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І. М. Theory and Practice of Written English: Punctuation / Навчально-методичний посібник

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Learn the material of the lectures presented in the coursebook

Романишин І.М. Theory and Practice of Written English: Punctuation / Навчально-методичний посібник з практики писемного англійського мовлення. Вид. 2 випр. і доп. – Івано-Франківськ: Видавець Кушнір Г.М., 2009. – 100 с. and do the tasks below.

(The book is available in the University library)
Task 1. Supply capital letters wherever they are required

1. the Indians of north america probably worshipped the great spirit ages before the europeans came.

2. henry wadsworth longfellow wrote this: "there is a reaper whose name is death."

3. of the four seasons—spring, summer, autumn, and winter— i like spring the best

4. Miss west, a vassar alumna, received her m.a. and her ph.d from Columbia university.

5. on our trip through the west we visited death valley, the grand canyon, and the hoover dam.

6. in the spring a convention of teachers will be held at our high school.

7. the minister read from the book of st. luke in the new testament last Sunday.

8. there are many freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors in oakdale high school.

9. as we drove north on cherry street we saw the girls walking south on pine avenue.

10. carl green, president of the first national bank, is in europe this summer.

11. i like to visit uncle torn, aunt clara, and cousin thelma, who live in the rocky mountains.

12. french, algebra, history, english, and science are my favorite studies in college.

13. gettysburg, vicksburg, and cold harbor were important battles of the civil war.

14. on thursday professor smith will tell us about his travels through France and italy.

15. in our town are methodist, baptist, Christian, presbyterian, and roman catholic churches.

16. when will your pamphlet, "how to raise better tomatoes," be published, mr. hall?

17. lucy is studying latin, chemistry, usa history, english, and science this winter.

18. these books, bulletins, and papers are the property of the h. w. wilson co.

19. the mason and dixon's line divided the northern states from those of the south.

20. the children shouted, "good morning, professor!" as dr. sutton rode by.

21. we are studying the minor prophets of the old testament in Sunday school.

22. whereas, it has been found ...; therefore, be it resolved that . . . etc.

23. "give me liberty or give me death!" said patrick henry, the american orator.

24. george Washington, the father of our country, won the battle of trenton on a christmas night.

25. at the south high school last spring i studied Spanish, physics, english and latin.

26. when henry and i go on our trip through the west, we shall fish in the Colorado river.

27. "sir walter scott, a famous english author, wrote "ivanhoe," said prof. smith.

28. yes, uncle george and aunt mary are in the south; they will return next monday.

29. my twin brothers, Ed and Fred, are sophomores at harvard university.

30. last summer we visited dr. brown, the minister of the first baptist church.

31. "the wind is from the south today; perhaps we shall have warmer weather," said sue.

32. the declaration of independence was written by thomas Jefferson, of Virginia.

33. although henry lives in the south, he belongs to the republican party.

34. after an april shower mother earth looked fresh, clean, green, and beautiful.

35. several students at west high school joined the book-of-the-month club.

36. John smith, jr., who is the son of John smith, sr., is in glacier national park.

37. I am sure, mother, that I saw father with uncle Joe, aunt edna, and cousin Ben.

38. holy rosary academy is a famous mission school for children of the sioux Indians.

39. the bible tells us that the father sent the son to save the people from their sins.

40. people come to america from all countries, especially from england, Ireland, and italy.

41. the mississippi river is often called the 'father of waters,' " said frank.

42. dr. smith told us that we should study the books of matthew, mark, luke, and John.

