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6:32p Call to order; Attendees: Jeton Prince, Marshall Peden, Kevin Szepe, Bob citrano, Jim Krokee, Scott Chipman, Marcie Beckett, Gary Foster, Patrick O’Neill, Barry J. Schneider, Dean E. Eads, Chris Olson, John Shannon, Jim Morrison (7:01p) and Barbara Williams

Marcie Beckett moved to approve March minutes with the suggested changes. Motion carried

Agenda: Agenda was adopted 11-0-0.

Chair’s Report: (Kathy Mateer) Declared present vacancies, one position in 77.00, one position in 79.04, one position in 83.01. John Shannon filled position in 79.03 and Chris Olson filled 79.01. There is one commercial position open. Marcie Beckett moved that John Shannon should be elected to PBPG, Barry Schneider seconded the motion, motion carried 11-0-0. Barry moved that Chris Olson be elected to PBPG, Barbara Williams seconded the motion and motion carried 12-0-0. Chris Olson nominated John Shannon to be Chair, Marcie seconded the motion, motion carried 12-0-0. Barbara Williams nominated Jim Krokee to be Vice Chair, Scott Chipman seconded the motion, motion carried 13-0-0. Marcie Beckett nominated Barbara Williams to be secretary, Barry Schneider seconded the motion, motion carried 13-0-0.
Non-Agenda Public Comment: Nicole Larsen gave an update on the stop sign issue for Riviera Drive. She is seeking support from PBPG.
Government Office Reports: Mayor’s Sanders Office- No one present

Council District 2 – Thyme Curtis – Thyme referred to Nicole Larsen’s concerns and explained the process for getting stop signs. Thyme also said that parking requirements for PB are often grandfathered in from years past. She gave an update on the construction/design building phase for the Soledad Mountain Road project. Thyme reported on the Crown Point Pavilion, James Lawson is working on getting the rebuilding started. It will cost approximately $30,000 and some of the money is coming from Councilman Faulconer’s office. A smoke shop update is Councilman Faulconer supports our letter but there is difficulty in catching drug paraphernalia sellers.

Long Range Planner – Lesley Henegar not present.

Brad Jacobsen from the City of San Diego, gave a presentation on the regulation of City Pedicabs. The city is suggesting control of the number of pedicabs in PB, south of Beryl and west of Ingraham. Currently there are no restrictions where they can go. Scott Chipman wants this idea of a restricted zone discussed in Traffic Subcommittee.

Don Gross gave an update on the PB Drive sidewalk/bikeway.
Subcommittee Reports:

Residential and Commercial/Mixed Use Subcommittees (Barry Schneider)

No report

Traffic and Parking, PB Parking District (Jim Morrison) Resident Ron Smith had a petition signed from 23 of 26 residents on Law Street

for installation of speed bumps. Jim Morrison made a motion to approve the road bumps on the 1900 block of Law Street to enhance residential public safety. Marshall Peden seconded the motion. Discussion: Barry Schneider concerned that the road bumps would just divert traffic to Chalcedony Street. A poll of Chalcedony residents showed they wanted stop signs put in. Gary Foster concerned bumps will not allow the street stop signs at Academy and Law Street. Barry noted that the Birdrock bumps diverted traffic to next streets and we should expect to have to approve requests from Chalcedony residents who also want to slow traffic on their street. Motion carried 14-0-0

Stop sign on Crown Point Drive where pedestrian walk is was resolved and approved by PB community. Request for stop sign at Archer and Cass Street was made by resident Damion Costa. Costa stated that there is nothing to control traffic going south on Cass Street. This would make this intersection a four way stop. Jim Morrison made a motion to approve stop sign based on public safety at Archer and Cass Street. Gary Foster seconded the motion. Discussion: required signatures were gained for the City. The City denied the request due to not meeting the criteria for all way stops. Motion carried 14-0-0.
Parking Committee (Jim Morrison) last meeting was cancelled due to City Council ruling on financial disclosure of members of committee. The meeting will meet next month at the PB Rec Center at 6:30p on the second Thursday in May. Scott Chipman and Kevin Szepe will join the committee to represent PBPG. Scott Chipman and Chris Olson will meet to discuss stop signs issues for the parking and traffic committee. This meeting will be the second Friday of the month at 12:00 noon at the PB Rec Center. Jim Morrison will notice committee about the availability of the Rec Center. Jim’s phone number is 858 274 8173.

ByLaws Subcommittee

This committee will be formed after checking with Kathy Mateer.


Community Plan Amendments and Design Guidelines (Marcie Beckett) Next meeting will be Friday, May 16, 2008 at 1:00p at the PB Library.

Community Plan Amendments letter was sent last October to City Planning and Development Services. Marcie said that they did not include requests for design guidelines and only addressed mixed use. She has drafted a letter to the City in response to a letter from Bill Anderson dated March 4, 2008, asking them to look at all of our concerns. Chris Olson made a motion that we send Marcie’s letter, Marcie seconded the motion. Motion carried 14-0-0

Mission Bay Parks Committee (Jeton Prince) Jeton gave an update from the April 1st meeting. He told about the continuing effort to complete the bike path around Mission Bay. He mentioned the lease violations on Mission Bay, some organizations are out of compliance.
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Neighborhood Code Compliance (Barbara Williams) Barbara reported concerns brought to her, garages being used for businesses, signage on public property from radio stations and a parking issue with the PB Shore Club.

Special Events Committee (Barbara Williams) Barbara gave an update on the bylaws committee for the PBSEC. Also the PB parade update.

Barry Schneider reminded everyone about the Residential subcommittee meeting May 16, 2008 at the library at 2:00pm.

Meeting adjourned 8:58p
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Per Council Policy, the PBPC posts minutes within two weeks after they are approved at and The current minutes and upcoming agendas are also posted on both websites 72 hours before a meeting and also available on the community bulletin board at the Pacific Beach Library. Previously approved monthly minutes are in a binder at the library.

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