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Staff Resumes Biographical Sketch

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Staff Resumes

Biographical Sketch

Kathleen Bellis, M.A.

Current Position: Senior Analyst/Principal Investigator

Education: M.A., Education, Presbyterian School of Christian Education

Kathleen Bellis has 12 years of experience in the field of adult education and training. Ms. Bellis has worked at Human Technology (HT) for 3 years. She has managed, designed, and developed technical training materials for technology-based and instructor-led training. She has developed products for the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Census Bureau, and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Prior to joining HT, Ms. Bellis designed and delivered educational programs for the Catholic Diocese of Richmond.

Recent Relevant Experience

Currently managing the design and development of national training for HCFA’s Office of Bene­ficiary Services. This training will be provided to customer service representatives at HCFA’s 67 contractor sites throughout the country. The project consists of:

  • Assessing current training needs, including development of a Knowledge Model of Medicare topics.

  • Recommending comprehensive training solutions that blend technology-based and traditional training methods.

  • Developing training using a variety of media.

  • Building buy-in to training strategies among key stakeholders at the national, regional, and carrier levels.

  • Integrating Section 508 accessibility standards into technology-based products.

Currently managing an analysis of loan officer training for Community Bank of Northern Virginia. Because the bank will almost triple its staff of loan officers during the next year, the analysis focuses on:

  • How well the current training system is aligned with the organization’s mission and strategic direction

  • The effectiveness of current training in teaching loan officers the skills needed to become productive quickly

  • Whether technology-based training solutions can be incorporated into the training system to create greater efficiencies.

Managed and designed an employee orientation course, The ARA Organization: Its Partners, Customers, and Influences, for the FAA’s Office of Research and Acquisitions by:

  • Developing a web-based course and resource center.

  • Developing an instructor-led orientation course that included an instructor’s manual, participant’s manual, and PowerPoint slides.

Managed and designed instructor-led training for a new grant tracking database for HHS’s Grants Management Division. The project included a training needs assessment, instructor-led training materials (instructor guide, participant guide, PowerPoint slides, and job aid), and materials for a train-the-trainer session.

Recent Relevant Experience

Kathleen Bellis, M.A. (page 2)

Managed, designed, and developed a web resource center and print-based Budget and Planning Guide for FDIC’s Budget and Cost Analysis Branch.
Supported comprehensive training for employees of Randstad North America, a national staffing corporation, by:

  • Developing job-specific training for Flex-Life Consultants.

  • Facilitating a train-the-trainer course.

Designed and developed a self-study guide for cost benefit analysis for the FDIC.

Designed and developed a computer-based training course on distributing child support collections for the Office of Child Support Enforcement branch of HHS.
Designed and developed computer-based training for the GENESYS software for the FDIC.
Revised and developed management training for Early Opening Local Census Offices for the Census Bureau. This project includes overview training for managers, job specific training for assistant managers, a manager’s handbook, and job aids.
Designed and developed training for the GENESYS software for the FDIC. GENESYS training includes classroom materials, job aids, and a slide presentation. Assisted with assessment of pilot training.

Selected Publications

2000 and 2001 FDIC Budget and Planning Guide. FDIC.


Patricia Fuller, Health Insurance Specialist, HCFA, 410-786-8021

Lyn Hildebrandt, Team Lead – Workforce Planning and Development, FAA, 202-267-7061

Revised: February 2001

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