Task 2. Supply capital letters and quotation marks wherever they are required

1. Hand me the bible, said uncle Frank; I wish to read the sermon on the mount.

2. Honesty is the best policy is a true saying, replied mother to my question.

3. I am sure, said Joe, that she is a member of the daughters of the american revolution.

4. David arose and said, The question for discussion is does college pay?

5. I expect to spend the summer in the blue ridge mountains, Fred wrote in his letter.

6. Would you like to solicit subscriptions to the american magazine? elizabeth asked.

7. In mythology, said miss king, Jupiter is the king of all the gods.

8. I believe in the old proverb a penny saved is a penny gained, father replied.

9. Are you a student of the central high school? the stranger asked torn.

10. Yes, winter has ice in her breath this morning, commented professor smith.

11. Where did you get these pictures of chattanooga and lookout mountain? helen asked.

12. Long island is a long island near new york city, cousin ben answered quickly.

13. He read from the telegram as follows: we shall return north next monday.

14. can you tell me, joe, who said this: a stitch in time saves nine? asked clara.

15. Poe, who was a great poet, wrote the raven, replied my cousin donald.

16. My name is white, the man answered; I am going to my home in cobb county.

17. Mr. smith asked, have you read longfellow's courtship of miles standish?

18. I rarely read any newspaper except the new york times, doctor jones told us.

19. We spent the night in the riverside hotel near the mississippi river, wrote Betty.

20. The words principal and principle are often confused, explained prof. smith, our teacher.

21. The little girl said: play with me, mother; father and uncle harry are tired.

22. Jerusalem, said dr. brown, is a sacred city to hebrews, Christians, and mohammedans.

23. Longfellow, the american poet, wrote this: there is a reaper whose name is death.

24. He studies history, latin, science, and english at east high school, answered betty.

25. Mr. Hunter, who is my algebra teacher, told me that I should study two hours at night.

26. Several races—Indians, Chinese, negroes, and white men—sent delegates, said torn.

27. Jack said that he visited hyde park, the home of franklin d. roosevelt, the american.

28. The wind from the south brought warmer weather to the north, wrote aunt jane.

29. Miss Bray told us that the girl scouts of america is a great organization for girls.

30. He read from the letter as follows: we shall move to the south next winter.

31. In the great smoky mountains live many cherokee Indians, said cousin james.

32. Our teacher told us that new york is called the empire state of the north.

33. The lord's prayer begins thus: our father who art in heaven, said dr. sams, the minister.

34. Miss Smith said that she will attend the conference at the biltmore hotel on tuesday.

35. The subject of mr. brown's talk was a trip across the Canadian rookies, said ruth.

36. We enjoyed colonel White's address to the graduation class of Piedmont college.

37. Last summer I met students from england, Spain, china, and india, replied elizabeth.

38. I studied latin, mathematics, science, and french at warren harding high school.

39. My brother and sister will visit cousin jane, aunt bertha, and uncle torn next Sunday.

40. He turned and said to me: can you tell me how to get to the high school on oak street?

41. If you really said, Get out of here, you made a big mistake, remarked Thomas.

42. Nothing matters now, said the old man; no one cares whether I live or die.

Task 3. Supply capital letters, quotation marks, and commas wherever required

  1. Study these sentences punctuate them and hand them to professor Jones your teacher.

  2. The students whose names I shall read will be exempt from final examinations.

3. That was as I have explained before the reason I went to Macon Georgia last spring.

4. Mathematics latin science and history are taught in south high school said Tom.

5. I hope that you will be healthy that you will be wealthy and that you will be wise.

6. I am sure replied Mary that I saw Roy Frank Bill Tom Ben Jack and John going to school.

7. Yes Mr. Brown Charles your son is with Ed Ted Joe and Sam replied Ruth my sister.

