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Request for Proposal for Call Order Award

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Request for Proposal for Call Order Award

Solicitation Number: DTFAEN-12-R-00113
This RFP, and any Call Order issued hereunder, incorporates by reference contract terms and conditions set forth in the General Construction Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) issued to the Offeror.
Project: Facility Modernization, Orlando TRACON, Orlando, Florida
Contracting Officer Name: Regina A. Singleton Phone: 404-305-5790 E-Mail:

Required Delivery Time/Schedule: Contractor shall begin performance within 7 calendar days and complete it within 270 calendar days after issuance of the NTP.
Required Submissions -
1. Details of all projects currently being performed by the Offeror, and all projects anticipated to be undertaken by the Offeror during performance of this Call Order, if awarded.

2. Description of personnel, equipment and financial resources, financial statements, Dun & Bradstreet reports, or any other data sufficient to enable the Government to evaluate the firm’s financial condition, resources and responsibility.

3. Price breakdown consistent with the Schedule of Bid Items.

4. A comprehensive and complete technical proposal that demonstrates a very good understanding of the Scope of Work and a detailed Plan of Action of how the requirement described in the Scope of Work will be accomplished.

A Bid Bond for at least 20% of the proposed price IS required to be tendered with Offer.
Site Visit
A mandatory site visit is scheduled for August 27, 2012 at 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, please RSVP to Daniel “Joe” Doby at least 3 business days in advance to participate in the Site Visit.
Point of Contact: Daniel “Joe” Doby – Phone: 404-389-8676 E-mail: .
All questions, requests for information or clarifications must be submitted to the Contracting Officer NLT 7 September, 2012.
Delivery of Offers

Proposal due date: 12 September 2012- NLT 4:30 PM Eastern Time

Delivery address: Eastern Service Area, AAQ-510ATL

1701 Columbia Avenue

College Park, GA 30337

Attn: Regina Singleton

Evaluation Factors for Award
This requirement is being offered to qualified, responsive concerns who are assigned to the FAA- Eastern Service Area, General Construction Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) and each responsive Offer will be considered and an award of a firm, fixed price Call Order contract will be made to the Offeror whose has the lowest price technically acceptable based equally on 1) price, 2) technical proposal, 3) financial condition, and 4) ability to meet contract requirements in terms of other commitments and availability of resources and equipment to perform the work and complete the project on time and within budget.
RFP Attachments (1) Instructions, Conditions and Notice to the Offerors (2) Specifications (3) Drawings, (4) Schedule of Bid Items, (5) Construction Wage Rates, (6) Business Declaration Form

Firm Fixed Price Offer: $___________________________
Offer Prepared by: Offer Accepted by:
_____________________________________ Federal Aviation Administration

Contractor Name

_____________________________________ _____________________________________ Contractor Representative and Title Contracting Officer Name
_______________________ ________ ______________________ ________

Signature Date Signature Date

BOA Number: _______________________ Call Order number: _____________________

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