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National Elder Law Foundation Practicum Continuing Legal Education for Certified Elder Law Attorneys

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National Elder Law Foundation
Practicum Continuing

Legal Education for

Certified Elder Law Attorneys

The National Elder Law Practicum consists of lectures in those areas of law defined by NELF as being required knowledge for those who are specialists in the practice of elder and special needs law.  The lectures are a great benefit to both CELAs needing to brush up on an area of law in which they may not regularly practice or CELA applicants who wish to have a starting point for studying for the exam. The lectures were taped before a live audience at Western New England University School of Law. *
The DVD series includes:

Health and Personal Care Planning, Catherine Seal, CELA

Legal Capacity Counseling, Catherine Seal, CELA

VA Improved Pension Benefits: What it is and Why it is Important, Victoria Collier, CELA

General Income Tax Rule, Frederick D. Royal, Associate Dean and Professor of Law

Nursing Home Issues, David McGuffey, CELA

Defense of Marriage Act, Jennifer VanderVeen, CELA

Special Needs Trust Administration – Dealing with “bad distributions”, David R. Craig, CELA,

Grantor Trusts Professor, William G. Baker, Professor of Law

Tax Presentation, Hyman Darling, CELA

Pre and Post Mortem Planning, Hyman Darling, CELA
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* The material in each DVD presentation is designed as a refresher course for certified elder law attorneys practicing in the area of the presentation. Persons who are intending to seek certification as a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) should understand that the CELA exam is prepared independently from these materials and may include other and more current topics. The Practicum should be considered a survey in the areas of the law and is no substitute for a more thorough study of the twelve areas covered on the exam.

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