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Textual Analysis cd covers

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Textual Analysis CD Covers
For my two smaller tasks I will have to create a CD cover for the release of an album. In order to do this I need to do some primary research into CD covers, discovering the conventional features and to get some inspiration and ideas for my own CD cover.

The next album cover I have chosen to analyse is Usher Raymond v Raymond. Usher is an R&B artist and his music links closely with the song that I have chosen to do. I feel that he has a good style and I think that he would be a good one to look at when trying to get ideas for my own CD cover.

This CD cover contains the main conventions that generally appear within CD covers; a main image, the name of the artist and the name of the album.
The style of lettering I think is very key in this CD cover, the letters are capitalised in a sophisticated font. The text is in silver but has a gradient; it starts with darker silver gradually getting lighter and then goes back to dark. I think this looks very expensive and gives a classy feel to the album, which could have a link to the audience that he is aiming at, or to represent the person that he is. ‘Usher’ is larger than the name of the album and this is because the audience are more likely to read the name of the artists first, and if it is someone who they are interested in then they will carry on looking are the rest of the cover. I think the size of the font works well in proportion of the image. The text is placed at the bottom of the album cover and I found this was the same as the Chris Brown album that I have also looked at previously, this may be an idea to consider when creating my own.
The main image on this CD cover is of Usher himself, it appears to have been taken in a room or setting however the background has been blurred out which draws our attention to Usher. This shows how the background has a very low level of importance within this CD front cover. The image is a close up and we can apply the rule of the thirds here, as Ushers eye would appear to be on the top line. This is where the audience will look to first enabling them to get the emotion from his eyes. His facial expressions are serious which shows how he is serious about his music and I think the audience will get that impression from this. He is wearing all black which connotes authority and seriousness, showing he has power in the music industry. The black could also connote mysteriousness. Usher appears to be looking right at us and this could show how he wants to have a connection with his fans and his music.
Usher appears to be represented positively within this CD cover, I think the style of lettering works well with the well posed image. I think it looks sophisticated and I think the audience of this album will aspire to be just like him. I think more people are likely to buy this CD because of its pleasing appearance, I think it will be bought by people who listen to R&B music, however I think it could be bought by people who do not generally listen to that genre as the cover doesn’t necessarily show that it is for and R&B genre. think Usher could be trying to reach out for new audiences with this album.
Overall I think it is a good album, it is simple but I think it says it all. The black is a strong colour and I think the image works really well. The font is very stylish and appealing. I really like the gradient within the font and I would consider using this in my own CD cover.

This is the back cover of Usher’s album. Conventionally back covers contain an image, track list, barcode and details of the record label etc. The spine is generally pretty basic, as it is a small area, it conventionally contains the name of the artist and album.

Usher’s back cover has kept a common theme running from the front cover, the font used is the same and this makes it look sophisticated. It creates a clear link between the front and the back. Once again, i believe this font represents the type of audience and fans that he is trying to attract.
The image used on this cover acts as a background, i think it could be the same place that the image on the front cover was taken, allowing us to see where he is.It appears that he is in a church or chapel, this indicates that he is religious and could represent his ethnic background. The majority of the image is very dark which creates a mysterious mood, the light coming in behind breaks up this darkness and adds a positive to the cover. We can see that usher is sitting down in the church, he again has a serious look on his face which could suggest that he is concentrating on what he is doing, it can also suggest that he is serious about his music.
The track list has been positioned on the top of the album cover,

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