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Curriculum Vitae
Addresses: Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Yale University

Environmental Science Center

21 Sachem Street

P.O. Box 208105

New Haven, CT 06520-8105

Telephone: 203-432-2074 (EEB office)

Fax: 203-432-3758 (Peabody)


Web pages:

Born: Chicago, Illinois; 14 June 1952

Spouse: Susan Fansler

Children: Nina Fitzgerald (1996), Torrey Marie (1999)


B.S., Michigan State University, Botany and Plant Pathology (high honor, 1976)

Ph.D., Harvard University, Biology (1982).
San Diego State University, Department of Biology, Assistant Professor (1982-85)

University of Arizona, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Assistant Professor (1985-88), Associate Professor (1988-90), Professor (1990-92), Adjunct Professor (1993-99)

Harvard University, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Professor of Biology (1993-2000); Director, Harvard University Herbaria (1995-1999)

Stanford University, Visiting Professor (1998-99)

Yale University, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, G. Evelyn Hutchinson Professor (2000-10); Joint Faculty, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (2000- ); Joint Faculty, Geology and Geophysics (2000- ); Curator of Botany, Peabody Museum of Natural History (2000- ); Chair, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (2001-02); Director, Peabody Museum of Natural History (2003-2008); Vice President for West Campus Planning and Program Development (2008-10); Sterling Professor (2011- ).
Selected Awards/Honors
Bessey Award, Michigan State Univ. (1975)

Board of Trustees' Award, Michigan State Univ. (1975)

George R. Cooley Award, American Society of Plant Taxonomists (1979)

Timeos Award, National Freshman Honor Society, San Diego State Univ. (1984)

Exceptional Merit Service Award, San Diego State Univ. (1984)

Gompertz Lecture in Integrative Biology, Univ. California, Berkeley (1991)

Sewall Wright Lecturer, Committee on Evolutionary Biology, Univ. Chicago (1992)

Senior Mellon Fellow, Smithsonian Institution (1992-94)

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (1997)

Glaser Distinguished Visiting Professor, Florida International University (1998)

NAS US National Committee, International Union of Biological Sciences (1999)

Perspectives in Biology Lecturer, Wake Forest Univ. (1999)

Wheeler Lecture, University of North Dakota (2001)

Melinda Denton Lecture, University of Washington (2002)

Karling Lccturer, American Mycological Association, Asilomar (2003)

Lundell Lecturer, University of Texas, Austin (2004)

Distinguished Lecture, Departments of Biology and Geology, Virginia Tech (2005)

Outstanding Alumni Award, College of Natural Science, Michigan State Univ. (2005)

Distinguished Alumni Award, Michigan State Univ. (2005)

Elected as a Member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (2005)

Wagner Lecture, University of Michigan (2006)

William Skinner Cooper Award, Ecological Society of America (2008)

Elected as a Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2008)

Elected as a Member of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Technology (2009)

Horowitz Lecture, California Institute of Technology (2010)

President’s Award for Best Paper in 2009, American Society of Naturalists (2010)

Carpenter Lecture, San Diego State University (2010)

Sterling Professorship, Yale University (2011)

Dahlgren Prize in Botany, Royal Physiographic Society, Sweden (2011)
Selected Grant Support
NSF Graduate Fellowship (1976-79)

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Grant (1979-80)

Summer Faculty Fellowship, San Diego State Univ. Foundation (1982, 1983)

NSF Systematic Biology (1985-88): "Character analysis and cladistic relationships in Viburnum (Caprifoliaceae)"

NSF Equipment (1988): "Acquisition of a preparative ultracentrifuge for shared use" (M. Kidwell, PI)

NIH Research Support Grant, Univ. Arizona (1988-89)

Univ. Arizona Small Grants Program (1988-89)

NSF Systematic Biology (1989-91): "Cladistic analyses of Viburnum based on molecular characters"

NSF Dissertation Improvement (1992-93, for G. Bharathan)

NSF Research Training Group Award (1991-96): "The analysis of biological diversification" (ca. $1.5 million)

Mellon Foundation Senior Fellowship, Evolution of Terrestrial Ecosystems, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution (1992-93)

