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Snowtown kindergarten

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Sun Safety & Hot Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Procedure - Version 2 File No 13/7294

Policy Number 3
Policy Statement

Snowtown Kindergarten strives to reduce the risk of sun damage and heat illness to children and the kindergarten community.


Being sun smart means having a balance between sun protection to lower the risk of skin cancer and sun exposure for the production and maintenance of vitamin D.

Strategies, Practices and Procedures

The Kindy strives to reduce the risk of skin damage and heat illness by the following means:

  • Parents are asked on the enrolment form to give permission for sunscreen to be applied.

  • Information about the importance of sun protection will be available to parents. Parents are reminded of this policy in the newsletter.

  • There is ongoing education within the program to teach children about sun safety and heat illness.

The UV rating is generally above 3 between 1st September through to 30th April

  • Parents will be encouraged to apply sunscreen to their child before their arrival at the Centre.

  • Sunscreen of at least 30+ SPF (supplied by the Kindy) is applied to each child 20 minutes before going outside. Children are encouraged to apply their own sunscreen. Staff will assist younger children and then clean their hands in-between applications.

  • Parents are asked to provide their own sunscreen if their child has sensitive skin. A list of children with an allergy to sunscreen is displayed in kindy.

  • Children must wear either a legionnaire style / broad brimmed / bucket hat when outside. Cords should not be attached to hats as they present a choking hazard. Bucket hats can be purchased for a minimal cost from the Kindy.

  • Children must wear appropriate clothing (e.g. polo shirt) that covers as much skin as possible. Tank tops/singlets and strappy dresses are not acceptable unless a polo top is underneath.

  • A ‘no hat, no outside play’ policy will apply. Children will be permitted to play under the verandah. Hats and clothes will not be borrowed.

  • Outdoor activities will be restricted to shaded areas on high risk days

  • Staff will be role models by wearing broad brimmed / bucket hats, sunscreen and appropriate clothing, as will parents accompanying children on excursions or at the centre for activities.

  • Children will be offered and encouraged to drink water regularly.

  • Extended physical activity, including local walks, will not occur in extreme hot weather conditions due to risk of heat stress.

  • Equipment with surfaces that get hot enough to place children at risk of burn injuries will be risk assessed by staff.

  • In the event of a lack of sufficient cooling and ventilation due to power failure in hot weather (above 36 degrees Celsius), families will be contacted to collect children at an early time if safe to do so. Staff are to remain on site.

As the UV level drops generally in May through to September, staff will relax the centres sun safety and hot weather policy. This means that everyone can be outdoors without sun smart hats and sunscreen.


Policy Created November 2011 Review Date: September 2016
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