8. If Clara Helen and Jane wish to see James Roy Ted and Ivan will sit down.

9. Mary standing on the platform could see Henry Arthur Frank and Lawrence.

10. I swept the floor; and Edina Frances and Ruth my three sisters washed the dishes.

11. Dan Ray and Steve were lazy as Miss Smith one of their teachers often told them.

12. When Mr. Brown the candidate had spoken Roy Bob Charles and I shook hands with him.

13. Wiley Mike and Ernest have gone to see Harry Joe and Ed in Mobile Alabama.

14. No Mrs. Hale Helen your daughter was not with Jean Dorothy and me.

15. American English and Canadian soldiers fought together in France Italy and Germany.

16. You were telling me Edith how you learned to swim play tennis dance and skate.

17. John have you heard from aunt Ethel uncle Tom and cousin Sue mother asked me today.

18. Harry ran as fast as his legs would carry him for he was determined to win the race.

19. Mark Anthony the roman orator said this: friends roman countrymen lend me your ears.

20. Yes Howard it is you not he who deserve the honor replied Miss Brown my teacher.

21. When we came into the room Lucy Dorothy Frank and James greeted us cordially.

22. Why David said Miss Black the english teacher have you really prepared your lesson?

23. No one not even Sam the chauffeur expected us to go to Akron Ohio yesterday.

24. Yes judge Moore you will I am sure find Dr. Brown the minister in his study.

25. Students who never make mistakes find it easy to punctuate these sentences.

26. Texas the lone star state is the largest state in the nation said Ben my brother.

27. After we had eaten the girls washed the dishes pots and pans Howard remarked.

28. It appears therefore that he was born in Omaha Nebraska on September 11900.

29 Listen Elizabeth replied Barbara; you must not ignore Bertha Edna and Ruth forever.

30. You may order the book from Miller's Book Store 64 Broad street N.W. Atlanta, Ga.

31. He did not take a vacation this summer for he decided that he had rather work.

32. Rip Van Winkle who slept twenty years did finally awake laughed Mary my friend.

33. Yes Mrs. Smith Charles your son is I am sure with Ray John Bob Sam and Bill.

34. The weather becoming more favorable during the night we decided to go on to town.

35. You understand however that Mr. Jones our neighbor may move to Burlington Vermont.

36. Sarah remembering that it was her mother's birthday bought her a new hat coat and dress.

37. Yes I will agree to that my friend if you are right answered Lee my roommate.

38. He spoke of the Greeks and the Romans of the French and the Germans and of the Chinese.

39. Come here he said; you are I believe one of the boys I met in Princeton New Jersey.

40. He took the pear peeled it cut it into small slices and ate it with pleasure.

Task 4. Punctuate the sentences. Correct any errors that you find

  1. Harriet Edna Mary and Martha are present, Jean Sally Betty and Edith are absent.

  2. Henry brought a ball a bat and a mask, John brought horse shoes skates and tennis racquets.

  3. He came I understand this morning however he left early this afternoon.

4. I wrote to him several weeks ago said Mildred he has not however answered my letter.

5. Mary is in Everett Washington this summer Marui is in Wilma North Carolina.

6. The children cheered the teachers smiled the principal frowned and the speaker sat down.

7. Homer who is my cousin plays baseball he likes all kinds of sports said Jane.

8. I studied every minute I had before the tart but I failed to make a passing grade.

9. I hope to go to the mountains next summer however I may have to stay at home and work.

10. Our high school is a very large one we have more than two thousand boys and girls.

11. Here come Mary Martha Dorothy Betty and Jean they will expect me to go walking with them.

12. Do not tease the little children too much Hubert you were young once yourself.

13. We waited we called and we watched but they did not come said Joe my brother.

14. John is rather slow otherwise you will find him to be an unusually good student.

15. There is no use of your begging me Frank I cannot go to town with you today.

16. Yes Mr. Smith John your son is I am sure in school I saw him there this morning.

17. Sarah came by the house this morning she did not however have time to pay us a visit.

