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If you would like a copy of the Newsletter complete with all the photos, sent to your address four time during the season, please contact the Editor. See page 2 for details

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Hampshire Badminton Association Ltd

County Newsletter
September 2006

If you would like a copy of the Newsletter complete with all the photos,
sent to your address four time during the season,
please contact the Editor. See page 2 for details.

The Winchester Team that won the County Inter-District Knockout Cup:

Jo Wilson, Jon Hepworth, Hannah Littlecott, Rowan Taylor, Stephanie Langford and Chris Shepperd

See Page 3 for full Report


22nd October 2006
Editor’s email address:

The views expressed in this Newsletter are not necessarily those of the Hampshire Badminton Association Ltd

Once again I welcome all our readers to the new season. I hope you have all been able to take advantage of the lovely weather that we have experienced this summer and also hope that the excessive heat at times did not provide an excuse to stop you from keeping fit. For myself, I have been as lazy as ever.

This first edition of the 2006/07 newsletter mainly wraps up the latter stages of last season in the order they took place and then goes on to give you some information regarding the new season. Dates for matches, tournaments, courses etc. are as we know them at the time of going to print. We are always happy to print our various Districts’ events but for that to happen we need you to send in that information to us.
There have been several changes in the close season including Matt Shuker leaving Badminton England and moving to Slazenger, the appointment of a new Chief Executive, Adrian Christie, and of course the new Rally Point Scoring System coming in to play. The latter will, no doubt, be a source of discussion for some time to come. Will we, won’t we change to it? Well of course some decisions have already been made, ICC events, Tournaments etc. will be played to the new scoring system but some Districts may change, some may not, so I think there may be quite a bit of confusion this season if members play in more than one league or are county team or tournament players.
Sadly, we belatedly report the death of Ray Brothers, (page 20), a stalwart of Hampshire badminton for many years but also report on the wonderful achievements of Lucy Shuker, an ex-Hampshire player, who has now turned her attentions to the world of tennis. If anyone can help Lucy to achieve her dreams please contact her via the details given (page 6).
We would also like to welcome Park Row as a new sponsor for the 2nd & 3rd County teams.

We are always looking for articles for the newsletter from our members, so please feel free to send us Club news, tournaments results, etc. and photos. Just be aware of the deadline dates, which always appear on the front page.

Hampshire are always looking for volunteers, so if you feel you have time to spare, please contact Hazel Marks our County Secretary.


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Hampshire Badminton Association Ltd is happy to acknowledge the contribution made by Trevor Darlington of GraphicSolutions in the printing of this Newsletter.

Held at The Westgate Centre, Sunday 23rd April 2006
This year only four Districts chose to participate in this Competition run by Ruth Cairns, Chairman of the Basingstoke District Badminton League, those being Basingstoke, Southampton, Winchester and Portsmouth. However the competition was fierce with some really excellent play by all teams.
In the first round Basingstoke were drawn against Southampton, last year’s runners-up and Portsmouth against Winchester, last year’s winners. Despite several close sets in the 1st match, the Southampton team, and in particular the ladies, proved too strong for Basingstoke and ran out the winners by 185 points to 121. As Southampton fielded several county players this was rather inevitable. The match in the other half of the draw was highly contested with several county players in both teams. After the Mixed, Winchester led 61-55. The Portsmouth Ladies then took all three games whilst the Portsmouth Men took all theirs. With the Winchester Men putting up slightly more resistance their team took the match by 154 points to 138.
In the final, Winchester won 6 games to Southampton’s 3, with the game between Jo Wilson/Stephanie Langford (W) and Kim Marsh/Jacky Barron (S) being particularly close at 21/20. The final score was 163 -130. This meant that they retained the trophy won last season. See Front cover for the photo of the victorious Winchester team.
In the plate final, Portsmouth proved too strong for Basingstoke, winning 189-61.

The Portsmouth team that won the Plate event:

Kelly Holdway, Mark Mottershaw, Jamie Russell, Charmaine Webb, Martyn Arnold and Linda McCallan

Both trophies were presented to the respective winners at the County AGM in June.


