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How to get tο Anogia By Car

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How to get tο Anogia

By Car

From Heraklion the drive is wonderful, winding mountain roads, passing through some interesting villages. Head out of Heraklion on the New National road towards Rethymno and Chania, and take the turn to the Old national road and "Gazi" & "Anogia", after about 4 km you will see Anogia signposted on the left. It is then, to be astonishingly accurate, 22.8 Kilometres of winding, scenic road to the beginning of Anogia.

By Bus

In Iraklion we have two central bus stations, one is located near the port (station A), and the other is located in the area of Chanioporta (station B). The bus (green color) to Anogia leave from bus station B. The timetable is from Monday to Friday at 9:00, 12:00, 14:15 and 16:30, on Saturday 7:00, 12:00 and 16:30 and on Sunday at 14:00. The cost of the ticket is 3.60€ and the drive is approximately 1 hour. To reach the bus station B you can either take a taxi or a bus (blue colour) direction to Chanioporta (every five minutes). From the airport by public transportation: Take the blue colour bus, outside (50 m) of the airport and say to the bus driver to remind you to get off at bus stop CHANIOPORTA. You have to purchase the ticket before you enter the bus. After you get down at Chanioporta go to the bus terminal (station B) to Anogia (50 meters from bus stop).




In Iraklion it is very easy to find a TAXI. The cost of the drive from the airport is circa 50€ and the drive is approximately 45 minutes. Please be sure that the taxi driver can give you an official receipt.

The place - Anogia

Now we're getting into Crete's mountains, 740 metres up on the north face of Mount Psiloritis to be precise. It's a short hop from here to the stunning Nida Plateau and the Ideon cave (mythology: Zeus grew up here). Birthplace of the famous Greek singer Nikos Xylouris, Anogia has a history that is powerful and tragic - burned by the Turks, then by the Germans. Stockbreeding is the source of wealth in this area. The village has two aspects. Old Anogia is the lower part, reached after you pass the inviting square filled with Kafeneia on the right hand side (as you approach from Heraklion) and continue as the road curves left and downhill.

What to see/do – Anogia

Recommended: enjoy a Greek coffee at the square in the upper village (Agios Georgios square), the atmosphere here is wonderful - hospitality and welcomes are surprising in their warmth.

You are more likely to see men wearing the Cretan baggy trousers tucked into their boots, heads decorated with nets, here than just about anywhere else. This is miles from "designer name" mecca. The small church of Agios Georgios is worth a visit if it is open.

On the main road, a little before the square, visit the Folk Art museum.
Wander the streets from the top to the bottom of the village, see the woven tablecloths and linens (with much salesmanship from the old ladies). In the lower part, where the Plateia Syntagmatos Kafeneio is and the statue of Vasilis Skoulas, follow the sign behind the statue to see the original wood carvings and paintings of Alkiviadis Skoulas ("Grillios"),at the Museum Grillios.Original wood carvings with much use of the natural shape of branches, and an appealing naive painting style in pictures of Eleftherios Venizelos and more.
Have a look at Nikos Xylouris's house right on this square - Anogia is also famous for it's musical tradition.
Venture from here to the awe-inspiring and enormous plateau, the Nida Plateau and visit the Ideon caves. The journey is truly scenic and takes you through sparkling rock and mountainscapes.

Special Comments – Anogia To appreciate Anogia, give it some time, walk, stop for coffee or drink, eat and allow any kindness or generosity that might be offered to you, to quench the thirst for offering hospitality that is a hallmark of Crete and has its source it often seems, in Anogia.


 Mobile Phones

All GSM mobile phones (these are used in Europe and a few other countries) work in Greece. If you bring your own mobile phone with you, when you first switch it on in Greece you will be given a choice of which phone provider to use. Choose the one recommended by your home mobile phone service provider if, as is sometimes the case, this will give you better rates.
Certain companies provide a fixed charge per minute when "roaming" outside the country your phone service is from. Where this does not apply, you will pay fairly high rates for outgoing calls.
Incoming calls to your phone are expensive, because you pay for the international part of the call (from the country where your phone service is provided, to you, in Greece).
It is ADVISABLE to check on rates and services when using your mobile phone overseas, with your phone service provider, before you travel.  

A better idea is to buy a local SIM card (meaning a local phone number which you slot into your phone) for about 15 Euros at a mobile phone or electronics store in Crete - there are many.

Card phones

Are the rule - coin accepting phones are rare. Telephone cards can be bought in mini markets and at all street kiosks in various denominations from 3 euros upward. Card phones are found on streets, some kiosks, at many squares, public buildings and some mini-markets. OTE (the Greek telephone company) have a phone calling and fax-sending area at major offices.

To use a card phone:
Put the card in the slot.
Pick up the receiver - the display will show how much money is left (in credit) on your card.
Now you can dial your number (international access is "00" followed by the country code)
When you have finished your call, hang up, WAIT to remove the card until you hear beeping (you are charged more if you remove the card before this!)
(For instructions in English - pick up the phone and press the key marked with letter "i").
Some useful Greek

Where is the bus station please?

Που είναι o σταθμός των λεωφορείων, παρακαλώ;

Pou einai o stathmos ton leoforeion, parakalo?

How much does this cost?

Πόσο κοστίζει αυτό;

Poso kostizei ?

I want a ticket to …

Θέλω ένα εισιτήριο για...

Thelo ena eisitirio gia…

Where can I make a call?

Που μπορώ να τηλεφωνήσω;

Pou mporo na tilefoniso?

Do you have telephone cards?

Έχετε κάρτες τηλεφώνου ΟΤΕ;

Exete karta tilefonou OTE?

Do you have cards for mobile phones?

Έχετε κάρτες για κινητά τηλέφωνα;

Exete kartes gia kinita thlefona?

Good morning



Good evening



Good night




Γεια σας

Geia sas

Thank you






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