districts since the two areas are in the opposite directions of Lao Cai Province (see map below). Oxfam will make in-depth assessment in Bat Xat District to consider supporting the district in the recovery phase (phase 2).
The sound experience of Oxfam in humanitarian responses in other disaster prone areas in Vietnam will be of benefit for the affected communes as well as for the development commitment of Oxfam mission in Lao Cai. Oxfam will continue to call for support in Bat Xat district. It is expected that UN is one of the potential relief actors for this district. In addition, Oxfam will also actively support the relief coordination process in Lao Cai among international INGOs and donors in the coming time.

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