Basingstoke: Tim Cooper, Richard Whatley, Peter Seward, Karen Bayman, Rachel Phillips, Amanda Marsden & Lesley


Southampton: Simon Gennery, Andy Penn, James Dick, Susannah Gennery, Kim Marsh & Jacky Barron.

Portsmouth: Jamie Russell, Martyn Arnold, Mark Mottershaw, Kelly Holdway, Charmaine Webb, Helen Saunders & Linda


Winchester: Rowan Taylor, Jon Hepworth, Chris Shepperd, Hannah Littlecott, Jo Wilson & Stephanie Langford.
This is a Competition which allows players more freedom to choose which District to play for. As long as you play for a Club team which participates in a particular District then you can play for that District. In reality, some Clubs play in more than one District League so the choice is yours. It does seem strange though to see players represent different Districts in subsequent seasons. Also, it was evident on the day that some players were concerned that more District were not represented and felt teams could have been raised if an approach had been made to a different official. I know Ruth is keen to pursue other avenues this coming season. EDITOR
Final Inter-County Premier A Weekend 2005/2006 at Milton Keynes 8/9 April 2006
This was a make or break weekend for the County 1st Team. We were bottom of the table on 18 points with Gloucester and Lancashire just above with 21 and 20 respectively. We had to play both this weekend, Gloucester were our first opponents on the Saturday morning, then Avon and finally Lancashire on the Sunday. The team was thankful for, if not frightened by the presence and support of our vociferous Chairman, her husband and Jill Robertson. The latter two quieter than the former.
For the second weekend of this season we were without Matthew Shuker who was on the injured list so Steve Smith was our No.1 singles player. He faced Ben Witham in the first match on court. Off to a good start, Steve won the first game 15/9, was unfortunate to lose the second 15/11 but rallied well to take the third 15/10 to give a 1/0 lead. Mark Ashton, our No 2, was back with us having missed the previous weekend. He played Chris Hotchen to win the first game 15/10 and then the second after quite a struggle 17/14. A good start. Jo Dix played the experienced Rebecca Pantaney losing 11/6,11/4 but Hannah Littlecott extended our lead with a fine 11/2,11/2 victory over Michelle Davis.
Having lost the first game 15/13 to Tom Stroud/Ben Witham Chris Evans and Trevor Darlington settled down to take the next two games rather easily 15/6,15/3 at 1st Men’s Doubles. Steve Smith and Andrew Penn lost a close three setter against Mike Haywood and Ivor Griffiths 17/14,14/17,15/12. This was the last win for the opposition in the match as both our Ladies and Mixed pairs won to complete an 8/2 scoreline. The two Sarahs, Burgess and Hardaker, had quite a struggle before overcoming Rebecca Pantaney/Jo Sullivan 9/15,15/12,17/14 while Caz Lee/Jenny Hawkyard easily beat Michelle Davis/Kerry Mullen 15/1,15/3.
Chris and Sarah Hardaker accounted for Tom Stroud/Jo Sullivan 15/5,15/7 and Trevor Darlington/Caz Lee beat Mike Haywood/Rebecca Pantaney 15/4,15/8 to finish the match.
We were now in 8th place in the table with 26 points while Lancashire having lost 8/2 to second placed Warwickshire were still languishing at the bottom with 22 and Gloucestershire had 23.
Our team for the second match was selected to get the best score possible from a strong Avon side, but our only winners were Andrew Penn at No.2 singles who beat Richard Williams 5/15,15/4,15/9 and Hannah who beat Phillippa Kirby 11/5,11/4. The two No.1’s Mark Ashton and Jo lost 15/6,15/2 and 11//2,11/4 to Carl Baxter and Julie Standley respectively. Chris and Andrew lost in three games 15/10,13/15,15/8 to Ashley Thilthorpe/Carl Baxter while Trevor and Steve went down 15/8,15/7 to Adam Smith/Matt Hanson. The first ladies Sarah and Sarah had a long three set match before losing 15/11,10/15,15/7 to Mariana Agathangelou/Heather Olver. Robyn Ashworth/Phillippa Kirby then beat Caz and Jenny 15/9,15/11.
The Mixed didn’t fare any better, Chris and Sarah Hardaker lost 15/11,15/3 to Matt Hanson/Heather Olver but it took three games before Adam Smith/Mariana Agathangelou overcame Steve and Sarah Burgess1/15,15/9,15/11.
This 8/2 defeat left us still 8th in the table on 28 points, four above Gloucestershire who had lost 9/1 to Warwickshire with Lancashire beaten 8/2 by Essex still bottom with 24 points.
All we required on the Sunday against Lancashire was at least 3 points and we would be safe as, if we were equal on points on countback, we had won more matches than they. The team had a late evening meal and retired to bed to be ready for the morning.
The team to play Lancashire was the same as that which faced Gloucestershire except that Jo Dix was not available and so Hannah was moved to the top Ladies singles spot with Jenny stepping in at No.2. We didn’t get off to a good start as both our men lost. Steve was beaten 15/6,15/4 by Colin Haughton and Mark, after a tight first game, lost 15/13,15/6 to Harry Wright. Hannah got us onto the score sheet with a fine 11/7,11/6 victory over Sam Alexander. This gave her a well-deserved 100% record for the weekend. Jenny had a first game to forget against Connie Leong, when nothing she did went her way, losing 11/0. She fought back bravely in the second before going down 13/11. Chris and Trevor got our second point with a relatively easy win over Colin Haughton/Alex Hird 15/4,15/11. Steve and Andrew found Harry Wright and Alan Clarkson too much for them losing 15/8,15/7. Our Ladies then made certain of our stay in Division A by taking both their doubles. The two Sarahs beat the two Carolines, Clucas and Walker 15/7 in the first game but had to struggle to take the second 17/14. Caz and Jenny made it four for us with another relatively easy win, 15/2,15/5 against Sam Alexander/Wendy Higgin. Chris and Sarah Hardaker lost 17/14,15/10 to the experienced Harry Wright/Caroline Clucas but Trevor and Caz made it a 5/5 draw when they beat Alex Hird/Sam Alexander 15/11,15/4.
A fine result which left Hampshire in eighth place with 33 points and both Lancashire (29) and Gloucestershire (26) to be relegated and replaced by Glasgow/North Strathclyde and Leicestershire.

