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Section 14202 elevators and lifts

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** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Savaria ; residential and commercial elevators and lifts.
This section is based on the products of Savaria, which is located at:
2 Walker Drive
Brampton, ON, Canada L6T 5E1
Toll Free Tel: 800-661-5112
Tel: 905-791-5555
Fax: 905-791-2222
Email: request info

As a leading designer and manufacturer of residential elevators, luxury home elevators, commercial elevators and lifts for over 30 years, Savaria Lifts has thousands of satisfied customers to thank for their business.
Our global operation continuously seeks to advance manufacturing processes in our own modern facilities, allowing us to offer exceptional value and shorter lead times, while never compromising product quality, safety or reliability.
As an active member of many trade associations, we are committed to the ongoing support of its customers and dealers alike. Authorized dealers are carefully selected for their knowledge and experience, kept up-to-date with the latest technical and training sessions, and supported with our expert customer service.
Residential Elevators:
Easily and quickly installed in new or existing homes, our residential elevators will embellish your home decor with its many available stylish finishes.
Savaria Eclipse Home Elevator: This machine room-less design saves space in the home and can also reduce installation time. With an extensive selection in custom finishes, the Eclipse elevator can be designed to suit almost any tastes and preferences.



      1. Residential elevators.


** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete any sections below not relevant for elevator products; add others as required.

      1. Division 16 Sections for electrical service for elevators to and including disconnect and fused switches at machine room.

      2. Division 16 Sections for standby power source, transfer switch, and connection from auxiliary contacts in transfer switch to controller.

      3. Division 16 Section "Voice and Data Communication Cabling" for telephone service to elevators.

      4. Section 03300 - Cast-in-Place Concrete: Concrete for elevator machine foundation, and pit.

      5. Section 06100 - Rough Carpentry: Hoistway framing, building-in hoistway door frames and overhead hoist beams.

      6. Section 08210 - Wood Doors: Hoistway doors.

      7. Section 08710 - Door Hardware.

      8. Section 09260 - Gypsum Board Assemblies: Gypsum shaft walls.

      9. Section 09650 - Resilient Flooring: Floor finish in cab.

      10. Section 09686 - Carpet: Floor finish in cab.

      11. Section 09900 - Paints and Coatings: Interior transparent wood finish in cab.

      12. Section 13850 - Detection and Alarm: Fire and smoke detectors and interconnecting devices.


** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete references from the list below that are not required.

      1. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B-29.2 - Chain Standards for Inverted Tooth (Silent) Chains and Sprockets.

      2. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) A17.1 - Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators.

      3. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) A18.1 - Safety Standard for Platform and Stairway Chair Lifts.

      4. CSA B44.1 - Elevator and Escalator Electrical Equipment.

      5. CSA B355 - Lifts for Persons with Physical Disabilities.

      6. CSA B613 - Private Residence Lifts for Persons with Physical Disabilities.

      7. U.S. Architectural & Transportation Barriers Compliance Board's "Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG)".

      8. ICC/ANSI A117.1 - Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities.

      9. NFPA 70 - National Electric Code.

      10. CSA - National Electric Code.


      1. Fabricate and install work in compliance with applicable jurisdictional authorities.

      2. File shop drawings and submissions with local authorities as the information is made available. Company pre-inspection and jurisdictional authority inspections and permits are to be made on timely basis as required.


      1. Submit under provisions of Section 01300.

      2. Product Data: Manufacturer's data sheets on each product to be used, including:

        1. Preparation instructions and recommendations.

        2. Storage and handling requirements and recommendations.

        3. Installation methods.

      3. Shop Drawings: Provide a complete layout of lift equipment detailing dimensions and clearances as required.

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete selection samples if colors have already been selected.

      1. Selection Samples: For each finish product specified requiring selection of color or finish, two complete sets of color charts representing manufacturer's full range of available colors and patterns.


      1. Installer Qualifications:

        1. Skilled tradesmen shall be employees of the installing contractor approved by the manufacturer, with demonstrated ability to perform the work on a timely basis.

        2. Execute work of this section only by a company that has adequate product liability insurance.


      1. Store products in manufacturer's unopened packaging until ready for installation.

      2. Store and dispose of solvent-based materials, and materials used with solvent-based materials, in accordance with requirements of local authorities having jurisdiction.


      1. Maintain environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and ventilation) within limits recommended by manufacturer for optimum results. Do not install systems under environmental conditions outside manufacturer's absolute limits.


      1. Coverage - this warranty applies to the repair or replacement, at Manufacturer's option, of parts that fail due to defective material or workmanship. Manufacturer may, at its option, provide factory reconditioned parts. This warranty is provided to the Authorized Dealer on behalf of the final purchaser of the product and is not transferable. The Manufacturer's warranty does not cover labor charges for the removal, repair or replacement of warranty parts but such costs may be covered for a period of time by Authorized Dealer's warranty, which is provided to purchaser separately.

