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Inaugural meeting seventh legislative assembly official guests afternoon tea

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His Honour the Administrator and Mrs Kerr
Official Secretary

Mr and Mrs R Condon

Minister of Religion

Rev and Mrs James Calvert

Clerk to the House

Mrs Robin Graham

Deputy Clerk

Mrs Dorothy Kitching


Mr and Mrs C N Ion-Robinson

Mr and Mrs J T Brown

Mr and Mrs G J Bennett

Mr and Mrs M W King

Mr and Mrs B G Bates

Mr L Semple

Mr and Mrs E Christian

Mr and Mrs W W Sanders

Mr John Adams & Ms Annette Hudson

Mr Paul E F Christian

Mr John A McCoy & Ms Twyla Tanner

Mr Terence F Jope & Ms Angela Keough

Mr Neville C Christian & Ms Marion Adams

Mr Andre Nobbs & Ms Sian Quantrill

Mr and Mrs Geoff Gardner

Mr and Mrs Graeme Woolley

Mr and Mrs Daniel Cuthbertson

Mr and Mrs Kevin Pereira

Mr and Mrs William Menzies

Mr and Mrs Ian Anderson

Mr and Mrs Robert Adams

Mr and Mrs Douglas Jackson

Mr and Mrs Hugh Sampson

Mr and Mrs Paul Christian

Mr and Mrs Lisle Snell

Mr Ernest Friend & Mrs Kath Adams-Friend

Mr and Mrs David W Evans

Head of Public Service

Mr and Mrs Roy Mitchell

Returning Officer

Mr David Rodgers and Ms Sandra Flood

Secretary to Government

Mr Don Morris

Spouse of Former Presidents of Council

Mrs Mildred Bataille

Mrs Con Holloway

Former President of Council

Mr and Mrs D C D Buffett

Former Deputy Presidents

Mrs Brenda Reed

Mr and Mrs W Blucher

Mr and Mrs G H Aafjes

Mr and Mrs B E Christian-Bailey

Mr and Mrs David R Evans

Spouse of Clerk

Mr John Robinson


Mr T Lloyd AM & Mrs Lloyd AM


Mr and Mrs Gary Robertson

Regular Attendee at Assembly Meetings

Mrs Elva Yager


Mr and Mrs Hadyn Evans

Ms Melissa Christian

Mrs Margaret Evans

Mr and Mrs Duncan Edward

Mr and Mrs Norman Wood

Mr and Mrs Alex Martinex

Mr George Smith

Mr and Mrs Alfred McCoy

Mr and Mrs G G F Quintal

Mr and Mrs Ross Reynolds

Mr and Mrs Roy Nobbs

Mr Kim Davies

Mr and Mrs Duncan Sanderson

Mr and Mrs Chris Pedel

Mr and Mrs Warren Langman

Mr and Mrs Ian McCowan

Mr and Mrs B E Christian-Bailey

Mr and Mrs John More

Mr and Mrs Charles Freshwater

Mr and Mrs Charles Menghetti

Mr and Mrs Norman Buffett

Mr Leon Evans

Mr and Mrs Peter Meers

Mr and Mrs Robert Westwood

Ms Samantha Browne

Mr and Mrs Bruce McCowan

Mr and Mrs Boyd Buffett

Mr and Mrs Gregory Quintal

Mr and Mrs John Palmer

Mr and Mrs Stewart Guymer

Mr A V A Bataille

Mr and Mrs Sidney Cooper

Mr T G E Quintal

Mr and Mrs Gerald Goudie

Mr and Mrs Kenneth Nobbs

Mr and Mrs Arthur Bigg

Mr and Mrs Russell Beadman

Mr James Tavener

Mr Franklin Randall

Mr Colin Buffett

Mr and Mrs Howard Christian

Mr and Mrs John Kilbourne

Mr and Mrs John Pearson

Former Members of Legislative Assembly/Council

Ms Chloe Nicholas & Mr Steele Saunders

Mr John Ryves MBE & Mrs Ryves

Mr G W Jackson AM & Mrs Jackson

Mr and Mrs Edward Howard

Mr and Mrs Albert Buffett

Mr and Mrs Roy Smith

Mr & Mrs B E Christian-Bailey - see nominators

Mr GGF Quintal MBE & Mrs Quintal - see nominators

Mr David Rodgers - official/returning officer

Mr and Mrs G H Aafjes - official/former Deputy President

Mrs Brenda Reed - - official/former Deputy President

Mr and Mrs D C D Buffett - official

Decorated Persons

Mrs G R Quintal MBE & Mr Quintal