The final league table for Premier A was as follows:

  1. Yorkshire 72 points

  2. Warwickshire 63 points

  3. Hertfordshire 59 points

  4. Essex 48 points

  5. Avon 48 points

  6. Surrey 37 points

  7. Worcestershire 35 points

  8. Hampshire 33 points

  9. Lancashire 29 points

  10. Gloucestershire 26 points

This has not been the best of seasons for the team due to injuries to personnel for some of the weekends but all the players are due credit for their performances during the competition and their attitude over the last weekend especially, which we knew was the crucial one, was wonderful. Thanks to all who played any part in the competition for us this season and our supporters. Here’s to the next one!

Trevor Shanks – Team Manager ********************
Winchester & District Badminton Association
Banerjee Memorial Cup Final.
This competition is open to all the clubs in the WDBA league and is played in knockout rounds throughout the season. Teams are handicapped according to their league standing and play each other either at home or away, according to the draw, on club night. Nineteen clubs entered the competition for 2005/2006, rather more than the previous years. Gwyn West, the tournament organiser, had to schedule an extra round to accommodate the extra entries, which put pressure on the clubs to fit the matches into their already busy schedule. The Final is traditionally staged at the Lido Sports Centre at the end of April. This year’s finalists were Notorious (-hand-6) and Caer Gwent 3 (+1). Despite the helpful handicap and a tremendous effort with some matches going to 3 sets, Caer Gwent 3 were no match for Notorious, who won 9-0.

The winning Notorious team on the right: Rikke Vernefelt, Charmaine Webb, Jo Wilson, Chris Evens, Rowan Taylor, and Martyn Arnold.
Centre, WDBA President and your Newsletter Editor Janet Palmer, who presented the Cup.
On the left the event runners-up from Caer Gwent: Helen Davies, Moya Abbott, Rob Souter, Mark Diffey and Steve Dyke. Jan McKendrick completed the team but is not in the photo.

