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Hp-ux online Documentation hp-ux 11i V. 2 Installation and Update Guide

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HP-UX Online Documentation

HP-UX 11i v.2 Installation and Update Guide
This guide describes cold-installing and updating HP-UX 11i v2 on HP Integrity Servers and HP Workstations, and assumes that you are the system administrator and familiar with installing and maintaining software on the system. This guide applies to the October 2003 version of HP-UX 11i v2.
Read the HP-UX 11i v.2 Installation Guide (HTML format).

HP-UX 11i v2 Reference Manual
HP-UX is based on the UNIX® System V Release 4 operating system and includes important features from the Fourth Berkeley Software Distribution. This manual describes user and system administration commands, system calls, library functions, file formats, miscellaneous topics, device (special) files, and provides general information.
Read the HP-UX 11i v2 Reference Manual. (HTML format)
Ignite-UX Administration Guide, edition 14
This guide describes installing, configuring, and using Ignite-UX to facilitate installing and recovering HP-UX on HP computer systems in your computing environment. This guide is written for experienced HP-UX system administrators who are responsible for setting up and maintaining HP-UX workstations and servers. You must be familiar with installing HP computer hardware and software, upgrading software, applying patches, and troubleshooting system problems. Ignite-UX will help you install new systems and maintain existing ones with less effort than when using individual install and update tools.
Download the Ignite guide.
Managing systems and workgroups: A Guide for HP-UX System Administrators
This document supports HP-UX 11i and 11.x, including 64-bit functionality, as well as HP-UX 10.x. It also covers administration of interdependent workgroups, as well as single systems.
Read this guide (HTML format).
Software Package Builder 1.0 User's Guide
This guide describes installing and getting started with Software Package Builder. It also provides a basic overview of the software packaging process and terminology. It is written for HP-UX system administrators, who are familiar with installing and administering software in these environments. This guide applies to the December 2003 version of Software Package Builder 1.0.
Read this user’s guide. (HTML format)

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