NSF SGER (1993-95): "A prototype database of phylogenetic studies" (with M. Sanderson)

Sloan Foundation/NSF, Molecular Evolution (1994-96, for K. Rice)

NSF PEET Grant (1995-00): "Enhancing taxonomic expertise in filamentous ascomycetes" (D. Pfister, PI)

NSF EHR (1995-2000): "Graduate research training in plant systematics"

NSF Dissertation Improvement (1996-98, for D. Ferguson);

NSF RCSE (1996-99): "Support for Harvard University Herbaria Service Activities" (with P. Stevens, D. Boufford)

NSF Systematic Biology (1996-99): "Molecular systematics of homobasidiomycetes" (with D. Hibbett)

NSF BSI (1997-2000): "Plant and fungal diversity of western Sichuan and eastern Xizang, China" (with D. Boufford, B. Tan, D. Pfister)

NSF Dissertation Improvement (1998-00, for G. Weiblen)

NSF Systematic Biology (1998-01): "Duplicate genes and plant phylogeny: phytochromes and the rooting of seed plants, angiosperms, and eudicots" (with S. Mathews)

Sloan Foundation/NSF, Molecular Evolution (1996-99, for B. Chang)

NSF Dissertation Improvement (1999-01, for R. Ree);

NSF Systematic Biology (1999-02): "Morphological and ecological diversification in homobasidiomycetes: a molecular phylogenetic analysis" (with D. Hibbett)

NSF BON workshop (1999, P. Kociolek, California Academy of Sciences, PI)

NSF Dissertation Improvement (2000-02, for C. Davis)

NSF Tree of Life workshop (2000, J. Cracraft, American Museum of Natural History, PI)

NSF RCSE, Wireless Technology for Biodiversity (2000-01, with C. Webb, J. Gauthier)

NIH Science Education Partnership Award (2000-04, with L. Munsterman): “Peabody Fellows biodiversity and human health program”

NSF Dissertation Improvement (2001-03, for C. Bell)

NSF Plant Genome Research, Comparative genomics of angiosperm MADS-box genes (2001-03, with V. Irish, PI)

NCEAS workshop award, “Phylogenies and community ecology” (2001-02, with C. Webb)

NSF Ecology, “Phylogenetic structure of woody-plant communities” (with C. Webb, and D. Ackerly)

NSF Tree of Life (ATOL): Deep green phylogenetics: Novel analytical methods for scaling data from genomics to morphology (2002-2007, w. C. O’Kelly et al.)

NSF Education, Yale University Graduate Teaching Fellows in Biodiversity (2003-2006, with L. Munsterman)

NSF ITR: Building the Tree of Life: A national resource for phyloinformatics and computational phylogenetics (2003-2008, subcontract from U. New Mexico)

NSF BDI: Rapid digital specimen image and data capture (R. Beaman, PI; 2004-2009)

NSF Tree of Life (ATOL): Resolving the trunk of the angiosperm tree (2004-09, w. D. Soltis et al.)

NSF Dissertation Improvement (2005-07, for R. Novick)

NSF NESCent Working Group Award: “Phytogeography of the Northern Hemisphere,” Duke Univ. 2005-07, with Paul Manos )

NIH Science Education Partnership Award (2005-09, with L. Munsterman, PI): “Curricula modeled on biodiversity and vector borne disease”

NSF “Viburnum leaf evolution” (2009-2012, with E. Edwards, Brown Univ.)

NSF iPlant, iPTOL (Plant Tree of Life), (2009-2012, with M. Sanderson, Univ. Arizona)

NSF Digitization Thematic Collections Network (2012-2016, with P. Sweeney, Yale)

NSF “ARTS: Viburnum monograph” (2012-2015).
Postdoctoral Associates/Visiting Professors
William Friedman (1986-1987)

Henry Loconte (NSF Fellow, 1988-1990)

Larry Hufford (NSF Fellow, 1988-1990)

Bruce Baldwin (NSF Fellow, 1991-1992)

James Doyle (sabbatical, 1991-1992)

Christopher Campbell (NSF Mid-Career Fellow, 1991-1992)

Zack Murrell (NSF Fellow, 1992-1993)