Lucy Shuker – ex-Hampshire 1st team player
My name is Lucy Shuker; I am a 26 year old paraplegic who

some of you might remember as a junior & senior county

badminton player.
If you are wondering why I stopped playing then read on.

Unfortunately I had a very serious motorbike accident in 2001,

shortly after graduating from university, which left me completely

paralysed from the chest down. I was 21 at the time. After spending

a year in the Spinal Injury Unit in Salisbury, I was discharged

and decided to pick up the pieces of my shattered life by taking up

Wheelchair Tennis. In three years, and with a great deal of

determination, I have become the British No1 singles player and

am ranked No14 in the world for singles and No12 for doubles.

I have been competing in National and International Tournaments,

travelling all over the world and my hard work and dedication

have been rewarded by receiving some prestigious awards. Being

short-listed alongside other athletes such as Dame Tanni Grey

Thompson for the Individual Female Achievement Award and

actually winning it was fantastic. Winning the Singles and Doubles

titles at this year’s National Championships was also wonderful –

and my achievements were acknowledged by being awarded the

National Wheelchair Tennis Association Player of the Year and the

Dan Maskell Players’ Player of the Year. So 2006 has been a very successful year so far.

Lucy in action in her new sport

’m told that I never fulfilled my potential at badminton but I have learnt my lesson the hard way so I am not going to repeat this in tennis. It is my ambition to qualify for the Beijing Paralympics in 2008 and then on to London in 2012. It is going to be hard work & expensive since tennis is even more expensive for disabled players & subsisting on incapacity benefits does not help.

Hopefully some of you reading this will be

inspired to overcome your difficulties &

attain your full potential in whatever sport

you choose and some of you may feel inspired

to sponsor me for a tournament or two.

Lucy Shuker

1 Melchet Court

Lyndhurst Road



GU51 1EW


Held at Westgate Badminton Centre, Monday 20th March 2006
For the 4th consecutive year Radio Solent has joined forces with our Association to sponsor and help run a tournament for their listeners. This is a unique tournament in as much as it is the only one of its kind in the country. The advertising that our sport gains from this is immense as, not only does it get 6 weeks radio coverage leading up to the event, but also coverage on the day with live interviews on Radio Solent conducted with some of the players taking part and preceded by an early morning live interview with our Chairman, Diana Troke, from the studios of Radio Solent. (Quite a nerve racking experience in itself).
Eric Brown, the Acting Chief Executive of Badminton England, was invited to this unique tournament so that he could see first hand how the partnership worked and he himself was interviewed live on Radio Solent during the morning. We are hoping that more Counties will try to get their local radio stations similarly involved.
We were able to use the Westgate Centre during term time as this was a Baker day This shows how well the partnership between the Westgate School and the Association works with Peter Jenner, Westgate’s headmaster, and the Centre working on a reciprocal basis.
How to make the tournament a success is another matter. What format should we use when such a varied cross section of abilities were expected to enter? Should we go for our tried and tested format of previous years or change to something new? In the end it was decided to stay with the format of previous years working on the old saying of “if it’s not broken, don’t mend it”. Therefore we had three categories, Schools, Recreational and Intermediate players, with varying disciplines, with the various sections divided into pools with the winners of each going through to a knockout play-off. The schools were divided into Boys’ Doubles years 7-9, year 10+ and Girls’ Doubles, all playing the best of 3 sets to 15 points with setting for the best part. (Results below.)
Apart from a good format another important factor is ‘People’. They are so crucial to achieve success, i.e. sponsors, organisers & volunteers, schools, Centre personnel and of course the players themselves. They all need to ‘get on’. There is no room for prima donnas, co-operation being the key word. It is essential that whilst everybody does their own job, from arriving on time to clearing up at the end of the tournament, the ability to adapt at a moment’s notice is also paramount. We have a good, and experienced, tournament committee in Hampshire and this coupled with Radio Solent’s team of Kevin James & Wendy Collins (themselves becoming “experts” in tournament organisation) once again proved that a successful tournament could be achieved under somewhat different circumstances.
The Schools sections consist of pairs from various schools within the area and they of course want to do well as they represent their school. Normally they have to return to their education after they have finished playing so the Tournament usually commences with their Sections first to allow this. One of the schools participating had a small hic-cup when their mini bus failed to start but another vehicle was found and although late the players arrived keen to get started. This is where co-operation and adaptability play their part. The school were prompt in informing the organisers of their misfortune and kept them updated so the committee were able to adjust their order of play to accommodate them. No problem!
We have high hopes that this tournament will again take place this coming season and discussions are already in progress with representatives from Radio Solent.
Results: Boys’ Doubles Year 10+

