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Minutes aln board of Directors meeting 4/9/09 Call to order

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ALN Board of Directors meeting
Call to order at 3:35 pm by President Ann Morgester. Motion by Dale to approve, Jo seconded. Approved.

Present: Helen Hill, Kerri Canepa, Steve Rollins, Linda Thibodeau, Ann Morgester, Jo Cassidy, Dale Richesin. Judi Triplehorn did not attend.

Approval of 3/13/09 minutes: Approved (I don’t remember who motioned or seconded)

Treasurer’s report: Jo moved to approve, Steve seconded. Approved.

Coordinator’s report: Helen moved to approve, Dale seconded. Approved

ALN membership renewal payments: Options provided. We don’t know how many libraries are on calendar year as opposed to fiscal year. Schools may have trouble budgeting. Ann moved to vote to adopt membership cycles, Linda seconded. Two membership cycles adopted (Jan. to Dec and July to June). A couple of months notice for each renewal cycle is recommended by the board.

  • rolling membership

  • two cycles – 4 votes

  • single cycle, with flexibility the first year – 2 votes

Board orientation and training: Do we want to develop a one-day face to face training the by Foraker Group? How would this be maintained? What would we do? What’s the estimate for travel expenses? What expenses would be covered? Can we cover the training need by videoconferencing using Skype or webinar? Face to face training is $100/hour in person from Foraker, no cost given for webinar. Modeling new ways of distance education would be a good thing for our libraries. Kerri will talk to Foraker Group and see if they

  • have a videoconferencing network setup;

  • she will get cost estimates for complete board in-person attendance including travel, mileage, per diem;

  • she will get an estimate for distance delivery;

  • she will get an estimate for a blended approach, including advice from Foraker on the efficacy of this approach

Dates (days of week, time of year) discussed. February or March would be best in terms of time right after elections. Discussion tables until next meeting.

Policy development: Purchases made by the Coordinator. Kerri is asking for whether or not and in what circumstances the coordinator can make purchases for reimbursement without full approval of the board. $100 seems like a good amount to Steve. Motion Approved

ALN website support: Hire temporary web design/management? Kerri has not asked Ian to continue work on it although he still has permission to access the webpage. It may be awhile until Steve gets somebody on board at UAA. Kerri has no projects ready to go. Steve will ask Ian if he’s available to help. If we need to authorize expenditures, we can do so by email. Kerri will send Steve list of projects. Tabled until next meeting.

New Business:

  • Jo requests change of day for June and July audioconferences since it interferes with summer reading program. May 7, June 1, June 29, August 6 are dates for the next four meetings.

  • If you have additional items for coming agendas, contact Kerri.

Adjournment - Motion to adjourn by Ann, seconded by Jo. Meeting adjourned at 4:23 pm.

Discussion points:

Membership renewal:

Out of the sixteen member libraries that have yet to pay 2009 dues, eleven of them will have to wait until their new fiscal year starts on July 1 before they can pay. The membership year is January through December so these libraries would be paying half way through the membership year. If they pay then, they will have to wait until July 2010 to pay 2010 dues. Some things to keep in mind:

  • 47 out of 64 libraries have paid in full for 2009.

  • This can be viewed as a one time issue. Once resolved, all members would have dues included in their budgets and would be able to pay them in January.

Here are some suggestions:

Prorate the dues for six months.

Pro: By paying half their required dues in July, they may be able to pay full dues in January out of this fiscal year’s budget and then be on track for future years.

Con: ALN would receive less membership dues while still providing the same service as to fully paid members. It’s also not certain these libraries could pay membership dues in January even with a prorated payment in July.
Give these libraries a pass for the year.

Pro: The libraries in question are all Charter members, a membership that provided no benefits. This pass could be seen as a one time benefit and they would be able to pay membership dues in full in January.

Con: This is non equal treatment of members and could engender bad feelings towards ALN from the fully paid members. ALN would receive less membership dues while still providing the same service as to fully paid members.
Create two membership cycles – Jan-Dec and July-June.

Pro: Members can pay at the beginning of their fiscal year or at a more convenient time in their budget cycle.

Con: The bookkeeping for the ALN coordinator becomes more complex with sending out two sets of invoices and two sets of reminders. Members would have to be restricted to a single cycle once chosen or flip-flopping between the two cycles would be very labor intensive for the coordinator to monitor.
Change the membership year to July-June

Pro: All libraries with a July-June budget cycle will be able to pay at the beginning of their fiscal year.

Con: Most ALN members have already paid for 2009. Switching to a different membership year will cause the same issues in 2010 for the libraries that paid at the beginning of 2009.
Create a rolling membership year

Pro: Members can select to pay dues at a time of their choosing.

Con: The bookkeeping will become enormously complex with multiple invoice dates and reminders and require more of the ALN coordinator’s time to monitor. Once members choose a payment date, they would be required to stay with it in the future.
Board orientation and training:
Boards of directors have a variety of roles and responsibilities. An example of responsibilities includes approving the annual budget, creating and maintaining policies and hiring/evaluating the chief executive. Directors also have legal responsibilities to the organization.
Some of the current directors have experience with boards while others may not. Because ALN is new and the first Board newly elected, there are no orientation materials for incoming directors.
Suggestion: Develop a one day face-to-face training and orientation session for directors. The Foraker Group can provide specific training for new boards of directors that covers roles and responsibilities – training is 3-4 hours at $100/hr. The information used for this training can then become the basis for a future orientation and training guide for new directors.

Policy Development: Purchases made by Coordinator

The ALN coordinator has no direct access to ALN funds. This decision was made because the position is currently staffed by a State Library employee who is not an employee of ALN. At this time, there is no policy for purchases made for ALN by the coordinator. For the few purchases that have been made, the coordinator made contact with each board member individually for reimbursement approval unless a board meeting was taking place near the time of the purchase. This has been cumbersome and not reliable – not all board members would respond to the query for approval.

Suggestion: Establish a dollar amount over which the ALN coordinator must have Board approval for purchase. Please note that the ALN coordinator would contact the Treasurer prior to any purchases, whether it required Board approval or not, and then afterward for reimbursement if necessary.

ALN website support: Hire temporary web design/management?
Steve Rollins has made available to ALN some of their web librarian’s time to assist with the ALN web page. Unfortunately, that position has been vacant since last June and it will be a while yet before it gets filled. I have been able to add and change content but I don’t have the knowledge or skills to make changes to the web site itself. I would like to add new types of pages such as something like where surplus materials could be announced or requests for items could be placed. I’d also like to create “members only” pages for voting members. These pages could include all sorts of things from training modules to account information.
Suggestion: Hire a web page management business on an as-needed basis until the web librarian position is filled at UAA. Costs for specific projects will be brought to the board for approval before any projects are initiated.

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