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Obituaries, death notices, etc. – H

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Obituaries, death notices, etc. – H

1806-09 & 1848-1931

Hackett Bridget Crosby Row, Windmill Street 03/09/1881 an "Alleged Homicide Near Frederick Street" (further report,


Hackett Elizabeth 10 Ellen Street 10/10/1871 aged 86, widow of late John Hackett

Hackett female The Deanery, Edenmore, Ennis 06/01/1917 wife of Dean Hackett; funeral report (see also 11/01/1917)


Hackett Helen Harriett Cunninghame Kilmallock 16/09/1886 infant dau of Aylmer & Helen Hackett, death notice

Hackett Johanna Newcastle 01/04/1854 report

Hackett John Ellen Street 13/02/1856 formerly Poor rate collector of the city and suburban districts of

the Limerick Union

Hackett John Limerick 03/02/1858 son of late Thomas Hackett

Hackett John, jun. Mallow 22/05/1850 aged 22, late Assistant Master of the Limerick Workhouse

Hackett Michael 18/05/1926 butcher's journeyman; sudden death; news report

Hackett R. I. D. Cheltenham, England 17/02/1925 Colonel, R.A.M.C.; brother of the Dean of Limerick; obituary (see

also, 19/02/1925)

Hackett Samuel J., Rev. The Rectory, Askeaton 14/10/1915 Rector of Askeaton; funeral report (obituary and death notice,


Hackett T. Aylmer P., Rev. 04/12/1928 COI Dean of Limerick; obituary (funeral report, 06/12/1928 &

report on will, 16/05/1929)

Hackett Thomas King's County 03/01/1905 father of Rev. Hackett, Rector of Kilmallock

Haddon Gladys Elsie 62 William Street 15/12/1888 death notice, aged 3 years and 8 months

Hagany John 05/04/1848 accidentaly drowned at Corbally

Haighney Margaret Cloughdoolerty, Fedamore 05/05/1910 aged 3; accidental burning

Hailes Joseph 05/10/1915 son of late T. Hailes; First World War casualty; obituary

Hailes Mrs. (female) Norwich 01/03/1856 widow of John Hailes, grandmother to Mrs. Grantley Shelton and

Mrs. Captain Shelton of Rossmore, Co. Limerick

Hailes Timothy 3 Castle Street 05/01/1892 report. Former staff sergeant of Limerick City Artrillery Militia

Haines Catherine 112 George Street 30/01/1861 aged 70, wife of Adam

Haines Elizabeth Boles Charleville 01/02/1866 aged 19, granddau of late William Stewart [Frazer?] of George

Street, Limerick [surname Frazer is best guess, based on trades

directories data]

Haines Harriet Louisa George Street 20/03/1861 aged 8 months, dau of John Haines

Haines Homan Charleville 22/03/1862 son of late Thomas Wise Haines, M.D., Mallow

Halahan John Manchester 24/03/1852 former grocer and spirit merchant of Limerick City

Hall Ambrose Mignon, North Strand 18/01/1908 businessman and local politician; obituary (funeral report,


Hall Ambrose Wellington Terrace 16/02/1926 son of Ambrose Hall, former mayor of Limerick and husband of

Meta Hall; obituary and death notice (funeral report, 18/02/1926)

Hall Anne Maria 6 The Crescent 17/02/1870 widow of late William H. Hall

Hall Catherine Ballingarry 13/02/1847 wife of James Hall, Postmaster

Hall Corporal Strand Barracks 12/07/1894 (inquest report, 12/7/1894) (funeral report 12/7/1894)

Hall Eliza 5 George's Quay 13/08/1874 wife of Sylvester Hall; death notice

Hall Ellen Beverly Cottage, Limerick 18/11/1875 fourth daughter of the late William Henry Hall; death notice

Hall Ellen Mary 2 Catherine Place 16/04/1863 infant; dau. of John H. Hall

Hall Frances Bath, England 02/01/1807 dau of late Sober Hall of Limerick City, death notice

