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Libyan Government Scholarship Programme

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Libyan Government Scholarship Programme
This scholarship programme provides financial support for the student and their family. The financial support is paid on the first of each month into the student’s bank account. It is paid via a Libyan Embassy bank account with the approval of the Cultural attaché, who is a signatory to the account.  This individual is one of five diplomats being expelled from the UK. The Embassy is putting in hand arrangements for replacement signatories.
The Libyan Embassy account, through which Libyan students receive their scholarships, is not subject to HM Government restrictions. At a meeting between the Permanent Secretary at the Foreign and Commonwealth yesterday, the Libyan Ambassador confirmed that the account has not been frozen. However, this is only the case for those funds that are already in the UK, there may be longer-term implications for the future transfer of funds between Libya and the UK. This is a matter for Libya.
The Asset Freezing Unit (AFU) at HM Treasury has confirmed that the Embassy’s accounts have not been restricted.  They advise that the bank which handles the scholarship payments, the British Arab Commercial Bank is currently processing payments and students should expect to receive these as normal. Again, in the longer-term, the ability to pay will depend on the level of funding in the Embassy’s bank account and whether funds are remitted from Libya. 
Corporate / private scholarships

Libyan companies which sponsor students and whose assets are frozen, are being issued with licences by HM Treasury to enable them to pay student fees and maintenance.  Those students experiencing difficulties should contact their bank in the first instance and then if necessary the AFU.

Asset Freezing Unit

Asset Freezing Unit, HM Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Road, London, SW1A 2HQ


Telephone: 020 7270 5454

If you have any questions in relation to this information, please contact Callista Thillou be email to or by telephone on 0207 419 5421.

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