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Standard Operating Procedures

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Standard Operating Procedures

For Hotels

The Trust ARI interface allows availability, rates and inventory to pass through electronically from the Trust|Voyager CRS to the database. This eliminates the need to manually update rates and availability via the extranet.

In order for the availability, rates and inventory to be passed to, the room types and rates provided to must be mapped to room types and rates in the Trust|Voyager database. The mapping of the rates and room types within each system is completed during the implementation phase. If an additional rate and/or room type needs to be added please contact your Account Manager and Trust representative.
Once the hotel is activated on the ARI upload, the property can adjust rates and/or availability accordingly within the Trust|Voyager CRS, which will then be sent to
You may setup a specific rate or use an already existing rate such as BAR, weekend, and/or advance purchase. ARI Uploading & Status Procedures
When a property is implemented on ARI, an initial upload of the rates and availability, for a minimum of one year, which is to be bookable in is completed.
The following information provides instruction on how to use the ARI functions in the Voyager system when:

  • Full upload of rates to – Individual rate (not linked to Superior)

  • Full upload of rates to – Rate linked to a Superior Rate

  • Full upload of rates to – Rate flexi linked

  • Pricing templates – adding and/or updating

  • New rates and/or new seasons

  • Changes to rates and/or seasons

  • Deletion of rates and/or seasons

  • Full upload of availability

Upload of rates:
Information about inclusions and policies are not uploaded with the rates. Per this information is to be loaded manually in their extranet.
Please use the following steps to upload rates. A minimum of 365 days should always be loaded for can accept rates and availability for up to 3 years.
Step 1- For upload of rates – Individual Rate (not linked to Superior)

  • The respective rates must be flagged as rates using the Rate tick box.

  • Then the Refresh ARI Channels button must be clicked. This must be done for each individual rate season.

The Refresh ARI Channel button will send all rate information for the season selected to See example:

Step 1- For upload of rates – Rate Flexi Linked

  • The respective rates must be flagged as rates using the Rate tick box.

  • Then the Refresh ARI Channels button must be clicked. This must be done for each individual.

The Refresh ARI Channel button will send all rate information for the season selected to See example:

Step 1- For upload of rates – Rate linked to a Superior

  • The respective rates must be flagged as rates using the Rate tick box.

  • To send the Refresh to, simply take out the flag, click on save, activate the flag again and click save one more time. This sends a full upload of the entire rate to

*Note* A separate Refresh button is NOT available for traditional linked rates.

The following restrictions ONLY can be used within a rate and are set on each rate season when loading rates for

  • Minimum length of stay**

  • Maximum length of stay**

  • Arrival restrictions by weekday

  • No stay restrictions by weekday

  • Exceptions for particular weekdays when using weekday/weekend rates

No other restrictions other than those listed above will be forwarded to the system. This information applies regardless if the rate is loaded individually or linked to a Superior rate.
** When setting or removing these restrictions, you will need to perform an “ARI Refresh” once you have saved the changes. This only applies to the Min and MaxLOS restrictions.
The more restrictions you have set on a rate the harder it will be for to sell it for you. Specialty rates with exact stays or that are heavily restricted should be avoided for use with the interface. If you have questions about the types of rates that are best for to sell, please speak with your account manager.
Update Rates and/or Seasons

For changes made to an existing rate flagged for, simply update the rate and click the “SAVE” button. Clicking the “SAVE” button will automatically send all respective changes to

*Note* If you are making a change to a rate it is not necessary to click the “Refresh ARI Channel” button.
Pricing Templates

Pricing templates can be used, however, updates to a Pricing Template used by a rate plan will NOT automatically be sent to Once a Pricing Template is adjusted, the rate plan being provided to must be retrieved, (if seasons are used the applicable season must be retrieved) then the SAVE button must be clicked.

Cover new rate plan creation:
New Rates and/or Seasons (Rate – Not Linked to Superior)

After you create and load the new rate plan, simple click the tick box and then save. This will automatically push the rate data to Next you will need to do a refresh of availability to push availability to which will now include the new rate plan. The rate must be added at and mapped in Trust in order for the data to be sent up.**

When adding a new season you simply need to save the season when you are done with the changes. The rate data will automatically flow to A refresh of availability for the new seasons will need to be sent now.

New Rates and/or Seasons (Rate – Linked to Superior)

To load new rates or seasons to the Superior rates simply add the rate and click the “SAVE” button. Clicking the “SAVE” button will automatically send all respective changes to It is not necessary to refresh the rate.**

A refresh of availability for the new dates and/or seasons will need to be sent.
**Important! Before adding a new rate for in Trust|Voyager you must add the rate to the side. Failure to do so will result in errors and the rate not loading at
Deleting Rates

Please note that deleting a rate in Trust|Voyager CRS does NOT update the database. In the event a rate is no longer being offered to, please close the rate in availability. If you want to delete the rate completely, please inform your Account Manager to delete the rate in the database. Once has deleted it you may deleted it from the Trust|Voyager CRS.