Hall Frederick Cappagh Lodge, Kilrush 04/06/1912 Limerick Fisheries Board inspector; suicide; inquest report

Hall Frederick W. Victoria Terrace 20/04/1872 aged 69

Hall George Henry Street 14/11/1857 compositor, late overseer in Printing Office of Limerick Chronicle

Hall J. Ashbourne House, Dock Road 21/05/1903 captain with Lower Shannon Steamship Company; obituary

Hall James Henry Street 08/08/1860 aged 16, son of Charles Hall

Hall James John, Rev. Diocesan School, St. Mary's 06/08/1874 aged 46; death notice

Hall James P. Ballyshannon, Donegal 28/12/1916 solicitor; practised in Limerick for 20 years; obituary and death


Hall John Loughrea 11/06/1914 died in fire while visiting at Gerald Griffin Street; inquest report

and funeral report

Hall John C. 29/09/1855 aged 29, compositor, late of Lim. Chronicle

Hall John H. W. Boreenmana Road, Cork 06/10/1855 aged 57, brother of Wm. H. Hall of Lim. City

Hall Joseph 12 Thomas Street 22/12/1868 aged 9, son of Ambrose Hall

Hall Joseph 15 Bowman Street 26/02/1874 aged 43; death notice

Hall Joseph Southsea, England 26/06/1917 Engineer Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve; son of Captain John

Hall, Ashbourne Road, Limerick; First World War casualty;

obituary and death notice (additional details, Commonwealth war

Graves Commission)

Hall Lizzie George's Quay 21/10/1869 aged 8, dau of Sylvester Hall

Hall Lizzie (Sr. Mary of St. William) Triconopili Convent of Marie 10/12/1874 dau of late William Henry Hall; death notice


Hall Madame Nissen Paris 15/07/1893 death notice, sister of Ambrose Hall J.P. Limerick

Hall Margaret Clare Street 11/10/1848 wife of Charles Hall

Hall Margaret Castle Connell 05/01/1856 widow of late Stephen Hall, postmaster

Hall Margaret Bowman Street 01/08/1865 aged 18, dau of Charles Hall

Hall Margaret 1 Ashbourne Road 18/10/1906 death notice, (funeral report 20/10/1906) (notice of

acknowledgement 25/10/1906)

Hall Margaret 1 Ashbourne Road 17/10/1907 in memoriam

Hall Maria Limerick 21/05/1851 dau of Jeremiah Hall, d. at res of her brother, Heytesbury Street,


Hall Mary 3 Dominick Street 08/11/1862 wife of John Hall

Hall Mary Lisburn 13/10/1881 dau. of Rev. James J. Hall, Limerick, death notice

Hall Mary 16/02/1882 wife of Ambrose Hall, death notice

Hall Mina Lisburn 10/12/1881 dau. of late Rev. James J. Hall, Limerick, death notice

Hall Mrs. (female) Castle Connell 23/02/1853 wife of Stephen Hall of the Post Office

Hall Mrs. (female) Denmark Street 29/04/1854 wife of Humphry Hall, dau of Michael Mulcahy, baker, Charlotte's


Hall Mrs. (female) Thomas Street 18/01/1876 wife of Stephen Hall, victualler; death notice

Hall Patrick 15 Bowman Street 22/04/1871 aged 34

Hall Rosanna Adare 12/11/1921 centenarian; announcement

Hall Stephen Castle Connell 10/12/1853 aged 76, postmaster

Hall Sylvester 24/08/1893 death notice, compositor.