18. There are nothing to fear said mother the storm is almost over already.

19. I had intended to go to the theatre tonight but I must study for a test instead.

20. He danced he sang he played he laughed he was really the life of the party last night.

21. She missed a week from school because of illness nevertheless she passed her tests.

22. Charles arrived at 10 45 this morning Frank expects to be here by 1 15 this afternoon.

23. We saw Jean Dorothy and Jessie today tomorrow we shall visit Mary Martha and Betty.

24. Howard lives in Cleveland Ohio Lee Dan and Bill live in New Brunswick New Jersey.

25. Judge Jones spoke to the students in chapel today he is a very interesting speaker.

26. The tardy bell rang before I reached school today however I did not have to stay in.

27. Let us know whether or not you can go so that we can make our plans now.

28. Julius Caesar a roman general statesman and historian said this I came I saw I conquered.

29. Cain was the first son of Adam and Eve Cain killed his brother Abel

30. General Robert E. Lee commanded the confederate soldiers. General U. S. Grant the union soldiers.

31. Hate brought apples pears and plums Grace brought peaches oranges and grapes.

32. Jefferson wrote the declaration of American independence he later became president.

33. Yes Jane Beth Anne and Ruth are late however I am sure they will be here soon.

34. No I did not go to Washington D. C. last spring I went to Chattanooga Tennessee.

35. Yellowstone national park has many hot springs and geysers thousands go there every year.

36. He asked us if we were ready to go then he started the motor said Joan my cousin.

37. We toured England Scotland and Wales this year next year we will tour France Italy and Spain.

38. I do not believe however that he is there I may of course be mistaken.

39. Well to make a long story short I went there was nothing else that I could do.

40. Lend me a dime until tomorrow Davis I left my pocketbook at home this morning.

41. Charlie is not at school today in fact he has been absent for the last three days.

42.1 like all the holidays said Elizabeth however I like Christmas best of all

43. The wind howled the lightning flashed the thunder roared and the rain fell in torrents.

44. Don't worry about that said Tom I am sure that you did not mean to irritate me.

Task 5. Supply the necessary punctuation

1. John ordered the following articles a box of crackers two bottles of milk and a dozen pears.

2. I must go to church this morning I promised mother I would go Ethel replied.

3. The telegram read as follows the boys arrived safely they will return next week.

4. James Fred Joe and Tom came today Bill Bob Ed and Ben will come tomorrow.

5. The exact quotation is as follows knowledge is power yet many people do not seek it.

6. You must remember however that he is young you must not expect too much of him.

7. There is nothing to fear now said our guide we have passed all points of danger.

8. Henry reached town at 9 15 A.M. today he will return at 3 30 P.M. next Monday.

9. Jack Bob Ed Lee and Bill are already here but the girls have not arrived.

10. Arthur has gone to the ring Helen to the theater and Mike to the circus.

11. John's message was as follows my baggage was sent today I will leave tomorrow.

12. Yes Mr. Brown Sam your son is I believe in town however I may be mistaken.

13. Mr. Hall who is our teacher said this Richmond had fallen hence confusion reigned.

14. Mr. Hill is a lawyer Mr. Lee a banker Mr. Sims a merchant and Mr. Day a farmer.

15. Martha my sister went to college but Mildred my cousin secured an office position.

16. This Mary is I believe the truth however the story is I admit not convincing.

17. Well I am not sure of the result in fact I am worried admitted Sue my cousin.

18. Mr. Dickson sells groceries Mr. Walker men's clothing and Dr. Hodges drugs.

19. No Lee Era your cousin was not there I knocked at the door five times said Bill.

20. I like Mr. Jones the merchant he is kind to George Frank Harry Bob Jim and me.

21. No Frances I cannot go with you to Dallas Texas for I cannot leave my work.

22. Caesar the roman general said I came I saw I conquered.

23. Jane Betty Mary and Ruth came today Helen Clara Sue and Florence will come tomorrow.

