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Title: New Moon Author: Stephanie Meyer

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Book Project Name: Lyndsey Weitzel

Date/ Period: 11/6/12 Period 3

Title: _New Moon_____________________________________________

Author: Stephanie Meyer ____________________________________________


Rising Action:


Edward says he has to leave with his pact of vampires and Bella is lost without him.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

1. Bella is trying not to get hurt and stay strong to forget him.

2. Bella jumps off a cliff because she missed Edward so much.

3. Bella develops a friendship with Jacob and she starts hanging out with him all the time



  • Bella is so friendly with Jacob, when she finds out Jacob is becoming a werewolf~ which is vampires enemys~ she is torn on who to choose to be with.

Falling Action

  • Edwards family comes back and Edward thinks Bella is dead so he almost reveals himself in the sun which can kill him.


  • Bella descides to stay with Edward when he comes back but is still friendly with Jacob.


  • You shouldn’t waste time on missing someone so much when you could be doing othe things in life more important.

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