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Stage 6

Metal and Engineering
Curriculum Framework
(Approved June 2006)

Resource List

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Metal and Engineering Curriculum Framework Stage 6 Resource List

The principal resources for planning and implementing courses from the Metal and Engineering Curriculum Framework are the syllabus documents Parts A and B and the endorsed components and support materials of the Metal and Engineering Training Package (MEM05).

Part A of the syllabus contains general advice about the Metal and Engineering Curriculum Framework and describes course structures and requirements, including work placement. For HSC accreditation the delivery of all courses in Metal and Engineering must comply with the structures and requirements described in Part A.
Part B of the syllabus contains the text of the units of competency from the Metal and Engineering Training Package (MEM05) that have been included in the Framework. Part B must be used in the delivery of all HSC Metal and Engineering courses.
The syllabus documentation for the Metal and Engineering Curriculum Framework also includes a Metal and Engineering Competency Record for recording assessment activities and student achievement of units of competency. The use of this competency record is not mandatory. RTOs may choose to design an alternative form of competency record or use versions produced by industry bodies.
The Metal and Engineering Support Document contains material and advice that are intended to assist teachers and trainers in the initial implementation and delivery of Metal and Engineering courses within the Framework.

Industry Curriculum Framework documentation

Syllabus Part A Course Structures and Requirements

Syllabus Part B Units of Competency and HSC Requirements

Competency Record

Support Document

Previous HSC Examination Papers

HSC Notes from the Marking Centre

Performance Band Descriptors



Parts A and B of the syllabus are available in hard copy from the Board of Studies and may also be accessed on the Board’s website ( The competency record, the support document and the resource list may only be accessed through the website.

Following is a list of Training Package materials and additional resources that may be suitable for supporting implementation of the Framework. This resource list is intended as a starting point for teachers and is not a definitive or prescriptive list of resources.



Training Package

Metal and Engineering Training Package (MEM05)

Volume 1


Qualifications framework

Assessment guidelines

Volume 2

Competency standards units:

Field 3 –Assembly

Field 4 – Casting and moulding

Field 5 – Fabrication

Field 6 – Forging

Field 7 – Machine and process operations

Volume 3

Competency standards units:

Field 8 – Surface finishing

Field 9 – Drawing, drafting and design

Field 10 – Installation and commissioning

Field 11 – Materials handling

Field 12 – Measurement

Field 13 – Occupational health and safety

Field 14 – Planning

Field 15 – Quality

Volume 4

Competency standards units:

Field 16 – Communication

Field 17 – Training

Field 18 – Maintenance and diagnostics

Volume 5

Competency standards units:

Field 19 – Jewellery & horological

Field 20 – Locksmithing

Field 22 – Management & organisation

Field 23 – Engineering Science

Field 24 – Non-destructive testing

Field 25 - Marine craft construction

Field 30 – Engineering technician

Field 50 – Boating services

ISBN 0 642 80391 9

Version 1

January 2006

The endorsed components of the Metal and Engineering Training Package (MEM05) are © Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 2005 and available from:

Australian Training Products

Level 25 150 Lonsdale Street

Melbourne VIC 3000


PO Box 12211 A’Beckett Street Post Office

Melbourne VIC 8006

Phone: (03) 9655 0600

Fax: (03) 9639 4684

Commonwealth copyright conditions allow teachers and trainers to copy materials for use within their own training organisation or a workplace where training is being conducted. The exact text of the Commonwealth copyright conditions is reproduced in the front of the syllabus.

Endorsed components of the Training Package are also available via the National Training Information System (NTIS) website:

The Training Package is also available from:

Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Industry Training Advisory Body Ltd

P O Box 289

North Sydney NSW 2059

Phone: (02) 9955 5500

Fax: (02) 9955 8044

The units of competency included in the 240-hour course of the Metal and Engineering Curriculum Framework are reproduced in Part B of the syllabus.

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