24. Hurry Mildred called Sarah Bill George Bob Ray Lawrence and Ed are waiting for us.

25. I believe of course that I am right said John however I could be mistaken.

26. Lucy studies history latin and science Frank algebra french civics and music.

27. Mary Martha Ruby aad Jean are here Jessie Dorothy Anne and Betty are coming.

28. Yes Dan we of course believe you however your story is we admit rather strange.

29. There are five boys whom I wish to see namely Sam Joe Tom Fred and Donald.

30. Harry Fred Robert James and I saw no need of running hence we walked.

31. Barbara wishes to buy the following a pair of shoes a pair of gloves and a hat.

32. I believe however he will go he likes to hunt fish and hike said Ben my cousin.

33. I cannot I am sure attract his attention but Iwill write him a short note.

34. Those placed in nomination were the following Brown Smith Jones and White.

35. It is however entirely too late to change our decision we must keep our promise.

36. I did not find him at school consequently I assumed that he was at home.

37. He is a slow writer but his penmanship is beautiful said Miss Hill our teacher.

38. I hope to go to the coast next summer however I may go to the mountains instead.

39. John Bob Ted and I visited the following states Texas New Mexico Utah and Nevada.

40. I talked with Ruth Harriet and Joan then I greeted Miss Jones a former teacher.

41. William Cullen Bryant wrote this truth crushed to earth will rise again.

42. I believe Mr. Smith that I am right however I cannot say that I know I am right.

43. Henry arrived at 6 30 this morning Jack Tomand Bill didn't come until 9 30.

44. There is not I am told a house on the farm therefore we will camp in the woods.

45. Sarah asked me to bring the following a loaf of bread four lemons and a pint of milk.

46. Mary Martha Jessie and Sue live in Bangor Maine Dan Joe and Tom in Ogden Utah.

47. The wording of the telegram was as follows the girls won three games the boys two.

48. There is not I have been told a skating rink in town however there is a good theater.

Task 6. Punctuate the following sentences:

  1. Helen belongs to the paragon girls club Dan to the high hat boys club.

  2. Yes Mrs. Smith I saw Charles at Long and Shorts barber shop replied David.

  3. Hicks and Jones store sells mens womens girls and boys clothing said Ted my brother.

  4. We cant go with you today Alice we dont have time to get ready before the bus leaves.

  5. Henry you must dot your i s and cross your t s warned Miss Black our teacher.

  6. I shipped Franks trunk by Hoods transportation company early yesterday morning.

  7. Tom Joe Ben and Ed are students of Culver military academy a famous boys school.

  8. I have read several of Dickens novels I found them to be exceedingly interesting.

  9. Harry you may get the following from Smith and Brown store a loaf of bread a dozen eggs a pound of sausage and a box of prunes said mother.

10. The people of America England and France eagerly awaited Roosevelts message.

11. Lets see if we cant avoid using so many ands buts and therefores in our themes.

12. I wont accept either ones apology said Ruth I dont appreciate such remarks.

13. Cant you meet me in front of Smith and Jones store at ten oclock? asked Betty.

14. I dont think this is his brother-in-laws house however we will ring the door bell.

15. Mildred Mary Martha and I enjoy reading Longfellow Poe and Emerson poems.

16. Lets sit down and watch somebody elses solution to these awful problems.

17. A few hours rest will work wonders a persons body cant endure too much abuse.

18. Your ps and gs look alike Tom dont forget that your writing is important.

19. When I went to the principals office he told me I had too many ands in my theme.

20. It is an hours walk to his brother-in-laws house near Tanners mill by the river.

21. For goodness sake girls dont make so much noise I cant study my lessons said Ben.

22. They didnt have any ladies girls or children hats at Jones and Browns store.

23. The sun gives its light to all said Mary we should appreciate our blessings.

24. If you think its best to go now John we wont question your judgment said Bob.

25. The little boys mother said that he had trouble with his xs rs 2s and 7s.

26. since I couldnt go to the picnic I dont want any company said Ruth my cousin.

