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University of California, Davis Department of Economics International Trade ecn160A

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University of California, Davis

Department of Economics

International Trade


SSII 2012 Prof. Farshid Mojaver

MTW 6:10-7:50p. Wellman 216 SSH 143

Office Hours: MT 4:30-5:30P
Prerequisites: ECN100 (or equivalent). Students with weak microeconomic background will be at a significant disadvantage
Text: Feenstra and Taylor, International Trade, 2011, Second edition
Web Page: For copies of lecture notes, homework assignments and solution keys see
Teaching Assistant: Chi-Hung Liao,, SSH 139, Office Hours: MW 2:30-3:30

Sessions: A21 R 2:10pm -3:50pm & A22 R 4:10pm -5:50pm WELLMN 233

Outline of Topics:

  1. Introductory issues, the Ricardian Model (Ch 1&2)

  2. The Specific-Factors Model (Ch 3)

  3. The Heckscher-Ohlin Model (Ch 4)

  4. International Factor Movement (Ch 5)

  5. Foreign Outsourcing of Goods and Services (Ch 7)

  6. Increasing Returns to Scale (Ch 6)

  7. Trade Policy (Ch 8-11)

  8. Trade Policy in Developing Countries (lecture notes)

  9. The Political Economy of Trade Policy (lecture notes)


Homework 15% due on dates indicated below

Term Paper 5% due: 1st draft Jul 23 competed Sep 4

Midterm 35% Monday August 27

Final exam 45% Wednesday, September 12
There will be no makeup exams. The course grades are assigned on a curve. Each student’s performance will be ranked based on a standardized score g calculating as:

Mid-bar is class mean for Midterm and SMid is the class standard deviation with homework and final exam scores treated similarly. Final grade will be raised one step for adequate class participation.

Home works Assignments: There will be 6 homework assignments, designed to help you to get a better understanding of the material and also to prepare you for the exams. These will be collected in class and graded from score 0 to 5 (5=excellent, 4=very good, 3=good, 2=below average yet acceptable, 0= missing, late or unsatisfactory).
HW Due Dates: HW1: Aug8 HW2: Aug13 HW3: Aug 20 HW4: Aug 22 HW5: Sep 4 HW6: Sep 11

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