David Hibbett (NSF Fellow, 1993-1995)

Gregory Mueller (visiting scientist, 1994)

David Ackerly (NSF Fellow, 1994-1996)

Torsten Eriksson (Swedish-American Foundation Fellow, 1994-1995)

Paul Wilson (Harvard Forest/Mellon Fellow, 1994-1995)

Kenneth Rice (Sloan/NSF Fellow, 1994-1996)

Daming Zhang (1995-96)

Tao Sang (Mercer Fellow, 1995-1996)

Francis Harrington (NSF PEET Fellow, 1995-1997)

Belinda Chang (Sloan/NSF Fellow, 1996-1999)

Katherine Gould (Arnold Arboretum Putnam Fellow, 1997-98)

Jianhua Li (Arnold Arboretum Mercer Fellow, 1997-99)

William Alverson (1997-98)

William Piel (1997-98)

Sarah Mathews (1998-00)

Lisa Schulthies (Arnold Arboretum Mercer Fellow, 1999-01)

Campbell Webb (Yale Univ. Donnelley Fellow 2000-02; NSF 2002-05)

Richard Winkworth (2000-05)

Dianella Howarth (2002-07)

Margaret Evans (Yale Univ. Donnelley Fellow 2005-08)

Philip Cantino (visiting scientist, 2005)

David Tank (2006-08)

Eugenia Lo (2008-11)

Wendy Clement (2008- )

Andrew Leslie (w. P. Crane, 2010- )

Allison Snow (Ohio State University, 2011)
Graduate Students
San Diego State University (5 committees)

James Dice, M.S. (1987)

University of Arizona (25 committees)

Michael Sanderson, Ph.D. (1989)

James Malusa, Ph.D. (1989)

Laurie Abbott, M.S. (1992)

J. Mark Porter, Ph.D. (1993)

Geeta Bharathan, Ph.D. (1993)

Harvard University (16 committees)

Diane Ferguson, Ph.D. (1998)

Carlo Maley, Ph. D. (MIT, 1998)

George Weiblen, Ph.D. (1999)

Russell Spangler, Ph.D. (w. E. Kellogg, 2000)

Richard Ree, Ph.D. (w. D. Baum, 2001)

Thomas Flores, Ph.D. (w. D. Pfister, 2002)

Charles Davis, Ph.D. (w. D. Pfister, 2002)

Yale University (10 committees)

Charles Bell, Ph.D. (2003)

Erika Edwards, Ph.D. (2005)

Brian Moore, Ph.D. (2007)

Sang-Tae Kim, Ph.D. (2007)

Rachel Novick, Ph.D. (2008)

Stephen Smith, Ph.D. (2008)

Sara Carlson, Ph.D. (2010)

Jeremy Beaulieu (2012)

Anne Greenberg (5th year)

Elizabeth Forrestal (4th year)

Sarah Federman (1st year)

Elizabeth Spriggs (1st year)

Brian Park (1st year)

Professional Societies
American Academy of Arts and Sciences

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Society of Naturalists

American Society of Plant Taxonomists

Botanical Society of America

Connecticut Academy of Science and Technology

Connecticut Botanical Society

Molecular Biology and Evolution Society

National Center for Science Education

Natural Science Collections Alliance

New England Botanical Club

Paleontological Society

Sigma Xi

Society for the Study of Evolution

Society of Systematic Biologists

US National Academy of Sciences

Selected Committees/Service
Editorial Committee, Systematic Botany (1983-87)

Systematics and Evolution Program Coordinator, San Diego State Univ. (1984-85) Councilor, Willi Hennig Society (1986-89)

Research Curator Search Committee, American Museum of Natural History (1987)

Editorial Board, Smithsonian Institution, Comparative Evolutionary Biology (1988-96)

Councilor, Society of Systematic Zoology (1988-91)

Program Chairman, Society of Systematic Biologists (1990-93)

Honors Committee, American Society of Plant Taxonomists (1990-92)

Associate Editor, Evolution (1990-92)

Search Committee Chairman, Univ. Arizona, Plant and Insect Systematics (1990)

Director, Laboratory of Systematics and Evolution, University of Arizona (1990-91)

