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Project number: 2007CB16ipo008-2009-1-053

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Project number: 2007CB16IPO008-2009-1-053
Project name: "Green Corridors" - promotion of cultural, natural and historical heritage in the border region of Burgas and Kirklareli

- From Bulgaria: Municipality of Burgas (Lead Partner)

- From Turkey: Municipality of Kirklareli
Approved budget: Euro 98 401, 49

Project Description:

As part of the project a study was carried out of the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Burgas region in the field of tourism, environment, and preservation of cultural and historical monuments. Nearly 60 landmarks were identified and classified, and a detailed dossier was prepared for each of them.

Alongside the study which was carried out in Burgas Region, the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Kirklareli district was analysed.

Two expert forums entitled "Opportunities for the creation of green corridors" were held in Burgas and Kirklareli. A concept for a network of "green corridors" was developed. Developed interactive guidebook allows Internet users not only to receive detailed information about the identified landmarks of the natural, cultural and historical heritage in the border region, but also to enjoy a virtual tour of the interconnecting network of bicycle routes, combined together in a system of green corridors.

The International conference entitled "Green Corridors -Practical Solutions for Ecological Tourism" brought together experts, policy makers, urban planners and representatives of the tourism industry in the cross-border region.

The project has been successfully accomplished in July 2012.
Pictures, provided by the project partners:

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