27. I didnt see the following boys and girls there David Sarah Joe Ruth and Tom.

28. The horses bridle is at the stable you may go riding if you wish Lawrence.

29. She didnt see me or else she pretended that she didnt said Ted my brother.

30. I cant find my hat said Joe the one on the table is somebody elses hat.

31. Longfellows Laniers and Whittiers poems are beautiful we studied them last week.

32. Its a long way to Freds house I wont be able to get there before tomorrow.

33. Ted Joe Ben and Bob came at 10 30 oclock the others wont arrive until 1115.

34. I never saw so many ifs ands and buts in a theme remarked Miss Smith our teacher.

35. Henry is a senior at boys high school Mary is a junior at girls high school.

36. I dont like to use someone elses books said James but I cant find mine.

37. My brother-in-laws home is in the country however he isnt at home today.

38. Dan is at Jones and Smiths barber shop Jean is at Rose and Greens beauty parlor.

39. Captain Lawrences dying words were these dont give up the ship Harry replied.

40. If you cant do the work right dont pretend that you know how to do it.

41. Hicks and williams store sells mens boys womens and girls shoes hats and gloves.

42. Unless you cant leave the house by 10 20 oclock Bill I cant go with you said Jean.

43. Jacks car is a Chevrolet Henrys car is a ford and Dans car is an oldsmobile.

Task 7. Punctuate the following sentences:

1. I asked my brother whether he knew his history algebra and science or not.

2. Are you ready Jean said her impatient husband or shall I read a book or two while I wait.

3. What here in my own home under my own eyes some thief has taken all my money.

4. Can these men women and children be depended upon to do this work well.

5. I wonder whether or not these men women and children can do this work well.

6. Mr. Smith who was long a neighbor of ours moved to Chicago in May

( ) 1965.

7. A large number of men women and children were shouting save our homes.

8. are you certain Frank that Elizabeth Dorothy Mildred and Jessie will be there.

9. i wonder if I can find the way to his brother-in-laws home in this storm.