Advisory Board, Tucson Botanical Garden (1991-92)

Faculty of Science Advisory Council, Univ. Arizona (1991-92)

Editorial Board, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution (1991-98)

Consultant on the Herbarium, University of Michigan (1991)

Steering Committee and Co-Chair, Systematics Agenda 2000 (1991-95)

Director, NSF Research Training, "Analysis of Biological Diversification,” Univ. Arizona(1991-92)

Advisory Editorial Board, Trends in Ecology and Evolution (1992-00)

Chair, Users Group, Molecular Systematics and Evolution Lab, Univ. Arizona (1992)

Councilor, American Society of Plant Taxonomists (1992-94)

President-elect (1993-94), President (1994-95), and Past-President (1995-96), Society of Systematic Biologists

External Advisory Board, Yale Institute of Biospheric Studies (1994-00)

Visiting Committee, Biology Department, Princeton University (1995-99)

Steering Committee, "Evolution, Science, and Society" (1995-97)

Committee on Research Policy, Harvard University (1995-97)

Chairman, Invertebrate/Insect Systematics Search Committees, Harvard Univ. (1995)

Director, Graduate Research Training, “Plant Systematics,” Harvard Univ. (1995-00)

Panel Member, Bay Foundation Biodiversity Leadership Awards (1996- )

Council, New England Botanical Club (1997-99)

Director, Harvard University Herbaria (1995-99)

Chairman, Plant Evolution Search Committee, Harvard Univ. (1997-98)

Program Committee, XVI International Botanical Congress (1996-99)

IUBS/DIVERSITAS Systematics Steering Committee (1997- )

Visiting Committee, Department of Ecology and Evolution, SUNY Stony Brook (1997) Visiting Committee, Univ. California, Berkeley, Herbaria (1998)

DIVERSITAS International Biodiversity Observation Year (IBOY) Committee (1998-99)

Visiting Committee, Section of Ecology and Systematics, Cornell University (1999)

NSF Biodiversity Observation Network (BON) workshops -- NCEAS, Santa Barbara (1999), California Academy (co-organizer; 1999)

NAS, US National Committee, Int. Union of Bilogical Sciences (1999-2005)

NSF National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) workshop, Florida (2000)

Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies, Faculty Council (2000- )

Chair, Biodiversity/Systematics Search Committee, Yale Univ. (2000-01)

Co-chair, EEB/FES Ecology Search Committee, Yale Univ. (2000-01)

Nominations Committee, Society of Systematic Biologists (2000)

NCEAS Biogeography Working Group (2000-02)

NCEAS Adaptive Radiations Working Group (2001-02)

Visiting Committee, Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University (2001- )

Visiting Committee, Department of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley (2001)

Executive Committee, Discovering Life in America, Smokey Mountain ATBI (2001- )

DIVERSITAS Steering Committee and Vice Chairman (2002- )

Editorial Board, American Naturalist (2002-05)

Visiting Committee, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University (2002-06)

Visiting Committee, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Brown University (2002)

Hartford Science Museum Planning Committee (2003-05)

Chair, Environmental Science Center Building Committee, Yale University (2003-08)

Science Council, Yale University (2003-08)

Marsh Botanical Garden Committee, Yale University (2002- )

Yale Institute for Biospheric Studies, Donnelley Fellow Selection Committee (2002- 03)

Science Board, All Species Foundation (2003- )

Arts Area Advisory Committee, Yale University (2004-08)

Biological Sciences Advisory Committee, Yale University (2004-06)

Board of Directors, Natural Science Collections Alliance (2004-09)

Graduate School Degree Committee for the Physical and Biological Sciences, Yale University (2004-09)

Digital Landscape Committee, Yale University (2005- )

Board of Directors, International Festival of Arts and Ideas, New Haven, CT (2005-09)

Councilor, Society of Systematic Biologists (2005-08)

Executive Committee, Yale Center for International and Area Studies (2005- )

Visiting Committee, American Museum of Natural History (2005)

Visiting Committee, New York Botanical Garden (2005)

Scientific Committee, Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (2006- )

Co-Chair, DIVERSITAS bioGENESIS Core Project (2006-09)

Visiting Committee, Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO (2006)

