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823 Case Street

Evanston, Illinois 60202-3813

Telephone and Fax: (847) 869-2296

Cell: (847) 772-8392


Certified Spanish/English interpreter for all legal proceedings.

One of only 2,000 interpreters certified nationally in Spanish since 1981.

Skilled in simultaneous, consecutive and summary modes of interpreting.
* Experienced translator specializing in legal, commercial,

and technical fields.

* University teacher in languages and humanities.
* Strong research and writing skills.
* Excellent interpersonal skills.
Interpreter of Spanish 1980 - present
Spanish/English interpreter in the following settings:

* U.S. Federal District Courts

* Cook and DuPage County Circuit Courts

* Illinois Industrial Commission

* National Board of Labor Relations

* Cook County Arbitration Center

* Conferences

* Depositions

* Insurance hearings

* Medical and hospital exams

* Voice-overs and voice-over scripts

* Business meetings

* Expert witness in criminal and civil proceedings
Certified by the Administrative Office,

U.S. Federal Courts in 1981.

Translator in Romance languages 1980 - present

(Spanish, Portuguese, French, Galician, Catalán)
Selected list of projects:
IMMIGRATION: Personal documents; affidavits, interrogatories, and powers of attorney.
CONFERENCES: (Selected assignments): “MannaQuest 2010”, Mannatech Conference, September 2010; “Dream Tour,” Shaklee Corporation, September 2010; Pezzati VIajes, Argentine Wine Sales & Distribution, Wine-tasting Expo, April 2010; “Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse Symposium on Rhetorical Studies in Latin America,” DePaul University, May 2010; “New Generation Tour,” Shaklee Corporation, February 2009; McDonald’s International Days, McDonald’s World Headquarters, October 2008; Simultaneous interpreting at the 2008 Delta Kappa Gamma International Society of Women Educators; 1995 Food Marketing Institute Conference; at the 1992 International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect and at the 1992 International Congress of the World Association for Infant Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines.
ACADEMIC: Translation of Canons 204-297 in Book II, The People of God, Commentary on Catholic Canon Law, for Midwest Translators Forum and the University of Pamplona: 1999-2002.
LEGAL: Large translation projects for the following organizations: in 1996-97, translated articles of incorporation, amendment of articles of incorporation, and bylaws for Informix International, Inc. and Informix Software, Inc., for incorporation of subsidiaries in Bolivia and Ecuador; in 1995-1996, over 400 pages of legal, financial, and technical materials from Portuguese into English for Motorola, Inc.; in 1996, over 200 pages of financial and accounting statements; for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago and Long Island, New York in 1994-1995, over 200 pages of legal materials, including court proceedings, judicial rulings, sworn testimony, expert opinion reports, telephone and banking records, and corporate articles of incorporation and corporate records; in 1993-1994, over 500 pages of legal materials, such as court records of hearings, official judicial communications, court testimony, case notes of drug enforcement officers, and property titles.
TECHNICAL: Patents, call-for-bids and accompanying specifications sheets; technical operations manual, environmental impact reports; medical records, and insurance claim adjustment reports.
COMMERCIAL AND ACCOUNTING: Strategic plans, income tax returns, other tax-related documents, health insurance and benefits manuals, sales and advertising materials, representation and transfer-of-technology contracts, limited liability agreements, import permits, proforma invoices and quotations, import licenses, letters of credit, and minutes of board of directors' meetings.

PUBLIC RELATIONS AND VIDEO: Translate voice-over scripts for Bank of America, American Express, MasterCard, and Western Union on an ongoing basis. Simultaneous voice-over of Hofeld in 1992 Illinois Democratic Senatorial debate on Channel 26. Translated educational script into Spanish and then read Spanish voice-over for Center for Craniofacial Abnormalities at the University of Illinois in Chicago; translated into Spanish two marketing scripts for Encyclopedia Britannica; and translated scripts on health benefits, quarterly video newsletter, and scripts and instructor's guide for continuing education series "Customer Service for Drivers," for Waste Management Technologies; also read voice-over scripts for Waste Management Technologies.

