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Our Letters From FARM program has expanded to nearly 600 metropolitan dailies and periodicals, with a combined readership of approximately 50 million. Letters to newspaper and magazine editors represent the most accessible, cost-effective method of getting our message to millions.

During the past year, we placed nearly 800 letters about the new millennium, the Bush administration, ‘mad cow’ disease, Meatout, veal ban, obesity, cholesterol, dioxin, and anthrax in animal products, World Farm Animals Day, Gentle Thanksgiving, Healthy Chanukah, and Caring Christmas.

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Meatout 2001

The 17th annual observance of the Great American Meatout was marked by more than 1,200 educational events. These included a Congressional Reception on Capitol Hill, ‘lifestivals’ in major cities, 30,000 visitors at a Natural Products Expo, and visits to schools and food markets. Seven major metropolitan areas hosted 20 giant billboards and hundreds of bus display cards.

Visitors were asked to “kick the meat habit and explore a wholesome, nonviolent diet of grains, vegetables, and fruits.” This year's focus was on expanding the selection of meatless foods in supermarkets.

‘Politically Incorrect’ TV host Bill Maher and ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ TV star Jennie Garth joined Casey Kasem, Mary Tyler-Moore, James Cromwell, Ed Asner, and other distinguished Americans on the Meatout Council. Nearly 30 governors and mayors signed Meatout proclamations.

Media coverage included interviews with 20 national radio and television networks and 90 regional and local radio and television stations, as well as stories or letters to the editor in a dozen national publications and wire services and a hundred newspapers.

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Sabina Fund

FARM's Sabina Fund provides grassroots grants for promoting plant-based eating and exposing the devastating impacts of animal agriculture. The Fund honors President Alex Hershaft's mother Sabina who died in 1996.

This year, grants were awarded to 30 organizations, including Animals’ Angels (Germany), Anonymous for Animals (Israel), Compassion Over Killing, Concordia AR Assn (Can), Gentle Barn, Global Action Network (Can), Global Hunger Alliance, Nigeria Vegetarian Soc, Riamarabu Vege-tarian Action (Kenya), Rhode Island AR Coalition, Rocky Mountain Animal Defense, Soc for Abolition of Animal Exploitation (Can), Towards Freedom, Zambian Soc for Vegetarians, and 12 Indian groups.

Information Archives

Info Archives

In October, FARM launched the Information Archives, containing reports, articles, newsletters, and photographs on vegetarianism and animal agriculture. The Archives are accessible directly from the web site. Visitors can obtain dozens of fact sheets and abstracts on important developments, as well as hundreds of articles on 150 relevant subjects, dating back to May 1997.

The Archives also display dozens of photographs of factory farms, slaughter-houses, meat industry operations, and impacts of animal agriculture, as well as links to other pertinent photograph libraries.

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Letters From FARM

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