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Town of langdon approved selectboard minutes

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APRIL 14, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m.

Present: Ron Batchelder, Bud Ross, Lou Beam

Minutes of April 7, 2014 accepted as written. (Bud/Lou)

Board Chair Ron Batchelder reviewed the Calendar.

Denis O’Sullivan, candidate for Sullivan County Sherriff addressed the Board and those present. Mr. O’Sullivan reviewed his background and qualifications for the position of County Sherriff: U.S.Marine Veteran – Military Police, Police Officer in Newport, NH for 19 years including service as Patrol Sergeant, Detective, Detective Sergeant, and Lead Detective, Sullivan County Sherriff’s Office for six years including service as a Sergeant and Captain in the Sherriff’s Department, he is a certified patrol and drug K-9 handler, has worked as a prosecutor, and as an investigator for the County Attorney. Denis discussed his ideas for improving the County Sherriff’s Office. Lou Beam asked him to discuss the two biggest challenges facing the Sherriff’s office. Mr. O’Sullivan responded that finding new sources of grants and managing the revenue stream. Lou them asked him to discuss opportunities for the Sherriff’s office. Denis listed three: 1) adding a K-9 unit, as none exists in Sullivan County at this time, 2) dealing with the heroin addiction problem prevalent in the county, and 3) establishing closer contact with other agencies in the County. Mr. O’Sullivan ended his presentation by praising Langdon on the quality of the municipal facilities.

Todd Porter, Road Agent:

Ron Batchelder asked Todd about mud on Town Roads. Todd told the board he is working on controlling mud. He put 13 loads of gravel on Mellish Road and material on Tory Hill today. He is not able to grade roads until conditions improve. The Board reviewed proposals for the planned paving project on Tory Hill Road. Springfield Paving submitted the lowest price. Lou asked Todd about the quality of their work. Todd said their past work for the Town has been of high quality. Todd told the Board that he can cut his budgeted crack sealing from three days to two and would like to use the money saved to rent a shoulder machine from Whitcomb to build up the shoulder on Holden Hill after the paving is complete. Ron asked Todd if we would also need a roller. Todd said that he planned to use a one ton truck loaded with gravel to compact the shoulder material. Todd told the Board that when they consider sand bids the quality of the sand is important. It must meet State Standards or it will not go through the spreaders without a lot of additional work. He also told the Board that trucking of the sand in the Town Truck would be more expensive than having the bidder deliver it because the Town Truck has a smaller capacity and would have to make more trips.

Old Business:

1. A request for winter sand bids has been published in the Keene Sentinel and the Claremont Eagle.

2. It was noted that proposed state legislation that would require building inspectors to have training and certification will be studied in committee over the summer.

3. Lou Beam will attend the Planning Board Meeting on Wednesday. Helen Koss told the Board that she would be interested in serving on the Planning Board. It was noted that Planning Board alternate, Curtis Barnes, was interested in filling the vacancy on the Board. Helen said that she would be willing to serve as an alternate.

4. Buried Oil Tank at the old fire station: Lou has spoken with NH DES and there are no requirements for removing a buried tank if it is less than 1100 gallons and was used for heating oil. Landry Oil has been contacted to pump the tank with the oil to be used in the waste oil burner at the highway garage. Todd will remove the tank when it is empty and cut it up for scrap. The old septic tank at the same site will be pumped out and filled with sand.

New Business:

1. The Board reviewed and signed orders.

2. The Board signed Timber Tax Warrants and Gravel Tax Warrants.

3. Town Assessors, Comerford, Nieder & Perkins, will be in Town this Friday to do pickups.

4. Ron informed the Board that the County Commissioners will be coming to a future Selectboard Meeting to discuss areas of common interest.

5. Lou said that he had spoken with Dennis McClary this week and Dennis asked about the furnace installation in the Town Hall. It was noted that the furnace and ductwork were purchased last year and will be installed before fall.

Motion to adjourn at 8:02 p.m. (Lou, Bud)

Respectfully submitted by Robert Cunniff

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