National Ecological Observatory Network, STEAC Advisory Committee (2009- )

Nominations Committee, American Institute of Biological Sciences (2009)

Biological Science Advisory Committee, National Science Foundation (2009-12)

Chair, Carty Award Committee, US National Academy of Sciences (2009)

Chair, NSF Museum Collection Digitization Workshop, NESCent, Durham, NC (2010)

Chair, Science and Engineering Council, Yale University (2010)

Nominations Committee, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2010-11)

Chair, Yale Peabody Museum Informatics Committee (2010- )

Board of Directors, Phyloinformatics Research Foundation (2010- )

Council Member, International Organization for Systematic and Evolutionary Biology (IOSEB) (2011-2014)

Member-at-Large, NRC US National Committee, DIVERSITAS (2011-2014)
Selected Reviews
American Journal of Botany

American Naturalist

Amherst College

The Auk

Biology and Philosophy


Cambridge University Press



Evolutionary Theory

International Journal of Plant Sciences

Journal of Evolutionary Biology

Journal of Phycology

Journal of Theoretical Biology

Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology

MacArthur Foundation

Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution

National Geographic Society

National Science Foundation


Ohio University

Organization for Tropical Studies

Oxford University Press

Plant Systematics and Evolution

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Review of Paleobotany and Palynology


Seed Science

Sinauer Press

Smithsonian Institution

State University of New York Press

Systematic Botany

Systematic Botany Monographs

Systematic Zoology/Biology


Univ. Chicago Press

Yearbook of Physical Anthropology
Symposia/Meetings Organized
"Phylogenetic analysis of polymorphic molecular characters" (with C. Mitter), Society of Systematic Zoology/Botanical Society of America (1983)

"Phylogenetic analysis of adaptation" (with J. Coddington), Hennig Society (1985)

"Molecular genetic approaches to phylogeny reconstruction" (with M. Kidwell), American Genetic Association (1991)

"Null models and randomization in phylogenetic analysis," Hennig Society (1991)

"Phylogenetic perspectives on macroevolutionary hypotheses," Society of Systematic Biologists (1991)

"Phylogenetic analysis and population biology," International Organization of Plant Biosystematists (1992)

"New England Molecular Evolutionary Biology," Harvard University (1994)

"Phylogenetic Nomenclature," Harvard University (1998)

"Systematics and the Biodiversity Observation Network" (with P. Kociolek), California Academy of Sciences (1999)

“Phytogeography of the Northern Hemisphere” (with P. Manos), Botanical Society of America/American Society of Plant Taxonomists (2000)

“Tree of Life Initiative” (with J. Cracraft), Yale Univ. (2000)

“Assembling the Tree of Life (with J. Cracraft), American Museum of Natural History (2002)

“Phylogenies and Community Ecology” (with C. Webb), NCEAS Working Group, Santa Barbara, CA (2002)

“New England Botanical Information System” (with N. Cellinese and R. Beaman), Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University (2003)

“New England Botanical Information System” (with N. Cellinese and D. Les), Univ. Connecticut, Storrs (2004)

“Northern Hemisphere Biogeography” (with J. Wen), International Botanical Congress, Vienna, Austria (2005)

“Phyloinformatics,” NESCent MetaData Catalysis Group, Duke Univ., NC (2005)

“Phytogeography of the Northern Hemisphere” (with P. Manos), NESCent Working Group, Duke Univ., NC (2005-07 )

“Phylogenies and Biodiversity Science,” DIVERSITAS Open Science Conference, Oaxaca, Mexico (2005)

“Phylogenetic nomenclature and phyloinformatics,” 2nd International meeting of the Society for Phylogenetic Nomenclature, Yale Univ. (2006)

“The origins of biological diversity,” DIVERSITAS Core Project Workshop, Paris (2006)

“Overcoming the Digitization Bottleneck in Natural History Collections,” NBII/NSCA Workshop, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA (with J. Hanken, 2006)

“bioGENESIS Science Committee Meeting,” Kyushu, Japan (with T. Yahara, 2006)

“ATOL/BOLI,” NESCent, North Carolina (with C. Cunningham et al., 2007)