Hall Townsend Monkton, Major Fern Hill, Torquay 02/07/1851 aged 81, late of 28th Regt., formerly of Erina, nr Limerick

Hall Una Muriel Crag Ville, Limerick 16/07/1898 aged 5 months; dau of Ambrose Hall

Hall William E. London 09/05/1868 son of late William H. Hall of Limerick City

Hall William H. Crescent 08/12/1864 aged 66, native of Cork, late of Office of Mayor of Limerick as

Chief Magistrate; Manager of the Union Bank, report (funeral

report 10/12/1864)

Hall William J. Hartstonge Street 22/05/1890 death notice, son of Ambrose Hall J.P. (further report 22/5/1890)

(funeral report 24/5/1890) (letter of Thanks 10/6/1890) Harbour


Hallaran Thomas Tuckey Cahirciveen 16/01/1915 Archdeacon of Ardfert, formerly Canon of St. Mary's, Limerick;


Halliday Eliza Attyflin Park 02/12/1871 aged 22, personal attendant of Mrs. Westropp

Hallinan Mrs Ballingarry 14/07/1906 aged 82 years, funeral report

Hallinan Catharine Anne Glin 18/03/1848 wife of Patrick Hallinan

Hallinan Denis, Rev. The Palace, Corbally 03/07/1923 Catholic bishop of Limerick; obituary and condolences (funeral

report, 05/07/1923, see also, 21/07/1923; report on will,

08/04/1924 & anniversary mass, 03/07/1924)

Hallinan James Mungret Street 16/02/1850 victualler

Hallinan John, Rev. Ardagh, Co. Limerick 08/05/1917 Parish priest of Ardagh; obituary

Hallinan Margaret 3 Tontine Buildings 24/03/1852 domestic in the family of D. F. G. Mahony

Hallinan Mary 7 Cecil Street 29/04/1922 obituary

Hallinan Patrick Glin 27/04/1850 aged 72

Hallinan Patrick Glin 12/07/1906 drowning at Miltown Malbay

Hallinan Patrick Griffin 7 Cecil Street 03/08/1916 son of late Thomas Hallinan, Cahara, Glin and husband of Mary

Hallinan; death notice

Halloran female 13/12/1848 infant dau of Mary Halloran, recently discharged from fever


Halloran Gerard Davis Street 23/01/1930 aged 25; work accident in Dominick Street; worked for the

Callender Cable Company

Halloran James Clare Street 02/08/1881 inquest into death at Barrington's Hospital

Halloran Margaret Clarina 19/03/1853 wife of Patrick Halloran, manslaughter report

Halloran May (née O'Callaghan) Long Island, USA 19/05/1925 daughter of late J.J. and Mary O'Callaghan, 51 Thomas Street,

Limerick; death notice

Halloway P., Mr. Mary Street, Limerick 28/02/1857

Hallowell Alexander Behu, Rev. St. Mark's, Liverpool 23/03/1875 son of late Joseph Hallowell, Hartstonge Street, Limerick; death


Hallowell Elizabeth Mallow Street Lower 08/05/1880 widow of Joseph Hallowell, death notice

Hallowell Elizabeth Thompson 2 Mount Vincent Terrace 06/06/1899 death notice

Hallowell Henry Tinsley The Strand 29/06/1871 aged 15

Hallowell Joseph Hartstonge Street Lower 16/09/1862 aged 77, hosiery shop

Halpin Ann Queen Street 24/05/1854 widow of James Halpin of Charlotte's Quay

Halpin Anne Glentworth Upper 22/08/1869

Halpin Edward M. Barrington Street 06/10/1891 death report, (funeral report 8/10/1891)

Halpin female (Mrs.) Ennis 15/05/1807 wife of John Halpin of Limerick City, death notice

Halpin Francis Adare 01/11/1854 farmer, drowning report

Halpin Gerald James Mitchelstown 26/01/1884 son of James Halpin, death notice

Halpin James Little Wellesley Place 19/09/1908 died after a fall; news report

Halpin Jeremiah, Rev. Banogue 18/02/1904 parish priest, Banogue; funeral report

Halpin John, Archdeacon Rathkeale 01/05/1894 parish priest, Rathkeale; born at Cahirnarry, Co. Limerick (funeral

report, 3/5/1894)