Winners Group A: Adam Richenbach/James Taylor) Rickenbach/Taylor 15/6

Winners Group B: Andy Dent/Alex Huttunen )

Winners Group C: Liam Bowater/Michael Glock ) Kane/Smith (Priory) 15/9

Winners Group D: David Kane/Matt Smith )
Winners: Adam Richenbach & James Taylor (Thornden) 15/5 15/0
Boys’ Doubles Years 7-9

Winners Group A: Bye ) Paul Keating/Ed Cox

(Henry Beaufort)

Winners Group B: Richard Yates/Stephen Oldham ) Ward/Newbold 15/0

Winners Group C: Nick Ward/Sam Newbold )

Winners: Nick Ward/Sam Newbold (Thornden) 15/1 15/10

Girls’ Doubles:

Katie Walters/Lisa Turner (Courtmore) beat Emma Frost/Rachel Richards (Ringwood) 15/5 15/12

Sam & Nick – Boys Years 7-9

James & Adam – Boys Year 10+

with Eric Brown

Katie & Lisa - Girls' Doubles

with Eric

Recreational Men’s Doubles:

Winner Group A: Bye ) Marc Hurst/Neil Marsh

Winner Group B: Peter Taylor/Robert Taylor ) Chris Andrew/Kevin Lobley

Winner Group C: Chris Andrew/Kevin Lobley )

Winners: Chris Andrew/Kevin Lobley 15/1 15/3
Recreational Mixed Doubles:

Rudi Schweinler/Eve Panthaler beat Keith James/Susan Stanley 7/15 15/12 15/7

Intermediate Mixed:

Jason Edmeades/Emma Aldred beat Peter Arnold/Jo Francis 15/8 13/15 17/14

Eve & Rudi with Kevan

Kevan with Emma & Jason

Chris & Kevin with Kevan


Sunil Bali/Lucy Warhurst beat

Kevan James & Wendy Collins 15/11
Our picture shows the losing finalists

Kevan & Wendy, who were also the

driving force behind Radio Solent’s

presentation of the event.

This was the first time that I had been able to attend this Tournament so it was interesting for me to see how this was run. Lunch was provided and each Section was given a specific time to go. This worked well for all involved. The standard of play was obviously varied but all games were played in a competitive sporting manner and I think all had an enjoyable time.