10. Joe did you ask Helen Harriet Barbara and Jane where to put this table

11. The only question before us is this can we reach them in time to be of any help

12. I asked him mother if he had seen Charles Tom mike Sam John or Mason today.

13. What does he think he is doing And why Mary Martha and Sue gasped.

14. Yes Harold as I told you before I visited Ed Ben and Joe on August 5

( ) 1951

15. Listen I am sure I heard a child scream we must run for help at once Betty said.

16. Did you ask him Anne if he is the man we met in Columbus nebraska last spring.

17. For heavens sake exclaimed Harry where do you suppose all the boys are going

18. Did you tell Jean Dorothy Mildred and Jane to be here at 10 30 oclock Frank.

19. Yes Betty I will ask Hubert to be at the station when we arrive in Dayton Ohio.

20. I saw Teddy Ray Joe and Marshall I did not however speak to them said Mary

21. He liked bread and milk bacon and eggs and sausage and cakes replied Mr. Brown

22. Jane asked me if I saw Jack Tom and James in Tulsa Oklahoma last summer.

23. Who do you suppose is keeping those boys they were supposed to be here early

24. Did you visit Helen in Owen Sound Ontario I know she was glad to see you.

25. Hark I am sure I heard someone calling Help me said Elizabeth my roommate.

26. Fred did Dr Thomas say Give the dog two pills every three hours asked Frank.

27. I asked Joe to send us a telegram as soon as he arrives in St Cloud Minnesota

28. The teacher asked me said Tom why I use so many ands buts and ifs in my themes.

29. Chaucer was born in London England in 1342 ( ) Mr Smith our teacher said.

30. We debated this question in class How can the United States avoid war

31. I asked him whether or not he would go he said that he did not know replied Ben.

32. David cant you Jack John Bill and Ed get there by 10 15 oclock asked Clara.

33. Fred where were you yesterday I called four times but no one answered.

34. I asked Ruth Edna and Jane to come however they had promised to go with Helen

35. Yes Mrs Jones Charlotte your daughter is I am sure with Barbara Dorothy and Joan.

36. Are you going to Cody Wyoming soon Tom I surely wish I could go with you.

37. Jean will you please ask Frank Ed and Joe to come home at once

38. Prof Brown our teacher speaks trench Spanish and german fluently said Martha

39. Did you say he lived in Springfield 111 or in Springfield Mass Elizabeth

40. Why Mildred I thought you were in Miami Fla how long have you been back.

41. It is dear therefore that we shouldnt blame Mr Brown Dr. Jones or Prof. White.

42. Miss Smith who is my teacher asked Have you read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

43. When we asked his reason he said I do not have time to go I have other things to do.

44. Joe are you Ted and Ed using the map the globe or the atlas asked Jane my sister.

45. They were married on Friday April 13 () 1951 in Salem Mass at her home.

46. Arent you in favor of Bradleys suggestion for a three weeks spring vacation

47. Hush whispered Bertha there is no need of our making more noise than necessary.

48. Can you hear me Frank called Tom I want you Jack and Bill to come over here

49. Hubert said that he would ask Emma Mary Mildred Martha and Irma to come

50. I cant go to Dayton Ohio this spring however I may go to Nashville Tennessee
Task 8. Supply punctuation marks wherever they are required

1. I will tell you a big secret but here comes a teacher said Mildred my cousin

2. English algebra biology latin spelling and chemistry none of these studies interest Ed.

3. I helped the boy and who would refuse to earn money enough to go on that trip.

4. He read the following from the letter I enclosed a money order for ten dollars $10.00

5. The teacher told my mother as was to be expected that I whisper too much in class.

6. I will tell you the entire truth but I am afraid to trust you Frank.

7. In his letter I am enclosing a copy of it he asked for fifty dollars $50.00

8. Some boys the teacher has named a dozen are failing algebra latin and history.

9. We have received from Jean Alice Katherine and Sue thirty dollars $30.00 on account.

10. Harry and I dont mention this to a soul are engaged to be married whispered June.

11. When I graduate if I ever do I shall go to work said Lawrence my roommate.

12. I will tell you about our plans no I would spoil Mildreds surprise said Bill.

13. Several of my friends Roy Sam James Bill and John have gone fishing today.

14. Oh cried Era we shall all be killed unless we escape from this awful fire.

15. And Bobbie that is the name of my dog was nowhere to be found when we left.

18. Yes I was pleased and who would not be to win a scholarship smiled Elizabeth.

17. Hark did you hear that frightened voice call Help Help said Alice my cousin.

18. I believe in justice for all shouted Mr. Hill the candidate loud applause

19. Yes father Ray Bill and I paid five dollars $5.00 for these maps stamps and coins.

20. Henry the bankers son dont mention this to anyone often gambles whispered Sue.

21. By this time next year June 15 Dan Sam Joe and I will be in Akron Ohio.

22. I waited for three hours more or less before Betty Dorothy and Sarah arrived.

23. Four presidents stand out in our history Washington Jefferson Lincoln and Roosevelt.

24. the sailor told me as was to be expected that Helen knew nothing about the sea

25. These books pamphlets stamps and maps are not worth forty dollars $40.00 said Tom.

26. When he returned you recall it was in October he entered south high school.

27. Three hours later we saw land it was to the eastward of course and steered to it.

28. Bring your bat you have it at your house dont you Bob and meet us at the ball park.

29. Yes Charlie the amount due is I am sure exactly one thousand dollars $1000.00

30. He is away at least I was told so at the post office in Denver Colorado this summer

31. The telegram was as follows I will need fifty dollars $50.00 for tuition tomorrow.

32. The author of this book Mountain Climbing had many narrow escapes said James.

33. If it snows tomorrow and it looks as if it will we shall throw snow balls at him

34. Hows your friend the er fisherman Sam asked Miss Thompson our teacher.

35. Roy Bill Sam Ed and I raised twenty dollars $20.00 for the boy scouts.

36. Major Hunter do you remember meeting him at camp Gordon will be promoted soon.

37. I must tell you a story I heard today Dan but someone is coming up to see you.

38. His teacher told his mother as he was afraid she would that he misbehaves in school.

39. Henry raised thirty dollars $30.00 Dan raised twenty-five dollars $25.00

40. He emphasized two important things 1 the value of study and 2 the value of health.

41. She is at least all the boys say so the prettiest girl in school said Frank.

42.1 believe we should have more holidays said Mr. Long the speaker Cheers

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