Halpin Joseph J. 5 Alexandra Terrace 26/06/1928 obituary and death notice (funeral report, 28/06/1928)

Halpin Kate Mungret Street 17/11/1852 dau of William Halpin

Halpin Margaret near St. John's Square 17/01/1855 death report

Halpin Mary Anne Glentworth Street Upper 14/08/1869 d. at res of her mother

Halpin May 5 Alexandra Terrace 18/05/1911 daughter of Joseph J. Halpin; death notice

Halpin Michael Quarryhill, Kilmallock 22/03/1904 death notice

Halpin Mr. (male) Boherbuoy 25/09/1906 report

Halpin Thomas Charlotte's Quay 01/01/1848 hardware merchant

Halpin Timothy, Rev. Clonlong House 15/05/1900 parish priest, Donoughmore; obituary

Halpin W. A., Rev. London, Canada 24/10/1878 aged 53; Classical Professor, Huron College, London, Ontario;

death notice

Halpin William Mungret Street 28/10/1854 clothier, late of Thomond Gate

Halpin William James 4 Crescent Villas 01/12/1921 son of Edward Halpin; funeral report

Halvey James F. Dock Road 29/05/1920 obituary

Haly Francis Ballingary 07/02/1855 of Cork, d. at res of Michael Costello

Hamilton Anna Maria Glin 26/05/1858 wife of John Hamilton, dau of late Lennox Bigger, of Richmond

House near Dundalk

Hamilton David 2 Albert Place 07/05/1870 aged 16, son of T. B. Hamilton

Hamilton Emma Farleton, Limerick 23/01/1919 wife of late Archdeacon of Limerick, F. C. Hamilton; death notice

(funeral report, 25/01/1919)

Hamilton female (Mrs.) Limerick District Lunatic Asylum 15/10/1859 wife of the steward and gardener

Hamilton Frederic Charles, Rev. 04/06/1904 Archdeacon of Limerick; obituary (funeral report, 07/06/1904)

(memorial, 2/12/1905)

Hamilton Jessie Helen (née Robertson) 29/08/1903 daughter of Rev. T. B. Robertson, Rector of St. Munchin's,

Limerick; death notice (funeral report, 03/09/1903)

Hamilton John Richmond, Dundalk 13/10/1866 aged 84, former magistrate; d at res of C. Percival

Hamilton Lizzie Wilmount Cottage 24/04/1879 aged 22; dau. of T. B. Hamilton

Hamilton Margaret New Street 14/04/1896 widow of T. B. Hamilton

Hamilton Margaret Anne Jane (Maggie) 5 Mount Vincent Terrace 02/07/1887 dau of T. B. Hamilton, death notice

Hamilton Peter Oldfield, Limerick 03/07/1920 staff at Matterson's; obituary & death notice

Hamilton Rose George Street 13/07/1865 aged 18 months, dau of T. B. Hamilton

Hamilton Susan Parlington 03/06/1857 of Leamington, widow of Rev. Hans Hamilton of Knocktopher, dau

of late Rt. Hon. Silva Oliver of Castle Oliver, Co. Limerick

Hamilton T. B. New Street, Limerick 03/03/1896 aged 77

Hamilton Thomas 130 George Street 12/05/1858 aged 2, son of T. B. Hamilton

Hamilton William Abbeyfeale 14/03/1849 Constable, d. of cholera

Hamilton William Prospect Hill, Rosbrien 17/11/1921 work accident; news report

Hamilton William Gavin Wilmount Cottage 28/07/1874 aged 21, son of T. B. Hamilton; death notice

Hamilton Williamina Frances Tarbert, Co. Kerry 29/03/1866 wife of Joseph Hamilton, dau of late William O'Grady Lloyd of

Gurtroe, Co. Limerick

Hammond female (Mrs.) Lough Gur 17/01/1806 sister of late John Dowdall Hammond of Limerick City, death notice

