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Tropical botany 2013

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A field course sponsored by the National Tropical Botanical Garden (Kampong), Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, and Montgomery Botanical Center)
Classes start at 8:00 AM and usually finish at 5:30 PM; field trips will finish somewhat later. Lectures and laboratories will be held in laboratory and seminar room at the National Tropical Botanical Garden—Kampong (4013 Douglas Rd., Coconut Grove). We will make extensive use of the plant material at both the N.T.B.G.—Kampong and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, and will also use the cycad and conifer collections at the Montgomery Botanical Center. Dr. Walter S. Judd (Professor, Dept. of Biology, University of Florida) is the primary course instructor, but the lecture and laboratory on Arecaceae will be given by Dr. Scott Zona (F.I.U.).


Sun June 30 ARRIVE (and check into dormitory at Kampong).

Mon July 1 Orientation (at the National Tropical Botanical Garden—Kampong (NTBG)); introduction to the course; the phylogenetic approach; overview of vegetative, floral and fruit terms. [Walking tour of the Kampong, and tram ride through Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (FTBG).]

Tue 2 Tropical Communities--"Top Ten" Families. Fieldtrip: Matheson Hammock (in afternoon).

Wed 3 Cycads and Conifers [Visit Montgomery Botanical Center].

Thur 4 Primitive angiosperms and Magnoliids: Nymphaeales, Austrobaileyales, Magnoliales, Laurales, and Piperales.

Fri 5 Field Trip: Florida Keys (Windley Key, Long Pine Key).

Sat 6 Field Trip – half day: local natural areas.


Sun 7 FREE

Mon 8 Monocotyledons: Alismatales (Araceae, seagrasses), Asparagales (with emphasis on

woody taxa, orchids), Dioscoreales

Tue 9 Monocotyledons: Commelinidae: Arecales/Palmae and Pandanales [taught by

Dr. Scott Zona]

Wed 10 Monocotyledons: Commelinidae: Poales and Zingiberales

Thur 11 Eudicotyledoneae: Proteales, Dilleniales, Caryophyllales, and Fabales.

Fri 12 Field Trip: Everglades National Park.

Sat 13 FREE


Sun 14 FREE

Mon 15 Zygophyllales, Malpighiales, Oxalidales, Cucurbitales, and Fagales.

Tue 16 Rosales, Brassicales, and Malvales.

Wed 17 Myrtales, Sapindales.

Thur 18 Asteridae: Ericales, Aquifoliales, and Gentianales.

Fri 19 Lamiales, Solanales, Apiales, and Asterales.

Sat 20 FREE (optional trip to local natural areas)


Sun 21 FREE

Mon 22 Field Trip: Bahia Honda, Keer Deer Preserve on Big Pine Key.

Tue 23 Review & Course overview [Evening Party].

Wed 24 Departure.


The Kampong of the National Tropical Botanical Garden, in collaboration with Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and the Montgomery Botanical Center, will offer an intensive, in-residence course/workshop on the systematics of tropical plants, in Coconut Grove, Florida, from June 30 – July 24, 2013.
Instructor: Dr. Walter S. Judd (Department of Biology, 220 Bartram Hall, PO Box 118525, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-8525; e-mail:; phone: 352-273-1983; fax: 352-392-3704).
The Course: Tropical Botany is an intensive course of study in the biology and systematics of tropical plants. Subject matter will be largely based on the extensive holdings of tropical vascular plants at Fairchild Tropical Garden, The Kampong of the National Tropical Botanical Garden, and the Montgomery Botanical Center These gardens have the largest living collections of tropical plants in the United States. Additionally, field trips will be made to the Florida Everglades, the Florida Keys, and adjacent natural areas. The natural vegetation of South Florida, which includes littoral and dry land habitats, mixed tropical hardwood hammocks, pinelands, and mangrove communities, will introduce students to the diversity of tropical vegetation. The object of the course is to provide advanced students and/or professionals with a detailed coverage of the systematics, phylogeny, diversity of structure, and economic botany of tropical vascular plants. Questions concerning the course should be addressed to Dr. Judd.
Credit-hours: Tropical Botany is taught as a workshop sponsored by The Kampong of the National Tropical Botanical Garden, with the collaboration of Fairchild Tropical Garden and the Montgomery Botanical Center. If academic credit is desired students may arrange for academic credit from their home institutions.
Enrollment: Limited to 12 participants, with preference given to upper-level students or professional biologists/teachers.
Application: Individuals should apply by April 17th, 2013 (to Dr. Judd, see address above). Applications should include the following: a letter stating reasons for taking the course, a curriculum vita, and a letter of recommendation (sent separately). Applicants will be notified of acceptance by May 9th, 2013.
Accommodation: Students will be housed at The Kampong (Tyson dormitory in the Scarborough House), but, if desired, housing is also available at a hotel near Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. Facilities at The Kampong include 2 dorm-style rooms with bunk beds, shared kitchenette for self-catering, laundry facility and wifi access. Dorm fees are $25 per day payable directly to The Kampong.
Fees: A course fee of $1550 (paid to the Kampong) is required to cover course/workshop costs.

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