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Request for Association Approval

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Request for Association Approval —

Rental or Lease

Meridian on Sand Key Owners Association, Inc. requires written approval from the Association for any sale, transfer, rental or lease of a unit. The following information must be provided and submitted to the Association prior to issuance of approval. The Association has ten (10) days to review all completed approval requests. Requests for Association approval must be complete with all required information and attachments; incomplete requests will not be submitted for review.
Unit #:­ Owner(s):
Parking space(s) #: Storage space #:
Mailing Address: Telephone

[include names of all persons appearing on lease]

Other Occupants:

[names of other persons who will reside in the unit with lessee(s)]

Pets: How many Type/description

[Important... limitations are in effect for size/weight/type of pets. See pet restrictions in Declaration for details.]

Lessee(s) current address:
City State Zip Telephone
How long has lessee(s) lived at current address:
Rental/Lease term: From To

[Fill in dates. Minimum lease/rental period is three (3) months]

Rental Agent (if applicable): Company:
Address Telephone
Lessee(s) place of employment: How long?
Address Telephone
Spouse(s) place of employment (if applicable): How long?
Address Telephone
It is the Unit Owner’s responsibility to provide their lessee(s) with the keyfobs provided for their unit. Should lessee(s) not receive keyfobs from the Unit Owner, they may purchase them from the Association at a cost of $25 per keyfob, and the keyfobs in the possession of the Unit Owner will be deactivated for the duration of the lease agreement. Keyfobs in the possession of lessees will be deactivated at the end of the lease period. Partial refunds will not be available for keyfobs.
Vehicle Description—make/year color Tag #
Vehicle Description—make/year color Tag #

Personal References — Include one in local area, if possible.

Name Address Telephone

Name Address Telephone

1. A processing fee of $100.00 must accompany this application. The fee is non-refundable. A credit/background check will be completed.

2. The Association has up to ten (10) days from the date an approval request is received to process the application.

3. Owner must be an association member in good standing and current on payment of assessments for the lease application to be considered.

4. Minimum lease/rental period is ninety (90) days.

5. No subleasing is permitted.

6. Lessee must sign this approval request form as a condition of approval. The Unit Owner must provide their Lessee with a copy of all applicable use restrictions and regulations in affect for the Meridian.

7. A copy of the lease agreement must accompany this application.

8. Owner relinquishes all right (expect voting) to the property during lease period.

Acknowledgment of Rules & Regulations

Meridian on Sand Key Owners Association, Inc.
I (We) have received, read, understand and agree to abide by all use restrictions and regulations in affect for the Meridian on Sand Key Owners Association, Inc. I (We) further certify that the information provided in this request for Association approval is complete and correct to the best of my(our) knowledge.
Owner’s Signature Date
Owner’s Signature Date
Lessee’s Signature Date
Lessee’s Signature Date
While the Lessee acknowledges compliance with the use restrictions & regulations of the Meridian community, the Unit Owner will be held responsible for violations of these regulations including, but not limited to, violation fines. Unit owner is responsible to provide the Association with copies of any lease renewals or extensions prior to the effective date of such renewals or extensions. Return this completed form to:

Meridian on Sand Key Owner’s Association, Inc.

1200 Gulf Boulevard

Clearwater, FL 33767
Do Not Write Below This Line

Association Approval

The Meridian Owner’s Association has Approved this application 
The Meridian Owner’s Association has Disapproved this application 
Meridian on Sand Key Owners Association, Inc.

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