        1. The manufacturer shall offer a 36-month limited warranty on parts from date of shipment.



      1. Acceptable Manufacturer: Savaria, which is located at: 2 Walker Drive, Brampton, ON, Canada, L6T 5E1; Toll Free Tel: 800-661-5112; Tel: 905-791-5555; Fax: 905-791-2222; Email: request info; Web:

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete one of the following two paragraphs; coordinate with requirements of Division 1 section on product options and substitutions.

      1. Substitutions: Not permitted.

      2. Requests for substitutions will be considered in accordance with provisions of Section 01600.


      1. Residential Elevator: Savaria Eclipse.

      2. Equipment: Provide equipment, incidental material and labor required for complete, operable hydraulic elevator installation. The elevators shall be erected, installed, adjusted, tested and placed in operation by the elevator system manufacturer or manufacturer's authorized installer.

      3. Performance: The elevator shall be designed and tested in accordance with ASME A17.1 part V. The testing shall consist of loading the platform to rated capacity for several cycles to insure proper operation. Mechanical failures and defects shall be corrected.

      4. The following preparatory work to receive the elevator specified shall be the work provided by others:

        1. Permanent 220 VAC, 30 amp single phase power to operate lift to be provided from a lockable fused/cartridge type disconnect switch with auxiliary contacts for battery operation. 110 VAC, 15 amp single phase power to operate the lighting circuit. Refer to Drawings for permanent power specifications and location of disconnects. Temporary power may be provided to expedite installation of lift.

        2. Provide a plumb and square hoistway with smooth interior surfaces, including fascias or furring of the hoistway interior.

        3. Provide rough openings per lift subcontractor's shop drawings.

        4. Provide substantial, level pit floor slab as indicated on the lift contractor's shop drawings

      1. Characteristics:

        1. Rated Load:

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete rated load not required.

  1. 750 lbs (340 kg)

  2. 950 lbs (431 kg)

        1. Rated Speed:

  1. 40 fpm (0.20 m/s).

        1. Car Dimensions:

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete platform size not required.

  1. 36 inches W by 48 inches D (914 mm by 1219 mm).

  2. 36 inches W by 54 inches D (914 mm by 1372 mm).

  3. 36 inches W by 60 inches D (914 mm by 1524 mm).

  4. Custom Platform (Up to 15 ft²)

        1. Operation: Automatic.

        2. Power Supply: 230 Volt, Single Phase, 60 Amps.

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Please enter travel height

        1. Travel: ______ feet. Maximum of 60 feet (720 inches).

        2. Levels Serviced:

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete number of levels not required.

  1. 2.

  2. 3.

  3. 4.

  4. 5.

  5. 6.

        1. Cab Configuration:

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete cab configuration not required.

  1. Enter/exit same side.

  2. Straight through cab

  3. 90 degree

        1. Lighting Supply: 110 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Cycle, 15 Amps.

        2. Geared Roller Chain #60.

        3. Two Way Leveling.

        4. Drive: Variable Frequency

        5. Car Operating Panel: Automatic push buttons, digital floor position indicator, emergency stop/alarm button, on/off key switch and emergency light, and an alarm button mounted on a removable steel panel.

        6. Hall Call Stations: Provide a keyless hall call station with an illuminated call button and a matching cover plate for each landing.

        7. Emergency Operation: The car shall be equipped with a battery-operated light fixture, emergency battery lowering device and alarm in case of normal building supply failure. The battery shall be the rechargeable type with an automatic recharging system. A manual lowering device shall be located in a lockable box positioned at the uppermost landing.

      1. Car Enclosure:

  1. Walls:

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete options for walls not required.

          1. MDF (Standard).

          2. Walls: Durable Melamine wall panels (Standard from Manufacturers Chart).

          3. Walls: Unfinished Veneer.

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete finishes for unfinished veneer not required.

            1. Species: Oak.

            2. Species: Cherry.

            3. Species: Maple.

            4. Species: Birch.

          1. Walls: Clear Finished Recessed Veneer.

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete finishes for finished recessed veneer not required.

            1. Species: Oak.

            2. Species: Cherry.

            3. Species: Maple.

          1. Wall: Finished Raised Hardwood

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete finishes for hardwood not required.

            1. Species: Oak

            2. Species: Cherry.

            3. Species: Maple.

  1. Ceilings:

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete options for ceilings not required.

  1. White Melamine (Standard) With Four (4) Recessed Down Lights.

  2. Match Cab Finish (Optional)

  1. Overhead lights in the car compartment shall turn ON automatically when the elevator door is opened and stay on while the elevator is in use. The elevator lights will shut off by a timer when the elevator is not in use.