“NSF Biogeography,” Las Vegas, Nevada (with B. Riddle et al., 2007)

“International Tree of Life,” Beijing, China (with Y-L Qui et al., 2007)

“iPTOL Data Assembly Working Group,” Phoenix, AZ (with D. and P. Soltis, 2009)

“NSF Digitization Initiative” NESCent, Durham, NC (with B. Wiegmann, 2010)

Selected Invited Presentations
American Institute of Biological Sciences (1982, with W. Maddison: Bot. Soc. Amer. Misc. Publ. 162:78)

American Museum of Natural History (1984)

American Institute of Biological Sciences (1984: Amer. Jour. Bot. 71:1)

Systematics Association and Linnaean Society (1985, with J. Doyle)

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (1985)

Third Int. Congress of Systematic and Evolutionary Biology (1985, with J. Doyle)

Smithsonian Institution (1985)

XIV International Botanical Congress (1987)

Systematics Association and Linnaean Society (1988, with J. Doyle)

Society for the Study of Evolution (1988)

"Foundations of Evolutionary Biology," Ohio State University (1988)

"The Hierarchy of Life," Nobel Symposium, Sweden (1988)

Geological Society of America (1988: GSA Abstracts Vol.20, No.7:185)

"History and Evolution," Systematics Symposium, Field Museum (1989)

"Foundations of Development and Evolution," Santa Fe Institute (1989)

"Ecology and Evolution of Plant Reproduction," University of Georgia (1991)

"Persistent Controversies in Evolutionary Biology," University of Washington (1991)

Society of Systematic Biologists (1991, with W. Judd and R. Sanders)

Geological Society of America (1991)

"Perspectives in Evolutionary Biology," Uppsala University, Sweden (1992)

International Organization of Plant Biosystematists (1992, with S. Weller, D. Charlesworth, R. Olmstead)

"Molecular Evolution Workshop," Woods Hole, MA (1992, 1993)

"Current Approaches in Systematics," Sweden (1992, with J. Coddington, D. Hillis)

Systematics Symposium, Missouri Botanical Garden (1992)

"Classification of the Monocotyledons," Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (1993)

American Society of Plant Taxonomists (1993, with D. Baum)

American Society of Plant Taxonomists (1993, with B. Baldwin)

American Museum of Natural History (1993)

"Systematics Agenda 2000," AAAS (1994)

Society of Systematic Biologists (1994)

"Tropical Plant Systematics," Organization for Tropical Studies (1994)

"Phylogenetic classification," American Society of Plant Taxonomists (1995)

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (1996)

"Conservation Biology," University of Malaysia, Sarawak (1995)

Int. Congress of Systematic and Evolutionary Biology (1996)

"Green Plant Phylogeny," Louisiana State University (1996)

"Plant Life Histories," Royal Society/CIBA Foundation (1996)

"Revisting Nature," Hastings Center, New York (1996)

Presidential address, Society of Systematic Biologists, St. Louis (1996)

PEET Symposium, Univ. Kansas (1996)

"After the Floras," Melbourne, Australia (1996)

"Phylogeny of Life," University of Arizona (1996)

"Evolution of Plant Development," Keystone Symposium, Taos, New Mexico (1997)

"Molecular Systematics," Paris, France (1997)

"International Biodiversity Observation Year" AAAS (1998)

"From Gene Genealogy to Organismal History," Geneva, Switzerland (1998)

Marsh Lecture, Peabody Museum, Yale (1998)

Plenary Lecture, PEET Workshop, Woods Hole, MA (1998)

"Character Evolution," Society of Systematic Biologists, Vancouver, BC (1998)

Missouri Botanical Garden (1998)

Eminent Biologist Lecture Series, Pittsburgh EcoForum (1999)

"Museums and Biodiversity," Stanford (1999)

Plenary Lecture, International Botanical Congress, St. Louis (1999)

"Northern Hemisphere Biogeography", Int. Botanical Congress, St. Louis (1999)

"The root of angiosperms", Int. Botanical Congress, St. Louis (1999; with S. Mathews)

“Perspectives in Biology,” Wake Forest Univ. (1999)

“Frontiers in Phylogenetic Biology,” Botanical Society of America, Portland, OR (2000)