Hammond James Dunvullen 31/01/1891 accident on road

Hammond Mary Anne Rathkeale 13/04/1869 aged 68, dau of Thomas C. Hammond, late of Sunday's Well, Cork

Hammond Rev. Dean St. Ita's, Newcastle West 06/08/1898 aged 78, parish priest (funeral report, 09/08/1898)

Hanagh James, Sergeant Ordnance Barrack, Upper William 10/05/1862 Royal Horse Artillery


Hanahan Lawrence Charleston, US 13/11/1852 native of Limerick

Hanan Martha Shannon Grove 05/12/1874 aged 78, widow of late Dr. Hanan of Co. Cork; death notice

Hanbridge Eliza Maria Villiers Buildings Limerick 20/12/1892 death notice wife of late Robert Hanbridge of Dublin and dau of

late William MacKern of this city.

Hance H. J. 07/10/1909 apothecary at Limerick workhouse; short announcement

Hance Robert James 23/01/1900 late proprietor of Medical Hall, Patrick Street, Limerick; death notice

Hance Victoria Elizabeth Cecil Street 11/03/1882 infant dau. of Richard & Elizabeth Hance, death notice

Hands Ellen Shannon Bridge 03/03/1858 widow of late Peter Hands, sister of George Dartnell of Limerick


Hands Mark Arthur's Quay 19/04/1851 turf inspector, son of Rev. George Hands of Annyagran, Co.


Hands Mary Francis Street 18/04/1849 wife of Joseph C. Hands, plumber and glazier

Hanilly John Irishtown Barracks 15/09/1900 RIC sergeant; suicide; news report (inquest report, 18/09/1900)

Hanlan Patrick Glin 17/04/1850

Hanley Ellie M. 7 Mallow Street Upper 20/06/1871 widow of late William F. Hanley, M.D., Thurles

Hanley John J. (Baron) New York 17/06/1930 news report; native of Newcastlewest; shooting

Hanley Michael John Square 09/06/1925 pork butcher at Matterson's; sudden death; news report

Hanley Sarah Pallaskenry 23/05/1903 accidental burning; short report

Hanley Thomas Kildimo 03/09/1887 death notice

Hanley Timothy Soloheadbeg 02/07/1885 shooting victim

Hanlon Shanagolden 19/07/1913 three children of Thomas Hanlon aged between 6 and 15 months;

accidentally suffocated; inquest report

Hanlon John Catherine Street 24/07/1917 cycling accident; news report

Hanlon John Garryowen 27/11/1923 aged 18; domestic explosion; inquest report (see also,


Hanlon Mary Anne Sidney, New South Wales 02/05/1849 wife of Patrick Hanlon, Superintendent of Public Works, formerly

builder in Limerick

Hanlon Mary Josephine Newcastle West 18/05/1869 dau of John Hanlon, District Inspector of National Schools

Hanlon Sarah 2 Richmond Place 10/11/1855 dau of John Hanlon

Hanlon Sarah Jane 2 Victoria Terrace 29/07/1862 dau of Mr. John Hanlon, master of Limerick Model School

Hanlon Thomas 2 Richmond Place 14/11/1855 aged 5, son of John Hanlon

Hanly Augustine Joseph 18/08/1898 aged 21, agent for Royal Liver Society, membero f National

Foresters; son of Michael Hanly, int at Mungret Cemetery (funeral

report 18/08/1898)

Hanly D. U. 4 Glentworth Street 20/10/1896 Dr., son of John Hanly of Cannock & Co.; brother of A., John and

Edward Hanly, bro-in-law to A. Hall (death report 20/10/1896)

(funeral report, 22/10/1896)

Hanly Edward Doyle West Maitland, Australia 22/12/1863 aged 33, son of late John Hanly of the Mall, Limerick

Hanly female (Mrs) Ballymartin, Pallaskenry 05/05/1864 aged 80, widow of late Martin Hanly