Full upload of Availability:
After a full upload of rates for at least one year has been completed it is then necessary to send a full upload of availability for the same time frame using the Refresh ARI Channels button on the House Status screen.
Step 1

  • Today’s date will automatically pre-fill in the Start Date field.

  • Enter e.g. "365" into the field "Number of days to be affected"

  • Click on the Refresh ARI Channels button

See example on next page.

*Note* This same procedure is used to refresh availability, rate segments, and rate buckets as needed. By refreshing house availability the segment and bucket availability will also be refreshed.

Once the availability has been refreshed, it will not be necessary to use the refresh button when making changes.

All modifications that effect rates and/or room types will be sent automatically when saving the availability.
Via the availability it will be possible to send open and close restrictions to

This means that:

  • when closing the house status, all rooms and rates will be closed for the respective day

  • when closing a room type which is defined as room type it will be closed in

  • when closing a rate which is defined as an rate, this rate will be closed in

  • when closing a segment containing the rate, this rate will be closed in

  • when closing a rate bucket containing the rate, this rate will be closed in

  • when closing a room/segment containing the rate, this rate/room combination will be closed in

  • when closing the rate/room, this rate/room combination will be closed in

Please note that all other restrictions, for example, no arrival (CTA) or minimum length of stay etc. cannot be sent to via availability. These restrictions will have to be set on rate level to be valid within the system. Additionally, entering a hurdle rate (if used by hotel) will NEVER affect and cannot be represented there.
Please note that simply unchecking the tick box, on the rate, will not close out the hotel or stop reservations from being sold. This will simply stop us from sending transactions to and cause your hotel to go out of synch with both rates and inventory.
Important information regarding inventory!
House level inventory is supplied to and then applied against each rate. If your inventory level falls to 0, will email or fax you an inventory alert message. You simply need to perform an “ARI Refresh” from availability to push more inventory to
Reservations and cancellations from are applied against your inventory in Voyager and the numbers updated. When a reservation is cancelled by we will return an updated inventory count for the dates/room types affected. For reservations and cancellations booked by other channels, these inventory changes are not supplied to If you are low on inventory in Voyager please perform an ARI Refresh regularly to control the number of rooms you have available to sell on Occupancy Based Pricing accepts the single occupancy price on a room as well as the max occupancy price.
For the hotel below there are room types configured with 2, 3, 4, and 6 max persons plus extra bed/person charges. The single rate for each room type as well as the max occupancy** rate will be sent to
The AS3 room type is configured for 6 people and the rate is $950.00 for up to 6. In this example we would send a single occupancy rate of $950.00 and a max occupancy of 6 with a rate of $950.00. We will not send or calculate the extra bed/person pricing.
**The max number of guests is the number configured in Hotel Setup in Voyager. The No. of Guests showing on the config page is the number used.

If the Max Occupancy on a room in Voyager does not match the Max Occupancy setup in we will receive an error on the message and the rate will not be processed. This will be addressed with the properties as part of training and setup. will not calculate extra bed/person charges. They only charge the single rate and the max rate. The max rate is charged for all number of guests over 1 (single).

Trust checks every 5 minutes for any new reservations. New reservations, modifications, and cancellations will be delivered to the hotel automatically. Should an error occur and Trust is unable to pick up a reservation from the reservation will then be faxed to the hotel by If a reservation is received by fax it will need to be manually entered into the hotel’s system.

Adding/Deleting Rates and Room Types and Trust must have a one to one relation with rate codes and room types. This means that for each rate code and room type loaded on you must have only one room type or rate code loaded to match from Voyager. In the event you want to add or delete a rate or room type, you must contact your Account Manager. Once the change has been made on the side, please contact the GHD to have the change made on the Trust side.
**Please be aware of the room types you are using for each rate plan at If you have decided to not offer all room types, which you have elected to use for, on all rate plans, you will need to restrict those room types which will not be used on the proper rate plan in Voyager to avoid errors.
Content and Pictures
All content, descriptive information, pictures and cancellation policies are loaded directly with does not allow this information to be transferred via the interface. If you are having problems loading this information on the side or have questions, please contact your Account Manager for assistance.
Keeping your content updated is vital. Remember to update it regularly.
Also, remember to log into the extranet and check your rankings and customer feedback. These items will affect your placement and selling order on the site and ultimately the number of reservations you receive.

Trust|Voyager - ARI SOP for Hotels Page

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