Elevator Lighting shall be provided by:

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete options for lighting not required.

  1. 4 x Halogen Lights (Standard)

  2. 4 x Energy Saving LED Cab Lights (Optional)

  1. Cab Floor:

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete options for floors not required.

  1. Unfinished 3/4 inch (19 mm) plywood sub-flooring (Standard)

  2. Finished Floor: Oak.

  3. Finished Floor: Cherry.

  4. Finished Floor: Maple.

  1. Car Gate at each cab entrance:

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete options for cab gate not required.

  1. Horizontally collapsible accordion style car gate with vinyl panels and three acrylic vision panels.

  2. Horizontally collapsible accordion style car gate with all acrylic vision panels.

  3. Automatic 2 speed 4 panel sliding doors (slim door)

  1. Cab Fixtures

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete options for cab fixtures not required.

  1. Anodized Clear (Standard).

  2. Anodized Bronze (Standard).

  3. Brushed Stainless Steel

  4. Brushed Brass.

      1. Systems and Components:

        1. Machine Room-less:

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER Delete options for machine room-less not required.

  1. Not required (Standard) Controller outside the hoistway.

  2. Required (Optional) Controller in hoistway. Check local codes.

        1. The controller shall be pre-wired and tested prior to shipment. It will incorporate the following features.

          1. Smooth stops at each landing.

          2. Automatic battery back-up to ensure the lift can travel to lower landing in the event of a power failure.

          3. Pre-set overload protection to prevent motor overloading.

          4. LED display to monitor output current, frequency, voltage, direction, etc. Also used for error message indication.

        2. Drive Chain: Two #60 roller chains. Nominal breaking strength of 9020 lbs. (4091 kg) each.

        3. Leveling Device: The lift shall be provided with an anti-creep device which will maintain the carriage level within 1/2 inch (13 mm) of each landing.

          1. All limit switches and leveling device switches shall be located in a position to be inaccessible to unauthorized persons. The switches shall be located in the hoistway. Micro-switches shall not be used.

        4. Guide Rail and Brackets: Steel 6 lb/ft (8.9 kg/m) Modular "T" guide rails and brackets shall be securely fastened to the building structure. Car sling shall be fabricated from steel members with adequate bracing to support the platform and cab.

        5. Wiring and electrical connections shall comply with applicable codes. Insulated wiring shall have flame-retardant and moisture-proof outer covering and shall be run in conduit or electrical wire way if located outside the unit enclosure. Quick disconnect harnesses shall be used when possible.

        6. The door locks shall be a CSA and UL approved electrical mechanical elevator interlock.

      1. Emergency Devices:

        1. Terminal limits. Stops the elevator if it overruns the normal limits at the top or bottom landing.

        2. Final limits. A redundant safety feature if the elevator overruns the terminal limits at the top or bottom, the final limit stops the elevator and renders all automatic controls inoperable. If this happens, the elevator must be serviced to determine and correct the fault.

        3. Pit switch. Disables elevator for servicing purposes.

        4. Interlocks. Hoistway doors remain locked when the car is not at that floor and prevent the elevator from running until all doors are closed and locked.

        5. Slack/broken safety chain device. In the unlikely event that drive chain would slacken or break, the device locks the car onto the T-rails, preventing the car from falling.



      1. Do not begin installation until hoistway and machine room has been properly prepared.

      2. Site dimensions shall be taken to verify that tolerances and clearances have been maintained and meet local regulations.

      3. If substrate preparation is the responsibility of another installer, notify Architect of unsatisfactory preparation before proceeding.


      1. Clean surfaces thoroughly prior to installation.

      2. Prepare surfaces using the methods recommended by the manufacturer for achieving the best result for the substrate under the project conditions.

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete if not required.


      1. Install in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

      2. Install the components of the elevator system that are required and that are required by jurisdictional authorities to license the elevator.

      1. Trained employees of the elevator contractor shall perform installation work.

      2. Adjust elevator for proper operation and clean unit thoroughly.

      3. Instruct users in operating procedures and owner's maintenance person in trouble-shooting and maintenance procedures.

** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Delete if not required.


      1. Install all the components of the lift system that are specified in this section to be provided, and that are required by jurisdictional authorities to license the lift.

      2. Trained employees of the lift contractor shall perform all installation work of this section.

      3. Adjust lift for proper operation and clean unit thoroughly.

      4. Instruct users in operation procedures and Owner's maintenance person in trouble-shooting and maintenance procedures.


      1. Protect installed products until completion of project.

      2. Touch-up, repair or replace damaged products before Substantial Completion.



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