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Master Specifications and standardized bid items

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March 15, 2012

Master CIP Technical Specifications

Process and Procedures

Our R/R Program objectives have been established to improve the way we do business with efficiency, predictability, repeatability, and consistency. By having Master CIP Technical (Master) Specifications and standardized bid items are a means to accomplishing these objectives. The Master Specs are located at: Y:\InfBoard\Manual of CIP Specifications\Master Specs, Proposals, & Drawing Templates\Master CIP Technical Specifications. The Master specs will be used for all water main, force main, gravity system, and duplex/triplex pump station CIP projects.

The Master specs were developed beginning with our in-house pump station specifications. Several consultants were used to bring those specs up-to-date with our 2011 Standards and Construction Specifications Manual, add additional specs, and suggest changes. The Master specs are living documents and will be updated from proposed changes received. We expect changes during the design review process, but most changes will probably come during the construction phase. The Master folder is protected where you can not make changes. Anyone that has proposed changes to the bid items or spec sections should copy from the Master spec folder and save to the folder Y:\InfBoard\Manual of CIP Specifications\Proposed Changes to Master Tech Specs. Please do not save the spec in any other location. Please note in the saved document, if you are not finished with your proposed changes. Your proposed tracked changes will be reviewed by Lenora and me on a monthly basis. The Review Committee (Steve Rapp, Tad Parker, David Arms, Brian Matejcek, and I) will make the appropriate changes to the Master specs. The proposed tracked changes document will then be saved to the folder Y:\InfBoard\Manual of CIP Specifications\Proposed Changes to Master Tech Specs\Wasted with the date preceding the file name.
The following files are in the Master spec folder.

Please note several spec sections in the Master Check List and Table of Contents is indicated with “under development”. These specification sections are being considered to be added at a later date.


The Master Section 01025 “Measurement and Payment” is generic and will not be project specific. In another words, the spec Section 01025 will be used on all projects with no changes. Currently, there are approximately 100 measurement and payment items describing approximately 300 bid items. Only those bid items included in the Project Bid Schedule are applicable to the Contract. This is described in paragraph 1.06 of Section 01025. The numbering system comprises five (5) sections that are divided into twenty-three (23) subsections. The sections and subsections are listed below.

    1. General Requirements

10.1 General

11. Site Work

11.1 Miscellaneous

11.2 Road Work

11.3 Install/Replace Fence or Wall

11.4 Bypass Pumping

11.5 Abandon or Remove Pipe/Structure

12. Pressure Pipes

12.1 Pressure Pipe and Fittings and Restrained Joints

12.2 Valves

12.3 Tapping Sleeve and Valve Assembly

12.4 Cut-in Connections to Existing Main

12.5 Piping Appurtenances

12.6 Directional Drill

12.7 Pipe Bursting

13. Wastewater Collection System

13.1 Cleaning Sanitary Sewers

13.2 CCTV Sanitary Sewers

13.3 Install/Replace Sanitary Sewer

13.4 Install/Replace Sanitary Manholes

13.5 Sanitary Manhole Rehabilitation

13.6 Sanitary Service Laterals and Cleanouts

13.7 Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Liner

13.8 Sanitary Sewer Pipe Bursting

14. Pump Stations

14.1 Wastewater Duplex Pump Station

14.2 Wastewater Triplex Pump Station
All of the subsections have bid item measurement and payment descriptions. Several bid items in the Project Bid Schedule may be described with the same bid item measurement and payment description in Section 01025. The bid items in the Project Bid Schedule are related to the Section 01025 measurement and payment items as follows:

  • All of the bid items in the Project Bid Schedule have 8 numerical digits.

  • Section 01025 measurement and payment description items have after the first 5 digits numerical then “xxx”.

  • The first 5 numerical digits of the bid item in the Project Bid Schedule designate the Section 01025 Table A measure and payment description bid item.

Please submit any proposed bid item(s) and the Section 01025 with the tracked measurement and payment description (if applicable) to the folder Y:\InfBoard\Manual of CIP Specifications\Proposed Changes to Master Tech Specs and we will assign a bid item number and revise the Master documents.

60% and 90% Design Reviews

For CIP R/R projects the 60% and 90% design review process will have the following submittals:

  1. Indicate on the Master CIP Technical Specifications Check List which specs apply to the project that will be inserted into the contract documents prior to bidding. The contract documents should not be finalized until it is approved by the DRG and there are CIP funds in the budget.

  2. The Engineer may propose to change any spec sections, but will need to track their changes. Our objective is to make justified changes to the Master Specs to fit all of our projects. Specific spec sections like Sections 01010 “Summary of Work” and 11305-A “Submersible Pump Schedule” is not standard and will need to be modified to fit the specific project.

  3. Proposed changes will be approved for either project specific or to the Master.

After the 60% or 90% design review, save any proposed Master spec changes, in which the PM concurs with the proposed change, to the folder: Y:\InfBoard\Manual of CIP Specifications\Proposed Changes to Master Tech Specs. The CIP Spec Review Committee will then review the spec before the 90% design review or DRG constructability review.

Design Review Group (DRG) Constructability Review

We are making some changes to some of the submittals in the DRG review process. These changes include:

  1. Engineer’s Construction Cost Estimate. The Engineer’s estimate should include applicable items from the Project Bid Item Schedule with the standard unit prices and project quantities. The standard unit prices will be maintained by the bids that are received.

  2. Master CIP Technical Specifications Check List indicating which Master specs are to be used.

  3. Any technical specs that will be project specific with proposed tracked changes


Access to the Master Specs, Proposals, and Drawing Templates will be available on the Web in April after the roll-out of the new County Web site.

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