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3rd April, 1948, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.


STL/STM Theology/Philosophy, Rome, 1978-1981. [Joint Masters Philosophy/Theology]
BA Hons, Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London, 1985.
Research Ph.D. Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London, Madness, Mediums, and Marginalia in France: 1801-1928. [1986-94]


Visiting Professor Cleveland Institute of Art, Lacoste, 1987/88/89/90/91 Cezanne, Van Gogh, and Matisse at Nice; 1992/93 Artists and the South of France, 1992/93 (six week summer courses); 1987 Dada and Surrealism in Paris: 1919-47, (fifteen week autumn semester).
Lecturer of Art History: Art History/British Civilisation Programme, University of Connecticut, City University, London., 1988/89/90/91/92/93. Fall semester English Romantic Painting and Sculpture, 1790-1848; Winter/Spring semester Italian Renaissance Painting and Sculpture,1400-1500, and the Netherlandish Renaissance 1400-70.
Visiting Professor to the University of Bucharest (English and Aesthetics Department/Institute of Fine Arts/Institute of Art History), Bucharest; Twentieth Century Art lecture series, May, 1991.
Courtauld Institute of Art. B.A. Course Contemporary Art in London - What is Post-Modernism, Spring Term, 1992.
Courtauld Institute of Art. B.A. General Course Supervision 1st Year Students, Spring and Summer Terms, 1992. (From Romanticism to Contemporary Art c.1780-1960)
University of East Anglia, Primitivism in Twentieth Century Art, Spring Term, 1992 (SUBSEQUENTLY DECLINED)
ACM. Associated Colleges of the Mid-West Programme, English Painting and Sculpture, 1750-1851 (From Hogarth to the Death of Turner), ([HALF-SEMESTER] April-May, 1992).
Visiting Lecturer to La Maison Française, New York, February, 1993; Gestures in Solitude: From Pollock and Twombly to Gonn Mosny.
Lecturer Sotheby's Education Studies, Master's Degree in Post-War and Contemporary Art [post-1945] (validated by the University of Manchester). From September 1993 onwards.
Lecturer (The Slade School of Art) [UCL] Second Year BA's Lecture [series of ten lectures] Difference and Deviance: The `Body', `Consciousness' and the `Avant Garde' [Mid-Nineteenth Century to Today]; Autumn Term, 1994.
Lecturer (The Slade School of Art) [University College London] First Year MA's Art as Language/Language as Art. Ongoing series of twelve lectures and seminars on writer-theorists and their ideas over the last fifty years. (To include in first term Bataille, Benjamin, Sartre, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Bachelard, and Adorno' in second term Lacan, Kristeva, Foucault, Baudrillard, Lyotard and Derrida). Thirf term dissertation and examination supervision.
Lecturer (The Slade School of Art) [University College London], MA Course and Dissertation Supervisor [1994-96].
Full-time Senior Lecturer in Post-War and Contemporary Art, post-graduate course MA in Post-War and Contemporary Art, Sotheby's Institute [affiliate Institute of University of Manchester], 1996 (ongoing). From 1996/7 to be MA in Contemporary Art: Art After 1960 . Left and moved to Berlin in 2002.
Visiting Professor to the University of Sassari, Sardegna, November, 2006; Dipartimento di Teorie e Ricerche dei Systemi Culturali, Università di Sassari, Sardegna, 2006.


British Section Treasurer (AICA) - Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art - International Association of Art Critics, 1992-94.
British Section President (AICA) - Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art - International Association of Art Critics, 1994-97, Interim 2000.
British Section Vice- President (AICA) - Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art - International Association of Art Critics, 1998-2000.
International Vice-President (AICA) - Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art - International Association of Art Critics, 1999-2002.


1967-71 Police Officer, Warwickshire Constabulary.
1971-72 Civil Servant, Foreign Office Legalisation and Visa, London.
1972-77 Company Director, Vischschoonmaker Galleries International, London, New York, and Jersey (Channel Islands).
1977-82 Franciscan Friar (Order of Friars Minor), Chilworth, Canterbury, and Rome.
1982-85 Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London.
1985-86 Assistent Curator, The Outsider Archive, London.
1986-94 Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London, Phd Registration.


Former Resident Lecturer Stanley Picker Trust.
Twentieth Century Associate Lecturer, Sotheby's Educational Department 1988-1995, appointed Sotheby's Institute [Full-Time Lecturer] 1996.
Modern Art Studies, 1990-94
Christies 1990-93
Tate Gallery, (Tate Britain and Tate Modern) London and Liverpool; lectures on Twentieth Century Art, and specialised subjects for their exhibition programme.
History of Art Studies Programme, London.
National Gallery of Art, London.
Hayward Gallery 1996-2000.
British Museum/British Library on the "`Incunabula' (Early Printed Books)," (1988-1990).
Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, UK.
Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, London, 1999.

Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly, 2000-2002

Universität der Künste, Berlin, 2004
For all other British and International venues (contact for list)


(Books and Scholarly Articles)
Bibliographic Researcher for Scottie Wilson - Its All Writ Out For You, (See George Melly), Thames and Hudson, London, 1986. English only.
Louis Soutter Essay for exhibition catalogue, Musée Cantini, Marseilles, 1987. English/French.
Gonn Mosny: Breathing and Painting, Kohlhammer Verlag, Stuttgart-Berlin-Köln, 1989. 252p (241 colour plates). English - French - German monograph.
Atmen und Malen, (English/German/French)., ex. cat., 2 vols., Galerie Tobias Hirschmann (5 December 1991-21 January 1992 [Oppenheimer Landstrasse 27, 6000 Frankfurt/Main 70], 1992). German/English/French
Gonn Mosny: Peintures et Dessins, (English/German/French)., ex. cat., 2 vols., Galerie Joachim Becker (2 July - 1 August), [7, rue Bivouac Napoleon - F06400 Cannes] 1992). German/English/French.
Playing Tennis with the King (Visionary Art in Central Europe in the 1960's), Essay contribution to Parallel Visions: Modern Artists and the Outsider, ex. cat., Los Angeles County Art Museum, 18 October, 1992 - January 3, 1993, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey; the show traveled with successive language catalogues to the Reina Sofia, Madrid (11 February -9 May, 1993); Kunsthalle, Basel (4 July - 29 August, 1993); and Setagaya Museum, Tokyo (30 September - September 12, 1993. The catalogue included biographical contributions by the author on Arnulf Rainer, Georg Baselitz and A.R. Penck. English/Spanish/Japanese editions.
Gonn Mosny: Paintings and Drawings, (English/German/French)., ex. cat., 2 vols., La Maison Française, New York University (2-26 February, 1993).
The `Confined' Object: French Clinical Psychiatry and the Art of the Untrained Mentally Ill, in, The Artist Outsider: Creativity and the Boundaries of Culture, Smithsonian Press, Washington D.C., 1994. (This ten thousand word essay is one of seventeen essays in a text devoted to the issues of Outsider Art and theories of to culture and cultural margins).
Victor Hugo: Spiritism and Chance Essay for Victor Hugo: Pittore, Museo D'Arta Moderna, Ca Pesaro, Venice/ Bibliothèque Nationale exhibition, [12 March - May 9, 1993]. Catalogue published as a book in Italian and French editions by Edizioni Mazotta, March, 1993.
Art Machine: Three Score Years and Ten, Essay for exhibition catalogue on an Installation Work by Ainslie Yule, Villa Foscarini-Rossi, Stra, Veneto, Italy, 1993. English/Italian
Victor Hugo: Spiritism and Chance Essay for L'Ame au Corps (The Soul of the Body), contrib. to ex. cat., Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, Paris, October 1993 - January 1994, Gallimard, Paris, 1993; an extensive exhibition dealing with the relations between art and the life sciences/psychology/parapsychology et al. [1793-1993]. French only (original mss English)
In the Time of `Presenting the Unpresentable’, Essay for Imi Knoebel exhibition catalogue, Goethe Institute of Art, London, June - July, 1995. English only.
Dada and Surrealism in Paris, 1919-1947, essay Chapter Five for Investigating Modern Art, Open University Press/Yale University Press, London, 1996.
Palimpsest, Exhibition of Conceptual Art (12 Australians and 3 Germans), catalogue essay on Hanne Darboven, Canberra Museum of Modern Art, January 1996 (traveled to Sydney and Brisbane). English only.
Humanism and the Carnivalesque, essay in The Carnival of the Animals: Daniel Spoerri, ex. cat., Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris, 20 April to May, 1996: travels to Italy and Germany. Three catalogues 1996 in English/French, English/Italian, and English/German.
Beyond Reason. Art and Psychosis: Art From The Prinzhorn Collection, Exhibition Guide [5 December, 1996 - 23 February, 1997], Hayward Gallery of Art, South Bank, London.