Hanly John Cincinnati, Ohio 06/07/1859 formerly cloth merchant in Limerick

Hanly John Doon 05/10/1886 inquest report

Hanly John Sydenham Terrace 22/03/1910 former buyer at Cannock's; obituary (funeral report, 24/03/1910)

Hanly Joseph Mount Shannon, Lisnagry 23/03/1926 road accident; inquest report

Hanly M., Rev. Dublin 18/10/1921 Jesuit priest; native of Limerick; obituary (funeral report,


Hanly Male (Rev.) Monegay 18/10/1923 Catholic clergyman; parish priest, Monegay; obituary

Hanly Mary John's Gate 09/04/1851 wife of Michael Hanly, labourer, employed with Wm. Gubbins,

John's Gate; murder report (further report 12/04/1851) (report on

the witness 23/04/1851)(execution of Michael Hanly 24/09/1851)

Hanly Mary New Orleans 24/09/1873 aged 24; native of Co. Limerick

Hanly Mary 7 Charlotte Quay 27/01/1874 aged 68; death notice

Hanly Mary Chapel Lane 16/11/1897 inquest report

Hanly Michael John's Gate 24/09/1851 execution for murder of Mary Hanly, mistress Mary Fahy to be

executed in January, report

Hanly Michael 27/03/1884 died in car accident

Hanly Mrs. (female) John's Street 26/02/1848 wife of Patrick Hanly, grocer

Hanly Mrs. (female) William Street Upper 13/05/1857 widow of James Hanly, classical teacher, dau of late Capt.

Deane, 18th Hussars

Hanly Mrs. (female) Bolane, Kildimo 22/03/1877 aged 59; death notice

Hanly Norry Bruree 21/01/1897 aged 103

Hanly Oliver Kilkee 06/06/1908 ex-RIC sergeant in Limerick; funeral report

Hanly Patrick John Street 17/06/1848 grocer

Hanly Patrick Glounduff, Athea 10/03/1898 report

Hanly Thomas Bruff 21/02/1849 John and Michael Fitzgerald apprehended for manslaughter

Hanna Emily Laura Madeline (née Greystones, Ennis Road 19/04/1924 widow of Robert Hanna, 121, O'Connell Street; obituary (funeral

Dunlop) report, 22/04/1924) (additional details, 'A List of those buried in St.

Munchin's COI Graveyard')

Hanna James Henry Street 29/11/1848 nephew to Robert Hanna

Hanna Mary Glentworth Street Lower 18/05/1861 wife of Robert Hanna

Hanna Robert 121 George Street 06/12/1904 obituary and death notice (funeral report, 10/12/1904)

Hannan Alicia Catherine Street 25/01/1851 mother of Daniel Hannan of Limerick city, classical teacher

Hannan Anne Ballinacurra Cottage 02/09/1905 relict of the late Joseph Hannan, Mount Lawrence House,

Hannan Denis Shannon Street 03/07/1852 classical teacher

Hannan James The Hill, Kilmallock 30/05/1905 death notice

Hannan John Henry Street 27/08/1918 assistant at Evans & Co.; son of D. Hannan; obituary

Hannan Joseph Mount Lawrence (Limerick?) 09/08/1879

Hannan Maggie (née Fitzgerald) Dublin 18/08/1903 wife of William N. Hannan, Caherelly Castle, Caherelly, Co.

Limerick; death notice (death notice and funeral report,


Hannan Mary Nelson Street 21/04/1849 wife of Timothy Hannan of Waterford and Limerick Railway

Hannan Mary Kilmallock Hill 22/11/1854 widow of James Hanahan, mother of Rev. Michael Hanahan,


Hannan Mary Mount Kennet House 12/06/1913 address that of son, Daniel Hannan; funeral report

Hannan Mary 32 Henry Street 18/09/1923 wife of Daniel Hannan; death notice (obituary, 20/09/1923)

Hannan Michael Carr Street 26/06/1917 shop porter; inquest report (additional details taken from Mount St.