Academic Translator and Editor in Spanish 1991 to present
McGraw-Hill Trade Division Fall 2004

Copyediting and proofreading of the trade book Tune-up

Your Spanish: The Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Spoken Spanish.
Rigby & Co. Winter-Spring 2002

Wrote teacher’s guides in Spanish for 6 beginning readers

(Blue, Red, and Yellow Levels), as follows: La piñata de Omar,

Los trucos de Omar, Quién lee con Omar, Omar batea

un jonrón, Los regalos de Abuelita, and Omar va al desfile.
Thomas Nieman, Inc. Fall 2001
Proofread Volume II of the text Abriendo puertas: Antología de

literatura en español.
NTC/Contemporary Publishing Group Fall 2001
Copyedited the text The Big Red Book of Spanish Verbs, by

Ronni Gordon and David Stillman.

McDougal Littel 1995 to 1998
Copyedited and reviewed the bilingual audio component of the

World History series.
Consultant on the Spanish version of the "American Stories"

for the American history textbook, The Americans. Reviewed

and edited scripts in Spanish and consulted on the Spanish

voice-over studio sessions.

Consultant on the chapter summaries in Spanish for The Americans.

Reviewed and edited written and oral chapter summaries in Spanish.

Consultant on Spanish version, for literature program of Language of

Literature, grades 6 through 12. Reviewed and edited Spanish written

captions and titles and oral voice-] over montages for laser disks

accompanying literature program.
McClahanan & Company 1996
Wrote and translated Language Assessment Tests for Grade 2;

Edited Language Assessment Tests for Grade 4; rewrote and

copy-edited Language Assessment Tests for Grades 1 and 6.
National Textbook Company 1994 to present
Proofread NTC’s Streetwise Spanish: Speak and Understand Everyday Spanish.
Copyedited and proofread NTC's Dictionary of Latin American

Spanish and NTC's Dictionary of Spanish Cognates Thematically Arranged.

Translated into Spanish the entire manuscript for Spanish edition of

NTC's Common American Phrases; front and back covers and

explanatory pages of Essential American Idioms; and the preface

to El diccionario del español chicano. Translated into English front and

back covers for Vox Compacto Spanish and English Dictionary; translated

into French and Spanish NTC's Just Look and Learn Picture Dictionary.
The Wheetley Company 1993 - 1994
Edited mathematics workbooks, focus projects and excerpts from teacher's

manual for D.C. Heath & Co.

Edited two volumes of World History for a Global Age and

selected passages of the teacher's manual for Globe Book Co.

Edited three volumes of science textbook for junior high

school, Human Biology, Survey of Living Things and Dynamic

Riverside Publishing Company 1991 - 1993
Edited Spanish translations of reading, writing and mathematics

assessment tests to be given to third-, eighth- and twelfth-graders

in the State of Arizona.

Publications International, Ltd. 1993
Translated two volumes from the young-adult "Discover" series,

Volcanoes and Earthquakes and Deserts. Also edited two companion

volumes, Rain Forests and Weather.

Instructor in Spanish 1999-2000
Private Spanish language instructor 1997-1999
Designed and taught individualized course in conversational

and legal Spanish to Lawrence Ruder, a personal injury attorney in Chicago.

Domino Amjet, Inc. 1989 - 1990
Designed and taught intensive course in basic Spanish to middle

and upper management of this manufacturer and international

distributor of jet ink printers. Tailored materials to meet the technical

language needs of various departments, such as customer service,

technical services, sales and quality control.
Department of Foreign Languages 1981 - 1989

Lake Forest College

Designed and taught undergraduate course in Spanish for

the professions, "Spanish for International Affairs."

Faculty in the Humanities 1980 - 1981

Shimer College

Teaching Assistant 1975 - 1978

Department of Romance Languages

University of Pennsylvania

Certificate of Attendance August 1997

Interpreter’s and Translator’s Practicum

Department of Modern Languages

DePaul University

Certificate of Attendance August 1995

Department of Modern Languages

DePaul University and

Monterey Institute.
Completed workshop in interpreting and

translating given by Holly Mikkelson of

the Monterey Institute.
Certificate of Attendance August 1992

Department of Modern Languages

DePaul University
Completed Interpreters' and Translators' Practicum.
Certificate of Attendance May 1991

National Association of Judiciary

Interpreters and Translators, Chicago
Completed workshop in judicial interpreting.

Tutorial in New Testament Greek 1985 - 1986

Lake Forest College

Conversation courses in French 1980 - 1981

Alliance Française, Chicago

Completed course work and doctoral 1980

exams for in Romance Languages;

dissertation pending, University of Pennsylvania
Concentrations in medieval literature,

contemporary Latin American narrative

and romancero.
M.A. in Romance Languages 1977

University of Pennsylvania

Conversation courses in Hebrew 1974 - 1975

Spertus College of Judaica, Chicago
B.A. in Spanish 1974

Lawrence University

Graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa.

