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Walloon state school p & c meeting 14th may 2014 Attendance

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14TH MAY 2014

Attendance: Michael Josey, Jo Brennan, Kerri Jendra, Tracey Embrey, Paul Jendra

Apologies: Stuart Ruthven

Meeting Opened: Jo Brennan declared the meeting opened at 7:26pm

Business Arising from Previous Meeting:

Uniform Shop – Renovations are still continuing. Grant value for uniform shop is $2150.00. An indicative quote is being sought from a contractor to quote on Air Conditioning for the Assembly Hall – community grant application perhaps?


Correspondence In/Out:

Fundraising Brochures, ACNC request for statement - Kerri to call for user name and password and attend to, St Edmund’s Picture of Year 8 Boys - Kerri to get copies and give to parents of the children in photo, P & C Qld Exec Members Details form to be returned – now that Executives are in place, Parmalat – rewards for milk

Relief Treasurer’s Report:

General Account as at 30/04/14 - $20,763.74

Term Deposit as at 28/02/14 - $6,296.23

(This has been re-invested for another 3 months).

Current bank statements will show a true reflection of balances to date.

Principal’s Report:

Michael Josey confirmed that he will be leaving the school on 15/05/14 for an Acting Principal position near Woodridge. Michael will be away for Term 3, perhaps Term 4. He hopes that this move will take him onto bigger and betterr things. This move is good for his family also. He has assured the P & C that his replacement will be most suited to the school and uphold the systems, practices and beliefs that are already in place.


The facility crew visited the school to complete a Maintenance Assessment Report. Overall the school is in good shape. Areas of concern – new carpet in B Block, drainage in front of uniform shop and prep rooms, guttering /roofing on office building.


Derek Finlay also on the move – he has obtained a position in Cairns. Interviews for this position to happen later in the Term.



Tanya Knight approached JB and KJ for approval to run a Footy Double’s comp for the State of Origin games. Game 1 is 28th May with tickets selling for $2 each – which is being co-ordinated by Tanya. Hoping to sell 3 boxes per game – therefore expected profit per game will be approximately $450. Over three games if we can sell 3 boxes per game, profit should be approximately $1,350. Initial invoice for tickets has been paid by cheque.


The Anita Archer Fundraiser in Term 1 was a huge success. Approximate profit of around $3000 to P & C. Great Job JB and helpers.


School Banking:

Commissions are still coming into bank account.


Uniform Shop:

Uniform Shop will continue to trade from underneath the Administration building each Monday afternoon. School is taking payments and KJ is keeping a list of transactions. School will remit back to P & C.


Once the renovations are complete, a letter and photos (as a sign of appreciation) should be forwarded to Bendigo Bank Grants Team.


Grant Money will be used to fit the shop out – built in cupboards/display board/curtain for change room/new skirting / floor coverings and Air con. (Kerry to find out when this money needs to be used by and if receipts are needed for final paperwork).



Closed for the duration of Term 3. Need to check float and stock levels that are currently in there.


Follow up Parmalat awards .


General Business:

Repairs to Air con in demountable building. Replacement over time.


Grant – Air con in the Hall and Library (community areas). Contractor to get back to MJ with indicative quote.


This years’ Bendigo Bank Grant – Soccer Shirts and Netball bibs. Kellie Reinke is still happy to write up the grants. KJ to source prices for the items.


Sports Day – 30th & 31st July – need to look at what was ordered last year, what we have in stock and compile an order to have Tuckshop running on both Sports Days. In addition, need to ask for volunteers to help run the tuckshop on the day and for donations of baked goods. Tracey to look back at last year’s records and give information to Jo re: what was ordered and the Supplier. Jo and Tracey to assemble a menu for the 2 days. Need to action possible ordering of stock etc, along with a roster?


JB and KJ will visit the Bendigo Bank to have their names put down for signatories on the banking, now that they are executives of the P & C.


Drainage issues – uniform shop & Prep area. Michael has informed and asked contractors about rectifying these issues.


Next Meeting: Wednesday 11th June 2014

Meeting Closed at 8.35pm

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