Miss F N Bataille MBE OAM

Mr R G Weslake OAM & Mrs Weslake

Mrs G Beveridge MBE

Mrs E M Hickey BEM

Mr O Evans OAM & Mrs Evans

Mr C I Buffett OBE & Mrs Buffett

Mrs Merval Hoare MBE

Mr Ned Lenthall OAM

Mr T E Yager OAM & Mrs Yager

Mr E Craig MBE & Mrs Craig

Mr D E Buffett AM & Mrs Buffett

Mr Tom Lloyd AM & Mrs Tim Lloyd AM - official

Mrs Nadia Cuthbertson OAM & Mr Cuthbertson - candidates

Mr G W Jackson AM & Mrs Jackson - former member

Mrs Bataille - official

Mr John Ryves MBE & Mrs Ryves - former member


Rev and Mrs James Calbert - official

Pastor & Mrs Barnabas Shelley

Rev Father Peter Carroll

Administration & Commonwealth Government Departments

Mr and Mrs Keiran Black

Mr and Mrs Roy Mitchell - official

Mrs Dorothy Kitching - official

Mr Terry Foulds (Crown Solicitor)

Mr and Mrs Mitchell Evans (Immigration Officer)

Mr & Mrs Davidson (Project Officer)

Mr David Rodgers - official

Mr A Buffett & Ms S Kerapa (Collector Customs)

Mr and Mrs I Buffett (Registrar)

Mr B T Wilson & Esther Greenham (Finance Manager)

Mr and Mrs John Walsh (Headmaster)

Sgt and Mrs Rawlinson (OIC Police)

Dr and Mrs Sullivan (GMO)

Mr and Mrs Graeme Donaldson (Companies)

Dr and Mrs Bilton (Medical)

Mr Kim Davies - see nominators

Mr and Mrs G Anderson (Project Manager KAVHA)

Mr and Mrs Peter Pye (Works Manager)

Mr and Mrs Ken Watts (OIC Met)

Mr and Mrs Paul Finch (OIC Airport)

Dr and Mrs Iain Douglas (Dentist)

Mrs Kaye Evans (Matron)

Mrs Jane Bataille (Director Hospital)

Mr and Mrs N Tavener (Health/Quarantine)

Mr and Mrs Mike Debenham (ANZCAN)

Mr and Mrs Paul Stephenson (National Parks)

Mr and Mrs A Taverner (Philatelic)

Mr and Mrs Steven Matthews (Computers)

Mr & Mrs John Christian (Forestry)

Mr & Mrs Peter Connolly (Liquor Bond)

Ms Margaret Meadows (Broadcasting Officer)

Mr and Mrs Ross Reynolds (Coroner)

Mr and Mrs John Christian (OIC Electricity)

Mr and Mrs Sid Christian (Postmistress)

Mr and Mrs Boyd Buffett - nominators

Major Local Boards and Organisations

Mr & Mrs Ian Anderson (Chamber of Commerce) - official

Mr & Mrs David Sanders (Cheryl Tennis Club)

Mr & Mrs Ian Kenny (Golf Club)

Mr & Mrs Don Taylor (Girl Guides Association

Mr & Mrs Basil Vercoe (Gun Club

Mr & Mrs W Borry Evans (ATA)

Mr & Mrs David Buffett (A & H) - candidate

Mr & Mrs Fred Smith (Historical Society)

Mr & Mrs Ian Kenny (Lions Club) - see above

Mr and Mrs Ray Jefferies - (Ladies Lions)

Mr and Mrs P Christian (Rugby Football League) - candidate

Mr W H Sanders (Leagues Club)

Miss Marie Bailey (National Park Advisory)

Mr & Mrs Don Reynolds (P & C)

Mr & Mrs G Woolley (Quota Club) - candidate

Mrs Brenda Reed (Red Cross) - official

Mr & Mrs Boyd Buffett (RSL Sub-Branch) - nominators

Mrs Margaret Evans (RSL Ladies Auxiliary) - nominators

Mr Ray Sills (Rotary Club)

Mr John Robinson (Pitcairn Society) - official

Mr and Mrs G R Quintal (St John Ambulance) - decorated

Mr & Mrs Ralph Weslake (Sunshine Club) - decorated

Mr & Mrs S Guymer (Flora & Fauna) - nominators

Mr & Mrs G Griffiths (Wives & Mothers Club)

Mr & Mrs John Deadman (Bowling Club)

Mr Ned Lenthall (Community Arts) - decorated

Mr & Mrs John Anderson (Conservation Society)

Mr & Mrs W Langman (Tourist Board) - nominator


Mr & Mrs Barry Hyatt (Commonwealth)

Mr & Mrs David Budd (Westpac)