For those of you who are not familiar with this tournament it is the final event in the U16/U17 season. It serves as a benchmark on how well the older players have developed before they join the adults in the Senior County. We all treat it as a very special event, which it most definitely is. There were 38 teams competing again this year from as far away as Ireland and Isle of Man.
The team spirit that is generated is strong matched by the noise of the supporters. It is definitely not the quiet traditional tournament we are accustomed to in English Badminton. Air horns, tubes full of pennies and any object that can make a noise are used along with some very loud shouting. Shirley and I took a team consisting of Alyssia Broomfield, Sarah Cappleman, Panuga Riou, Lisa Turner, Katie Walters, Mark Cappleman, Callum Lawson, Mark Newbery, Adam Rickenbach, and Matthew Showan. We were fortunate that 6 of our players will be able to play next year.
We travelled the evening before to Nottingham University Campus to allow the players as much rest as possible. Our first opponents were Middlesex and we got off to a good start with a 10-0 win. The next match was against Durham played in a brand new sports hall and we had another comfortable win of 9-1 before turning around and playing another match against Warwickshire when we put in another good performance to win 9-1.
The tournament is split into 9 groups with the top two teams from each group progressing forward to play for the top 1-16 places. We had ended our first day successfully.
The next day was to be difficult with us scheduled to play 4 matches and we started the day with two good wins over Avon 9-1 and Lincolnshire 9-1. We had a long wait until after dinner when we had to play two matches one after the other. The first was against Cheshire which we won 10-0 and the second against Nottinghamshire the home side who always manage to bring plenty of support. Notts had very strong girls and we started the mixed in fine form but the experience of the Notts pair told against Callum and Sarah and we lost 21-9. Adam and Katie were not giving up with out fight and turned round at 11- 9 but again the older pair proved tough opponents and we just lost 21-16. Mark Newbery went on to play a strong game and win 21-17 and not to be out played Mark Cappleman proved he could win too by coming in at 21-14. Panuga put in a positive game at 1st girls singles to win 21-10 so giving us the 3-2 lead.
Alyssia gave us the game of the match with the score ebbing and flowing right up to the end when all that is good about ICT and all that is bad happened. With the score at 20-20 and we had been trying to ensure the noise we made matched Nottingham’s home supporters, Alyssia had put up a brilliant display of fighting for every point and had earned the serve for the match. She had decided to put her serve very high up into rafters and unfortunately it hit a beam which was a fault. The whole of the Nottingham support cheered which was less than sporting. The Nottingham player then served to win the game 21-20. This evened the score at 3 –3. Callum and Adam lost 21-4 but Mark and Mark won 21-18
Sarah and Panuga could not hold the 1st pair and lost 21-6 and Katie and Lisa also lost 21-4. So we had lost our first match 6-4 which meant we were now playing for 5 to 8 places. We left the sports hall late that night very tired and disappointed.
We started the next day against an Ulster side which consisted of many of the Irish National squad. Callum and Sarah lost to a strong 1st mixed pair 21-8 and Adam and Katie just lost 21 –16 which put us on the back foot a little. Panuga went out and produced a graceful performance that had the opposition asking how old she was and when told only 14 they were silent and just watched some more until Panuga finished 21-3 a near faultless game. Alyssia keen to reverse the last game took us all to the edges of our seats again but this time turned the result in her favour at 21- 20. Mark Newbery put in a strong performance but came out just losing 21-19. Mark Cappleman met a strong older boy and lost 21-14.
Sarah and Alyssia lost 21-7 but Katie and Lisa produced a convincing performance to win 21-12. Callum and Matthew had a hard battle but just lost 21-16 and both the Marks had a similar result just losing 21-16. We had played and fought hard but we lost the match 7-3.

We had to play Leinster next and we got back to winning ways and with Callum and Sarah winning 21-14 and Adam and Katie 21-19. Matthew had a battle but just lost to a strong boy 21-16 but Mark Newbery produced a good win 21-16. Panuga won convincingly 21-11 with Sarah meeting a strong opponent and lost 21-4. The boys put on very strong performances with Callum and Adam winning 21-11 and Mark and Mark winning comfortably 21-3. Our girls were not to be out done by the boys and completed a double with Panuga and Alyssia wining 21-9 and Katie and Lisa 21-4. So we ended up with a creditable 8-2 win.

Everybody rushed back to get ready for the disco which in the past has not enthralled all the players. This time it was different. Callum lead the way with sartorial elegance with his dress and our girls may not have been in the final but they had a good time on the dance floor.
The final day had us playing one game where we faced our Shires League opponents Kent. Mark Cappleman had a good game and won 21-10 but Matthew produced a game of the tournament for the boys by winning an epic battle that went to the wire with Matthew holding his own to win 21-20. Callum and Sarah lost 21-14; Adam and Katie produced a good win of 21-12. Panuga again produced her consistent 21-5 win and Alyssia again proved she was over the Nottingham game to win 21-19. Callum and Adam had a strong pair of boys and lost 21-7. But the Marks showed their class to win 21-2. Panuga and Alyssia were not to be out done and won 21-6 with Katie and Lisa just missing out 21-15. We ended up with a 7-3 win.
Our tournament was over we had produced a good performance and finished 6th.

The final was won by Yorkshire then Hertfordshire with Notts and Buckinghamshire following. Six of the team have been enthused to do better next year when we return with a strong side and a good chance of getting a higher position.

