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Project Update: April 2010

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Project Update: April 2010
2nd April 2010

The group of 30 mothers and kids in Kamphuan community attended the special event to celebrate our Princess Sirindhorn birthday. They were all happy to do the good things in this special day i.e. visited our RSG-Mangrove Terrace, Walk Way Living Laboratory and finally replanted the mangrove species in the degraded area.

4th April 2010

The volunteers from Suksamran Community for Disaster Prevention visited our RSG-Mangrove Terrace. This group of 50 participants will be the ones who help the villagers when disasters occur i.e. tsunami, monsoon, fire, etc. They come to learn about the benefit of mangrove forest at KCLC.

14th April 2010

We searched and found the seeds of 20 mangrove species.:
1. Aegialitis rotundifolia

2. Avicennia alba

3. Avicennia officinalis

4. Bruguiera cylindrical

5. Bruguiera gymnorrhiza

6. Bruguiera parviflora

7. Cerbera odollam

8. Ceriops decandra

9. Xylocarpus granatum

10. Ceriops tagl

11. Heritiera littoralis

12. Lumnitzera littorea

13. Nypa fruticans

14. Rhizophora apiculata

15. Ryzophora mucronata

16. Pandanus odoratissimus

17. Terminalia catappa

18. Caesalpinia crista

19. Sonneratia caseolaris

20. Dolichandrone spathacea

19th April 2010

The women’s group from Chaklee Village, Banghin Subdistrict, Kapoe District, Ranong Province visited our RSG-Mangrove Terrace at KCLC. They were glad to hear about the sort of impact the programme would have on community. Using the knowledge and experience gained from the RSG-programme will help the mangrove habitat being sustainable for the future. There were 20 attendants.

30th April 2010

The project conducted a hands-on learning programme for local school children (elementary through secondary). Young fisherfolk collected seeds and understood the process of seedling production at our RSG-nursery. Fifteen local students participated.

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