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Scientific Name Bauhinia purpurea

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Scientific Name

Bauhinia purpurea

Name in Chinese


Common Name

Purple camel’s foot


Bauhinia purpurea is a native deciduous tree in Hong Kong. Although it grows rapidly and vigorously, it usually needs staking in early years and requires frequent pruning to maintain a better shape.

Special Features

It can be easily distinguished from other Bauhinias in Hong Kong as it flowers in late autumn till early winter, and carries long and dark-coloured pods in spring when the other Bauhinia species are still in flowers. It is also recognizable by its wide-open flowers and the numerous spots on its bark.

To Learn More

It is quick growing and can be easily propagated either from seeds or by hardwood cuttings.

Have you ever seen a Bauhinia Blakeana bearing the flowers of Bauhinia Purpurea on its trunk near the ground? It is because B. Blakeana is usually propagated by stem cuttings, through putting it onto B. Purpurea ‘s trunk.


Whole Plant




Moderate-sized, up to 17 metres.


of Leaf



Tai Po Centre


  • Long and spreading branches.


  • Bark yellowish-grey in colour.

  • Patterned with horizontally running lenticels, which become more prominent as the tree ages.


  • Simple leaves, alternate, with equal length and width, up to 20 cm in length.

  • Two lobed, separated for 1/3 to 1/2 the leaf length.

  • Leaf apex rounded, base rounded or notched, margin entire. With 9 to 11 veins radiating from the point of attachment to the leaf stalk.


  • Flowers pink, fragrant, made up of 5 free petals.

  • Flowering in late autumn till early winter, borne in terminal and axillary clusters.


  • Woody pod, long and flat, up to 30 cm long.

  • Each containing 12 to 16 seeds.

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