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Jrc summer bus routes buses Leave Garage at 7: 55 All Times are Approximate

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Buses Leave Garage at 7:55

All Times are Approximate

# 1 East River Rd (County Rd #32) to Brisben, turn left onto Bridge St., Train in Brisben to Stop sign 8:00am, turn left onto Route #12S, turn right

onto King Rd.

Proceed to the end and turn left onto County Rd #3 8:10am, travel to

Harbor Rd. 8:15am (County Rd #3A), to Route #12, turn right onto

Route #12 8:25am. South, turn right onto Route #41, travel to Roger’s

Auto Body in Smithville 8:40am, Turn around and come back down

Route #41 Proceed to High School 8:55am.

# 2 Route #206E from Bus Garage toward Coventry, turn right on Page

Rocket Brook Rd 8:03am. (County Rd #9), travel to Route #79, turn around, go

back to Hotchkiss Hill Rd 8:15am, turn left on Hotchkiss Hill Rd., left

Onto Stillwater Rd. (County Rd #32), travel to Living Word Christian

Center 8:35am, turn around, travel Stillwater Rd. (County Rd #32), to

Washington st 8:45am, Turn right up RT 206 to Miles rd turn left on

Sterry dr follow until end and turn around. Turn right on RT 206, turn

right on Crestmont. Unload at the High School 8:55am,
# 3 Route # 12 South to District Line 8:15am, turn around, travel Route #12

Tractor back to lower Geneganslet Rd. (County Rd#2), turn left on Foster Hill

Rd. 8:20am, stop at Indian Brook, continue on Foster Hill, turn right on

Ingraham rd, turn left

on Indian Brook, travel to 206 W. 8:30am,

right on 206, back caution light, turn left onto Upper Geneganslet Rd.

(County Rd # 2) travel to The Pantry 8:35am, turn around, travel back

down the Upper Geneganslet (County Rd #2), across 206 continue down

Lower Geneganslet to Route #12, turn left onto Route #12, turn left

onto Slater Rd. 8:45am, turn right onto Laurel Rd., left onto Route #12

North, proceed to High School 8:55am.

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