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I wish you were here

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“I wish you were here”

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Mars mission plan launched by US millionaire

A US millionaire who became the first private space tourist has unveiled ambitious plans to send a man and woman -- probably a married couple -- on a round trip to Mars in 2018.

Dennis Tito, 72, a former rocket scientist who made his fortune through investments, said his Mission For America aims to encourage a new era of space exploration.
Tito, who became the first private space tourist when he paid the Russians $20m for a ticket to the lntemational Space Station in 2001, announced his plans in DC. He is not intending to fly himself.
The trip will take advantage ofthe alignment of the planets in January 2018 to fly around Mars and return to Earth in the relatively short time of 501 days. The same opportunity will not arise again until 2031.
Tito says he plans to fund the mission until the end of 2014 and hopes to raise the rest of the money through donations from private investors and foundations. "There is no time to lose," he said."Now is the time."
The mission, likely to launch on 5 January 2018, aims to take a man and woman from the US on a flyby to within 100 miles of the Martian surface, and return them safely to Earth. The actual capsule the pair will travel in, is likely to be "the size of a toilet".
The mission faces substantial hurdles. The human body adapts to space by losing muscle, and astronauts need daily exercise on resistance machines to slow down the wasting. Finding room for those machines is crucial.
Experts say the mission will depend on Tito's ability to raise funds. Tito said the cost would be similar to that of a mission to low Earth orbit. But it is almost certain that he will not get rich from the mission.
He said: "Let me be clear, I will come out a lot poorer as a result of this mission but my grandchildren will come out a lot richer for the inspiration it will give them."
Original article by Ian Sample, rewritten by Janet Hardy-Gould. The Guardian.

1 Match these phrases with their definitions.
A ___ to unveil a plan.

B ___ to make a fortune

c ___ to raise money

d ___ to fund a mission

e ___ to face hurdles

f ___ to find room

1 ___ to provide the money for a project

2 ___ to persuade other people to give money towards something

3 ___ to tell people about a new project.

4 ___ to make a lot of money through business

5 ___ to make enough space for something

6 ___ to meet difficulties

2 Read the article and choose the correct words.
1 Dennis Tito is planning to send a pair/group of astronauts into space.

2 Tito has become a millionaire from space exploration/investing money.

3 Tito is/isn't planning to go on the mission himself.

4 The mission needs/doesn't need to go at a specific time.

5 Tito pans to provide all/some of the funds himself.

6 The mission will fly past/land on the surface of Mars.

7 The space capsule for the astronauts will be quite large/small.

8 Tito will/won't make money from the space ship.

3 Find 4 verbs which express plans for the future.

1 (paragraph 2/6) ............................................

2 (par. 3) ............................................

3 (par. 5) ............................................

4 (par. 5) ............................................

4 Let's work with future tenses. Choose the most suitable verb form in each sentence.

      1. If you arrive late to dinner, the best food …

a) is going to go b) will have gone c) will go

      1. Don't come to my home at tea time. … to my favourite radio programme then,

a) I'll be listening b) I'll listen c) I'll have listened

      1. Can I change my appointment for this afternoon please, because … tomorrow.

a) I'll leave b) I'm leaving

      1. Where … your new TV? You should try the shop opposite the Town Hall

a) will you buy b) are you goiing to buy c) will have bought

      1. Hurry up! The bus … leave.

a) will b) is going to
5 Put in the correct phrases and form conditional sentence (type I, II, III)

      1. If we start at 10:00, we … (to have) plenty of time.

      2. If Aloysius … (to ask) his teacher, she'd have answered his questions.

      3. Dom … (to arrive) safe if he drove slowly

      4. If you … (to swim) in this river, you'll shiver from cold.

      5. You … (to have) no trouble at school if you had done your homework.

6 Wish clauses. Write a suitable reply for these situations.

      1. A friend wants you to drive her to the airport. You don't have a car.

If only …

      1. It's raining. You don't like rain.

I wish it …

      1. It's raining. Your friend is leaving without his coat.

I wish you … your coat.

      1. It was raining. Your friend caught a cold because he didn't wear his coat. Remind him about the advice you gave.

I wish you … your coat, but you wouldn't listen.

      1. It's your best friend birthday, but you don't have any money to buy him a present.

If only …
7 In session 1 you were asked to write in the forum about “How do you imagine the office of the future? Do you think it will be much different from the ones we have nowadays?”. Write a short oppinion essay (100-120 words) about this topic from the ecologycal point of view taking into account the vocabulary of session 2 'How to go Green at the office'.

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