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Westminster College, Cambridge, uk

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Society for Reformation Studies

11th Annual Conference

14-16 April 2004

Westminster College, Cambridge, UK

Heinrich Bullinger 1504-1575


Wednesday 14 April 2004

16.00 Tea and Welcome

Dining Hall

Session 1. Parallel session. Healey Room

Chair: Paul Ayris

16.30 Catherine Hall:

Two College Masters: They did not foresee

17.15 Noel Heather

From Postmedievalism to Critical Postliberalism: Towards a Socio-theological Reformation

Session 2. Parallel session. Elias Library

Chair: Charlotte Methuen
16.30 Alison Carter

René Benoist and the vernacular Book of Hours in Sixteenth-century France
17.15 Patrick Preston

The Critical Reception of Michelangelo’s ‘The Last Judgement’: the Theological Context
18.00 Sessions close
18.15 Dinner

Session 3. Healey Room and Elias Library

Chair: Patrick Preston

19.30 Catherine Reuben

The Closers, Second Innings

    1. Ralph Werrell

Divine Mercy and Human Compassion in Tyndale’s Prologues to Exodus and Deuteronomy
21.00 Session closes

Thursday 15 April 2004

    1. Breakfast

Session 4. Healey Room and Elias Library

Chair: Charlotte Methuen

09.30 Christopher Joby

Supper at Emmaus: Rembrandt’s Hermeneutic of Calvin’s Eucharistic Theology?

    1. John Jackson

Back to the Future: William Parr, Thomas Cranmer and the dating of Lambeth Palace MS. 1108
11.00 Coffee

Session 5. Healey Room and Elias Library

Chair: Nick Thompson
11.30 Tony Lane
Cardinal Contarini and Article 5 of the Regensburg Colloquy

12.15 Keynote

Bruce Gordon

Heinrich Bullinger on Spirituality
13.00 Lunch

Session 6. Cambridge University Library

Chair: Gotthelf Wiedermann
14.00 Conference visits Cambridge University Library to view an exhibition of rare books concerning Heinrich Bullinger and items from the library of Thomas Cranmer
There will be two short addresses:

Paul Ayris: Cambridge University Library in the sixteenth century

David Selwyn: Cambridge books from the library of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer

    1. Tea, followed by free time

19.00 Conference Dinner in Westminster College, Cambridge

Friday 16 April 2004

    1. Breakfast

Session 7. Healey Room and Elias Library
Chair: David Bagchi

09.30 Malcolm Lovibond

The architectural setting for preaching in early Reformed churches

    1. Nick Thompson

Religious Moderates in Reformation Scotland
11.00 Coffee

Session 8. Healey Room and Elias Library

Chair: Ian Hazlett

11.30 Polly Ha

Why Walter Travers read Heinrich Bullinger

12.15 David Selwyn

On the readership of Bullinger in Tudor England (Title to be confirmed)

13.00 Lunch

14.00 AGM
14.30 Departures

Contact details for Westminster College, Cambridge

The address of the College is:
Westminster College, Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0AA.

The College is situated at the junction of Madingley Road and Northampton Street.

The telephone number is 01223-741084 (+44 1223 741084); fax 01223-300765 (+44 1223 300765); e-mail:
A web map, showing the location of the College, can be found at:,259250&st=4&ar=N&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

Notes for those giving papers and Chairs of sessions

Papers should be timed for 30 minutes with 15 minutes for questions. It is the responsibility of Chairs of sessions to make sure that each session runs to time.

If speakers require an Overhead projector for transparencies, a slide projector, or facilities for playing CDs or tapes, these facilities need to be booked with the Secretary of the Society in advance. Please contact

Contributors and their contact details
Paul Ayris UCL (University College London)

Jennifer Britnell University of Durham

Alison Carter University of Durham

David Bagchi University of Hull

Jane Dawson University of Edinburgh

Bruce Gordon University of St Andrews

Polly Ha Clare College Cambridge

Catherine Hall University of Cambridge

Ian Hazlett University of Glasgow

Noel Heather Royal Holloway, University of London

John Jackson University of Oxford

Christopher Joby University of Durham

Olaf Kuhr Northeim, Germany

Tony Lane London School of Theology

Malcolm Lovibond Wilmslow

Brian Lugioyo University of Aberdeen

Charlotte Methuen Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Jonathan Moore Cambridge

Jonathan Morgan Dr Williams Library

John Mullett St Catharine’s College, Cambridge

Patrick Preston University College, Chichester,

Susan Rawlings Madingley Hall, University of Cambridge

Catherine Reuben University of Kingston

David Selwyn St David’s University College, University of Wales

Pamela Selwyn University of Wales

Nick Thompson University of Aberdeen

Nichola Thwaite Cambridge University Library

Peter Webster University of Sheffield

Ralph Werrell Kenilworth

Gothelf Wiedermann Cambridge University Library

(30 contributors)

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