It was a good trip both on and off the court with a strong team spirit and we are sure everyone enjoyed the experience. We look forward to building another team next season.
Very best wishes to those of you who move on to the Senior County next season we will be watching your progress with interest. Thank you for your commitment to the Junior County and we hope you take fond memories with you.

Alan & Shirley Baker - Team Managers

Under 15 Nationals Badminton Championships
Hampshire really excelled at the Under 15 Nationals Badminton Championships this year. Between them Mark Cappleman, aged 14 and Panuga Riou, who is only just 14 swooped the Boys Singles, Boys Doubles, Girls Singles and Girls Doubles titles. This is a fantastic achievement for Hampshire winning both the girls' and the boys' titles.
The Under 15 Nationals were held at a big sports centre in Norwich boasting 12 badminton courts. The tournament was a two-day event and the top 48 boys and top 32 girls in England were accepted into the singles, which started on the Saturday. Mark and Panuga were both seeded number one in their respective events. They both played 4 matches on the Saturday to reach the quarter-finals. Mark played Doubles with his regular partner Mark Middleton from Yorkshire. Panuga teamed up with fellow England player Emma Woolley from Staffordshire for this tournament.
On the Sunday the semi-finals and finals took place as well as the “Standard Challenge” event for Grade 3 and 4 players, so there was a large crowd. Mark won the singles final against Nayan Patel from Leicestershire 15-9,15-3 and the doubles final with Mark Middleton 15-13, 15-4 against Nayan Patel and James Lauder from Shropshire. Panuga won her singles in the final 11-0, 11-0 (what an amazing result!) against Sarah Milne from Yorkshire. Sarah had unexpectedly knocked out the number two seed in the semi-final. Panuga and Emma beat Hayley Rodgers (Cheshire) and Lauren Smith (Cumbria) 15-6, 15-8 in the final. It was an amazing day for Hampshire junior badminton.
Both players work very hard, training as part of the England World Class Start set up at the Westgate Badminton Centre in Winchester. Mark lives in Fleet and Panuga lives in Emsworth and boards at Westgate during the week. Both train with the Hampshire Junior squads and play regularly for Hampshire in the Under 15 matches and at the Under 17 age level too. Recently they were part of the 8 strong Under 15 team that represented Hampshire against the other top counties in England and lost only in the final to rivals Yorkshire, who have dominated junior county badminton for some years.
They both represent England regularly – since last September they have played for England in the Danish Cup (in Denmark), at Langenfeld (in Germany) and in the prestigious 8 Nations (again held in Denmark) where the team got third position and returned with bronze medals.
Played at The Westgate Centre, 29th/30th April 2006 – Report by Julie Newbold
This tournament was once again well supported by 36 boys from a wide variety of counties; however, there was a significantly low entry of girls which was further depleted by withdrawals due to injury or sickness which resulted in 12 girls playing over the weekend. Notable by their absence were our two Hampshire seeds Anna Showan and Laura Baker (no doubt well recovered by now).

For the first time in recent years the tournament ran to schedule, if not slightly ahead of schedule on the Saturday morning due to some very convincing wins in the first round which had only one three setter in the whole round. This enabled the Girls’ Doubles to be played to completion on the Saturday with all other events played through to the semi-final stage. As usual, the early rounds were played in boxes with the winners going through to the knock-out stages.

The Boys’ Singles final was contested by Jake Wyatt (Gl) and Tom Stanford (Bu). Tom was very happy to have reached the final as he was a reserve entry following a late withdrawal but Jake was the stronger player and took the title 15/8 15/9.
The Girls’ Singles final was contested by Vikki Primmer (Bk) and Josie Latimer (Ha). Josie bravely fought against a stronger and more experience player and lost to a worthy winner. Don’t worry Josie, you will have another chance next year!
The Boys’ Doubles title was won by Tim Stranks/Jake Wyatt (Gl) and the Mixed by Jake playing with Harri Mortimer (Av), completing Jake’s well deserved hat trick.
Another successful tournament despite no Hampshire winners. It is always a pleasure to watch such talented and committed young players competing. Well done to you all. Thanks as always to the organising committee.
Another talented bunch of young players. Lets hope that they continue to enjoy their badminton and remain in the game.

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