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Sale of summer plants and hanging baskets Dear Parents/Staff

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Sale of summer plants and hanging baskets
Dear Parents/Staff,
The school is offering for sale a selection of summer bedding plants at competitive prices. The list of plants available is shown on the order form overleaf - please take a look!
Due to its continued popularity we are again offering for sale our beautiful summer hanging baskets. As before these will be filled to the brim with a colourful variety of summer plants including Busy Lizzies, trailing Petunias, trailing Bacopa and trailing Fuchsias - see overleaf for more information.
Special offer!

Also extremely popular are our two great value hanging basket refill packs which contain a selection of our best sellers and some gardeners favourites. Each pack contains 3 individually pot-grown plants usually costing £2 each, however our refill packs are just £4!! That means you get the third plant free! The first pack we have for sale contains a variety of trailing and standard bush Fuchsias, each a different variety and colour, which will come ready to plant straight outside. Likewise with the second pack which consists of a beautiful Busy Lizzie ‘Shimmer’ a trailing Petunia and the fantastic trailing ‘Bacopa’. ‘Bacopa’ is a firm favourite of ours - its trailing habit is perfect in hanging baskets where it blooms profusely with hundreds of flowers right through to the early frosts. This pack is a summer must have!

New this year!

We are introducing this year the wonderful Pumpkin plant ‘Paintball’. This unique pumpkin has a very smooth skin which can be painted as well as carved at Halloween, making this ideal for children who will enjoy creating their very own monster! Each plant produces approx. three pumpkins (4kg). We also have for sale our usual variety of great patio vegetable plants, which have proved to be very popular over the years. They are all ideal in large patio pots or garden beds, and they produce not only tasty fruits or vegetables but also very attractive flowers.

For colour illustrations and more information on all the plants for sale please visit the website
If you wish to take advantage of this great offer please return your completed order forms and remittance by 1st April. Please make cheques payable to Marsworth Pre-School. Please place all orders through the school and not directly to the nursery. The date for delivery will be arranged nearer the time. All orders will benefit the school directly so if needed further order forms for friends and relatives are available from the school.
Thank you for your support with this fundraising activity.

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