“Transference of Function,” FASEB Plant Development, Vermont (2000, with D. Baum)

“Phylogenies and global change,” Amsterdam (2001)

“Progress in historical biogeography,” European Society for Evolutionary Biology, Aarhus, Denmark (2001)

“Plant Evolution,” Banbury Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (2001)

“Discovering Life in America,” Smokey Mountains ATBI, Gatlinberg, TN (2001)

“Integrative historical biogeography,” Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Anaheim, CA (2002)

“Flower Evolution,” Zurich Switzerland (2002)

“Botany in the Curriculum,” Botanical Society of America, Madison, WI (2002)

“The Future of Taxonomy,” AAAS-Pacific Division, San Francisco, CA (2003)

“Biodiversity: Past, Present, and Future,” AAAS-Pacific Division, San Francisco, CA (2003)

“Bio/mycodiversity and the future,” Mycological Society of America, Asilomar, CA

“Biodiversity,” In the Company of Scholars, Yale University (2003)

“New England Plant Diversity,” Connecticut Botanical Society Keynote Lecture (2003)

G. E. Hutchinson Memorial Symposium, Yale University (2003)

Perspectives in Science, Yale University (2003)

Science Forum, Yale University (2003)

John Ostrum Lecture, Yale University (2003)

O. C. Marsh Lecture, Yale University (2003)

Yale Alumni Association (2003)

Garden Club of New Haven (2003)

“Evolution of Biomes,” Royal Society, (2004)

“Homology,” Botanical Society of America, Utah (2004)

“Teaching comparative biology” National Association of Biology Teachers, Chicago (2004)

“Challenges in BioDISCOVERY,” Paris (2005)

“BioDISCOVERY,” Japanese Science Council, Tokyo (2005)

“Teaching phylogeny,” Society of Systematic Biologists, Alaska (2005)

“Biogeography of the Northern Hemisphere,” International Botanical Congress, Vienna (2005)

“Likelihood-based inference of historical biogeography” Missouri Botanical Garden Annual Symposium (2005, with R. Ree, B. Moore, S. Smith)

New England Botanical Club, New Haven, CT (2005)

PhyloCode versus Linnaean Code: a debate, Linnaean Society, London (2005)

Yale Science and Engineering Association, Yale Club of New York (2005)

Issues at the Forefront of Biology, Yale Univ. Womens Organization (2005)

CIPRES outreach: Building a phylogeny museum exhibit, Austin, TX (2006)

“Latitudinal diversity gradients in plants,” American Society of Naturalists, Stony Brook, NY (2006)

“Phylogeny and biodiversity science,” Associated meeting, Conference of the Parties 8, Convention on Biological Diversity, Curitiba, Brasil (2006)

“Phylogenies, biogeography, and mountain biodiversity,” Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment, Kazbegi, Republic of Georgia (2006)

Metasequoia phylogeny and conservation,” 2nd International Metasequoia Conference, Bryant Univ., Smithfield, RI (2006)

Chinese Tree of Life, Beijing, China (2007)

Phylogenetic Diversity, SSB, Christchurch, New Zealand (2007)

Mediterranean Biogeography, Zurich, Switzerland (2007)

Sackler Symposium, NAS, Irvine, CA (2007)

Madrid Botanical Garden, Spain (2008)

University of Sevilla, Spain (2008)

Darwin in Spain, Sevilla, Spain (2009)

Applied Phylogenetics Workshop, Bodega Bay, CA (2009)

North American Paleontology Convention, Cincinnati, OH (2009)

Campanulid biogeography, Harvard, MA (2009)

Roger Carpenter Lecture, San Diego State Univ. (2010)

Association of Tropical Biologists, Plenary Speaker, Bali, Indonesia (2010)

Computational Phylogenetics Symposium, Univ. Florida (2010)

Sustain What?, New York Botanical Garden, (2010)

Digitization enabled research, Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG), New Orleans (2011)

Biodiversity and evolution, Kyushu University Anniversary Symposium, Japan (2011)

Biodiversity and evolution, Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science, McGill University, Montreal, Canada (2011)

Prospects for the Tree of Life, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC (2012)

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