Illinois Humanities Council Grant April 1989
Awarded $15,000 to support post-production costs for editing and distributing documentary film on Hispanic murals in Chicago, "Street Signs." Film examines how murals, as a form of urban folkart, both preserve and transform the cultures of the various Hispanic groups living in a metropolitan environment. Intended to be aired on public television stations, in educational settings such as libraries, schools, and museums, and at film festivals.
Illinois Arts Council Grant August 1988
Awarded $23,000 to underwrite production costs for documentary film, including on-tape interviews, live shooting, processing and videotape transfer for editing.
Illinois Humanities Council Grant June 1987
Awarded $4,000 to help finance ethnological research project on Chicago's Hispanic murals. Research used to write script for documentary film on murals.
Institute for Intercultural Studies Grant May 1988
Awarded $2,000 to finance ethnological research on Chicago's Hispanic murals.
Newberry Library Summer Institute June-August 1984
Institute in the Archival Sciences, sponsored by the Newberry Library and the National Endowment for the Humanities and conducted by Dr. Vicenta Cortés Alonso, Inspector-General of Archives in Spain.
Social Science Research Council Fellow 1979 - 1980
Awarded $3,776 fellowship to finance research for dissertation on the Pan-Hispanic romancero in Galicia, Spain.

Awarded "Excellence in Teaching Prize" July 1978

Award given by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, for outstanding performance in undergraduate teaching.
Penfield Fellow, University of Pennsylvania March 1978
Awarded grant of $4,100 and dissertation fee waiver to finance research on the Pan-Hispanic romancero in Galicia, Spain.
Graduated magna cum laude June 1974

Lawrence University

Honors awarded for course work and undergraduate thesis on medieval Hispano-Hebraic poetry.
Phi Beta Kappa, Lawrence University October 1973

"El romancero en Galicia," dissertation to be completed in December 1998. Dissertation is a comparative study between Galician romancero texts, selected from a corpus of romances performed by Galician subjects whose interviews were recorded on tape, as well as romances from other Hispanic ballad traditions.
"Room to Dream: The Child's World through Art." Co-curated an exhibit of children's art, representing over 200 individual works drawn from 15 public schools and directed by 20 visual artists. Exhibit commemorates the 30th anniversary of Urban Gateways, an arts organization devoted to educational programming and community-based arts for children. Chicago, March-April 1991.
"Caricature, Visual Cliché and Irony: Humor in Chicago's Hispanic Murals," Occasional Papers on Art (Beloit: Beloit College, 1991).
"The Visual Language in Chicago's Latino Murals," Ariel, 5 (1988), 41-49.
"The Multiple Endings of Ferido está don Tristán: Triumph of the Flesh or the Spirit?" Tristania, XII (1987-88), 25-43.

"Chicago's Hispanic Murals as a Visual Code," lecture given at the ACM Newberry Library Program, Newberry Library, Chicago, October 1988 and November 1987; and at the "Conference on Health and Behavior: Research Agenda for Hispanics," sponsored by the Simón Bolívar Hispanic-American Psychiatric Program and the National Institute for Mental Health. Chicago, May 1987.

"Puig and the Testimonial Novel: Literature as Liberation," paper given at the 1986 Midwest Modern Language Association Meeting. Chicago, November 1987.

"Broadsides, Ballads and Woodcuts: Popular Iconography in 16th-century Spain," paper given at the Medieval Conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan. May 1986.
"Medieval Broadsides" and "Spanish Broadsides," two entries in The Arthurian Encyclopedia, ed. Norris J. Lacy (New York: The Garland Press, 1985).
"La dama y el pastor: From Ballad to Lyric Poem," paper read at the Midwest Modern Language Association Meeting. November 1984.
"Spanish for the Professions: Should our Teaching Stress the Practical or the Theoretical?" Paper presented at The Conference on Foreign Languages for the Professions. April 1984. Paper was one of 17 selected for publication in The Modern Language Journal.

Advisory Board of Latino Chicago Theater Company

1988 to 1990

President of Lake Forest College Chapter

Phi Beta Kappa, 1985-1986

Modern Language Association (MLA)

Midwest Modern Language Association (MMLA)

American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP)

American Translators Association (ATA)

Midwest Association of Translators and Interpreters (MATI)

New English Translators Association (NETA)

National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (Najit)

Chicago Area Interpreters and Translators Association (Chicata)

References and sample work furnished upon request.

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