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In addition to painting, Bibi also crafts jewelry

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Bibi Blonn loves to create and is an avid nature lover who has traveled extensively. She and her artist husband lived on a sailboat and toured the Caribbean, South and Central America for four years. They moved back to Texas and now reside in Montgomery.
After exploring many media, Bibi has developed a love for drawing and watercolor painting and has been creating beautiful, vibrant watercolors for the past 10 years. She is noted for capturing the essence of her subject with graceful lines and transparent application of watercolor. The love of plants and nature is reflected in her art, with subjects taken from her personal garden as well as her travels.
In addition to painting, Bibi also crafts jewelry.
She has studied art at the University of Houston, taken private art lessons, attended numerous workshops and has thousands of hours of research.
March 2015

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