Mrs Morgie Jowett

Miss Jenny Broad

Mr and Mrs Byron Burrell

Mrs Alic Douran

Mr & Mrs W Forsyth

Mrs Helen Payne

Mrs R F Olsen

Mr & Mrs G H Olsson

Mr and Mrs Keith Bishop

Mrs Beryl Chapman

Mr & Mrs Peter Christian

Mr & Mrs Gordon Duvall

Mr & Mrs Louis Evans

Ms Agnes Hain

Ms Gordie Hancherow

Ms Joyce Ionn

Ms Betty Laing

Ms Sam Browne

Mr & Mrs H Jack Quintal

Mr & Mrs Tom Sim

Mr & Mrs L Tavener

Mrs E E Buffett

Mr Michael Zane

Dr & Mrs John Duke

Mr & Mrs Vince Reeves

Mr & Mrs Ross Westwood

Dr Jenny Sexton

Mrs Dawn Nobbs

Mrs Nella Adams

Mr Joe Adams

Mr Cecil Barkman

Mr & Mrs Baker McCoy

Additional Senior Citizens

Mrs H (Puss) Quintal

Mrs Fleurette Nicolai

Mr & Mrs Bob Wotherspoon

Mr Ralph Holloway

Mr & Mrs Cecil Eastwood

Mr & Mrs Mirto Bergagnin

Mr & Mrs George (Hackett) Buffett

Mr & Mrs Leslie Buffett

Young Norfolk Islanders 17yrs upwards

Miss Maria Christian

Miss Teresa Christian

Mr Kahn Christian

Miss Toni McCoy

Mr Aaron Buffett

Mr & Mrs Kane Anderson

Mr & Mrs Matthew Bigg

Mr Raymond Grube & Ms Kim Partridge

Ms Cheryl LeCren


Mr & Mrs W Sanders - official

Mrs Patricia Magri

Mr & Mrs Allen Tavener - Administration

Mr & Mrs Albert Buffett - former MLA

Mr A V A Bataille - nominator

Friends of Successful Candidates

Mr Darren Bates

Mr David Bates

Mr Wayen Bates

Mrs Amy Bathie

Mrs Sylvia Nobbs

Mr Aaron Buffett

Mr Aaron Graham

Mr Les Brown

Miss Alice Buffett

Mrs Lorna Christian

Mr Brendan King

Mr and Mrs W Winner

Dr E Parsieglo

Mr John Cooper

Miss Alison Christian

Mr and Mrs Eric Adams

|\His Honour the Administrator and Mrs Kerr

|\Mr and Mrs Ralph Condon

|\Rev James Calvert

|\Mrs Robin Graham

|\Mrs Dorothy Kitching

|\Mr and Mrs David Buffett

|\Mr and Mrs M W King

|\Mr and Mrs Daniel Cuthbertson

|\Mr and Mrs G J Bennett

|\Mr and Mrs Ian Anderson

|\Mr Neville C Christian & Ms Marion Adams

|\Mr and Mrs B G Bates

|\Mr and Mrs Robert Adams

|\Mr and Mrs Hugh Sampson

|\Mr C N Ion-Robinson

|\Mr J T Brown

|\Mr L Semple

|\Mr E Christian

|\Mr W W Sanders

|\Mr John Adams

|\Mr Paul E F Christian

|\Mr John A McCoy

|\Mr Terence F Jope

|\Mr Andre Nobbs

|\Mr Geoff Gardner

|\Mr Graeme Woolley

|\Mr Kevin Pereira

|\Mr William Menzies

|\Mr Douglas Jackson

|\Mr Paul K Christian

|\Mr Lisle Snell

|\Mr Ernest Friend

|\Mr David W Evans

|\Mr and Mrs Roy Mitchell

|\Mr David Rodgers

|\Mr Don Morris

|\Mrs Mildred Bataille

|\Mrs Con Holloway

|\Mr and Mrs D C D Buffett

|\Mrs Brenda Reed

|\Mr W Blucher

|\Mr G H Aafjes

|\Mr B E Christian-Bailey

|\Mrs David R Evans

|\Mr T Lloyd AM

|\Mr Gary Robertson

|\Mrs Elva Yager

|\Mr Terry Foulds


The President of the Legislative Assembly
has pleasure in inviting


to be present at the formal Opening of the
Seventh Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly
by His Honour the Administrator
Mr Alan Kerr
in the Legislative Assembly Chamber
Old Military Barracks, Kingston
on Wednesday 4 May 1994 at 3.00 pm


Tel: 22003

(Parking will be provided on the football oval)

The President of the Legislative Assembly
has pleasure in inviting


to be present at afternoon tea
at the Old Military Barracks, Kingston
on Wednesday 4 May 1994 at 3.45 pm

on the occasion of the opening of
the Seventh Legislative Assembly

Tel: 22003

(Parking will be provided on the football oval)

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