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Fish Resource Permit Application
— Email Form —

A FISH RESOURCE PERMIT is required to take, possess, hold alive, or tag FISH AND THEIR EGGS (except goldfish and decorative tropical fish) FOR SCIENTIFIC OR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES.

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John Seigle

ABR, Inc. - Environmental Research & Services

(Name of Applicant) (Organization or School)

PO Box 240268, Anchorage, Alaska 99524

(type in complete mailing address including City, State, and Zip Code)



(your Telephone Number) (Fax Number) (Email Address)

DOWL Engineers. 4041 B Street. Anchorage, Alaska 99503

(type in the name and address of the organization with which you are under contract)
I am making application to capture fish of the following species and number for the specified disposition (example: identify and release, measure and release, genetic sample and release, tag and release, sacrifice, transport, hold alive, etc.):

Species Species

Common Name Scientific Name Life Stage Number Disposition*

Coho salmon

Oncorhynchus ksutch



Identify and release

King Salmon

Onchorhynchus tshawytscha



Identify and release

Dolly Varden

Salvelinus malma malma

Adult, juv


Identify and release


Various Spp.

Adult, juv


Identify and release

Cutthroat trout

Onocorhynchus clarki

Adult, juv


Identify and release

Alaska Blackfish

Dallia pectoralis

Adult, juv


Identify and release
















*For multiple sample locations give detail of species and number and disposition in your study plan
I understand permits are only valid for dates within a calendar year; I am requesting this permit for the following period: (a new application is required each year)


September 1

December 31

Year: (20 ) From: (month and day) To: (month and day)
I wish to obtain the above fish [finfish, shellfish, amphibians] by means of:


from the following location(s):

Upper reaches of 6-10 small tributaries to the Little Susitna River (e.g., FDD Code 247-41-10100-2343) near Hatcher Pass and Government Peak. N149.30977 W61.710203

(Specify location(s), i.e., X River at latitude/longitude, or ESE of Pt. Barrow, or on Kodiak Island, etc.)

The purpose of the activities for which a permit is being requested: (a brief purpose statement)

ABR will perform fish, macroinvertebrate, and aquatic habitat surveys in support of environmental studies in streams near Government Peak at Hatcher Pass. The MatSu Borough and DOWL Engineering have contracted ABR to provide in-stream aquatic surveys in support of the NEPA process necessary for the development of Nordic and Alpine Ski facilities at Hatcher Pass.
Two study areas are currently proposed near Government Peak in the Hatcher Pass area. The first study area, to the north and east of Government Peak, is proposed as the future site of Alpine ski facilities. The second study area, to the south of Government Peak, is proposed as the future site of Nordic ski facilities. All of the streams passing through these two study areas are first or second order in nature and are tributaries to the Little Susitna River. The tributaries to the Little Susitna River in the Nordic area are known coho salmon spawning and rearing streams.
Most of the streams in the Nordic Area have been included in the ADF&G Catalog of Anadromous Waters. Fish sampling is ongoing in this region and is currently being performed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in an attempt to determine the upstream extent of fish populations for these streams (Jeff Anderson, personal communication).
In the Alpine area it is not clear if any systematic fish sampling has ever occurred. Air and ground reconnaissance in early August 2008 indicate that there are three major tributaries to the Little Susitna River passing through this study area. There are several natural barriers that would appear to inhibit upstream migration of fish beyond the lower reaches of these streams.

(this area and other boxes will expand as you type)

NOTE: A STUDY PLAN or RESEARCH PROPOSAL explaining the purpose and need, the objectives, and the procedures you will use must be included in/with this permit application:


Fish Habitat Surveys

ABR biologists will conduct detailed in-stream habitat surveys to classify fish and aquatic macroinvertebrate habitat. We will coordinate with wetland biologists and GIS specialists from DOWL Engineering to determine the number, location and length of stream units passing through the two proposed study areas.

For the Alpine study area we will perform habitat surveys at the lower reach of the streams near their confluence with the Little Susitna River. We will also perform habitat surveys in the mid-slope region and in the Alpine area above a large beaver dam which has enlarged a previously existing small Alpine lake. We intend to document the location and nature of any natural impediments to upstream fish passage along these streams.
For the Nordic study area we will attempt to perform habitat surveys from 2-3 locations within each stream to be sampled in conjunction with macroinvertebrate sampling. As stated, the number and location of these streams is an ongoing process and includes consultation with DOWL, the USFWS, and ADF&G.
Fish Surveys

The scope of fish surveys is currently being discussed with ADF&G biologists. The upstream extent of fish populations is under review by USFWS biologists in many of the streams in the Nordic study area. We hope to resolve in the coming days whether or not additional fish sampling will be necessary. If it is deemed to be necessary, we propose to perform similar sampling via electrofishing upstream of the last fished areas as denoted by USFWS biologists. We will employ a single pass electrofishing effort on these streams with all fish to be identified and released alive downstream from the sampling area.

It appears that no systematic fish sampling has occurred in the Alpine study area. As such, we propose to perform fish sampling in early September 2008. Due to the density of vegetation, challenging slopes, and access issues we propose to perform single-pass electrofishing surveys in the lower reaches of the three streams in Alpine study area. We considered using minnow traps in these streams but field reconnaissance determined that flows are so high as to pose a threat to any fish that might be captured in these traps. A system of downstream blocknets and handheld dipnets will help us determine whether or not fish are present and keep shocked samples from flowing downstream unnoticed. No electrofishing will occur in the presence of adult salmon.

Macroinvertebrate Surveys

ABR will perform benthic and drift macroinvertebrate sampling and identification for the proposed Hatcher Pass Ski Area project. Macroinvertebrate community density and taxonomic richness will be assessed because these invertebrates are the main food for juvenile salmonids and Dolly Varden, and because they are used as water quality indicators. ABR proposes to collect samples in both the Nordic and Alpine study areas for Little Susitna tributary streams.

Water Quality

In addition to fish sampling and habitat surveys, basic water quality parameters (i.e., pH, DO, conductivity, turbidity, and temperature) will be measured at all sampling stations where habitat and macroinvertebrate surveys are conducted.

(Study Plan)

Final disposition of collected specimens* not to be released live at the site of capture will be:

Samples will be released alive.

*(specimens may not be consumed, sold, traded, or bartered, or used in any commercial manner)
The following people will participate in field collections under terms of this requested permit:

John Seigle

Nicholas Haxton

Jena Lemke

Andra Love

Alden Miller

Melanie Wahl

Lauren Attanas

Jena Boisvert

Wendy Davis

Terry Schick















(If applicant is representing a corporation or institution, a certification of affiliation may be required which must be notarized and attached to this application).

( completed application must be submitted to ):

Email Address:

Freshwater and estuarine environment collections (Division of Sport Fish):\
Marine environment collections (Division of Commercial Fisheries):


Mailing Address:

Freshwater & estuarine environment collections:

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Attn: Bob Piorkowski

Division of Sport Fish-RTS/FR Permits

P.O. Box 115526

Juneau, AK 99811-5526

Marine environment collections and permits involving propagation. :

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Division of Commercial Fisheries

Attn: Sara Larsen

P.O. Box 115526

Juneau, AK 99811-5526

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