Lawrence burial register)

Hannan Michael C. Ballinamona House, Hospital 11/05/1886 son of William Hannan, Limerick City, death notice

Hannan Thomas Rathkeale 20/10/1852 proprietor of a dancing academy in Limerick

Hannan Thomas Kilmallock 20/07/1905 death notice

Hannan Thomas Roscrea, Co. Tipperary 07/08/1923 watchman at railway; railway accident; inquest report

Hannan? Thomas Patrick Street 03/10/1857 confectioner

Hanneen Edward Park 15/04/1854 market farmer

Hannigan Edward O'D. Brook Lodge, Kilmeedy 17/06/1899 death notice

Hannigan George O'Leary Dublin 09/01/1908 bank manager; native of Dromcollogher, Limerick; funeral report

Hannigan Mary Columba, Sr. Clare Street 26/11/1873 aged 28; dau of Patrick Hannigan, Co. Limerick, obituary

Hannigan Norah London, England 07/09/1926 Dromcolloher cinema fire; news report

Hannington Dorothea (née Rutledge) 31/08/1909 widow of Captain John Hannington; death notice

Hannington Richard North Strand 24/03/1849 master of the schooner "Alarm", in the trade between Limerick

and London ports

Hannington Richard Taylor 399 Liverpool Road, London 26/02/1876 aged 28; son of late Capt. John Hannington; death notice (death

notice, 29/02/1876)

Hannon Hanoria Lissard, Galbally 20/09/1928 wife of Edward Hannon; accidental burning; inquest report

Hannon J. D. Ballinacurra 06/07/1909 stationer, George Street; obituary

Hannon Mary 66 Henry Street 24/06/1902 wife of J. D. Hannon; death notice

Hannon Stephen Parteen, Co. Clare 20/10/1931 d. at St. John's Hospital, buried at Truagh

Hanrahan Alfred Timothy Mallow Street Lower 08/03/1884 infant son of M. A. Hanrahan

Hanrahan Anna Elizabeth Peafield, Ballysimon 30/07/1867 dau of late Charles Hanrahan of Limerick City

Hanrahan Bryan Florence Villa 18/02/1879 wife died 3 days before

Hanrahan Catherine Florence Villa 18/02/1879 wife of Bryan Hanrahan

Hanrahan Charles 22/03/1913 captain of "Shannon" steamboat

Hanrahan Elsie 5 Clare View Terrace 06/04/1929 daughter of Michael and May Hanrahan; death notice

Hanrahan female (Mrs.) Peter's Cell 22/08/1806 aged 88, widow of James Hanrahan, death notice

Hanrahan Francis J. Lifford Terrace 09/05/1882 death notice

Hanrahan Gretta 12 Alphonsus View 18/11/1911 died 16/11/1910; in memoriam

Hanrahan James Nelson Street 12/10/1853 butter buyer

Hanrahan James Jerome Florence Villa 30/04/1878 aged 36; Surgeon Major Army Medical Department; son of B.

Hanrahan; death notice

Hanrahan John Nelson Street 26/04/1848 pork factor

Hanrahan John Ballingarry 31/10/1849 drowned in river Deel

Hanrahan John Dublin 14/11/1849 cloth merchant, late of Patrick Street, Limerick

Hanrahan John Mallow Street Lower 05/02/1881 son of Alfred Hanrahan, death notice

Hanrahan John Meelick Pass, nr Limerick 28/11/1895 drowning accident at Thomond Bridge (search efforts

30/11/1895) (safety of the distillery slip 03/12/1895) (discovery of

body, 31/12/1895)

Hanrahan John Tuogh, Adare 17/08/1897 aged 61,

Hanrahan John, Rev. Augustinian Priory, George 03/03/1896 aged 76, native of Limerick (death report 03/03/1896) (funeral

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