Disparate Friends, Catalogue Essay WHAT, Trinity Buoy Wharf Art Space, London Docklands [April 6 - May 6], (Painting Show - Artists: Machiko Edmondson, Mark Fairnington, Sally Heard, Yvonne Hindle, Katrina Hjelde, David Leapman, Peter Lloyd Lewis, Henry Rogers, Stefan Sehler, Yinka Shonibare], 1997. English only.
Pagan Rapture Catalogue Essay Cathy de Monchaux, ex. cat., Whitechapel Art Gallery, [May 30 - 27 July], London, 1997. English only
Dis-Incarnate, Catalogue/Book Essay Marc Quinn, ex. cat., and book, Gagosian Gallery [May], New York, 1998. [Clibborn/Jay Jopling/Gagosian]. English only.
A Clean Sweep, Catalogue Essay, Jason Martin, Kunsthalle Nordhorn, Germany, April/May, 1998. [Nordhorn/Lisson Gallery]. English only.
Wednesday’s Child…..: De Profundis (Platonic Hope and the ‘Chora’) Catalogue Essay, CHORA [30 Underwood Street Gallery 18th September – 31st October, 1999; travelling to Hotbath Gallery, Bath; South Hill Park, Bracknell; Abbot Hall, Kendal], - Artists, Frances Aviva Blane, Jane Bustin, Edward Chell, Maria Chevska, Tim Davies, Peter Griffin, Susan Hiller, Simon Morley, Paul Morrison, Jane Mulfinger, Martin Richman, and Heather Sear. English only.
Millennial Exhibition of the City of Nantes: Nodule, Module et ‘Podule’ : Les Voyages dans l’espace interieur, ex. cat., Les mondes inventés, [May - September] Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, 2000. English/French.
Harewood House, Momento Mori : Painting as Requiem (momenti difficili) [Jason Brooks]; exhibition catalogue essay and raisonne of works to date, [March, 2001], Entwistle Gallery/Harewood House, 2001. English only.
João Penalva, Portuguese Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2001, ‘In the Absence of Absalom’, João Penalva, Monographic text (including 12,000 word essay, 121 footnotes) published for Venice Biennale, 2001 (other contributors Guy Brett, and Pedro Lapa). English/Portuguese
Between Flux and Stasis, catalogue essay Matthew Radford, Houldsworth Fine Art, Cork Street (June 6 – July 7), 2001. English only.
Blue Heaven, catalogue essay, The Paintings of Peter Newman, Blains Fine Art, Bruton Street, London, January-February, 2002. English only.

Eyes Exposed and Touched by Colour, Book and Catalogue essay English/German, Rhodes and Mann, February, 2002; AlteFeuerwache, Mannheim, April, 2002 (traveling to Berlin thereafter). English/German

Mark Fairnington: Dead and Alive, extended essay in, Dead or Alive, Black Dog Publishing, June, 2002; published to coincide with an exhibition of the artist’s work at Harewood House, traveling to the Natural History Museum, Oxford and London. English only.
To See is To Behold, essay in catalogue Sight Mapping, Konsthallen – Bohuslans Museum, Uddavalla, Sweden (8 September – 30 October), traveling to Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, and thereafter onto Bilbao. English and Spanish versions.
Aesthetics of the Seamless’ (London Seminar: Norman Bryson, Mark Gisbourne, Sharon Morris, Andrew Renton, Irit Rogoff), published as Concepts on the Move, Leir en Boog, Series of Philosophy of Art and Art Theory, vol. 17, 2002 (Dutch Society of Aesthetics), pp. 81-92 English/Dutch
Hidden Features, catalogue essay Face Off (November 2002-January 2003) ex. cat., Kettles Yard Gallery, Cambridge University, Cambridge, 2002.

Follow The Yellow Brick Road, catalogue essay Rosa Loy ex. cat., (13 April – 15 June, 2003), Kunstsammlung, Gera, 2003; (22 February – 12 April, 2004) Kunstsammlungen der Städtischen Museen, Zwickau. English/German

Sam Taylor Wood, Dictionary Entry, Kritisches Lexikon der Gegenwartskunst, September, 2003. German only (original mss English)
Macrocosm and Microcosm, catalogue essay Daniel Biesold, ex. cat., Momemtum Gallery, (Berlin), September, 2003. English/German
Michael Sailstorfer, short essay, Markus Richter Gallery, Berlin, September, 2003. English/German
Hippolytus:Pardon and Desire, short text on Vasco Araujo’s ‘Hipolito’, Anamnese - Digital Platform on Contemporary Art in Portugal (1993 to 2003), October, 2003. English/Portuguese
Living With Porcupines, Catalogue essay for book Album Matthias Muller, Neue Berliner Kunstverein, March, 2004. English/German
Asylum and Entity, essay for book Asylum, (Henry Moore Foundation Contemporary Projects/Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead/Newcastle on Tyne), on film project Asylum Julian Rosefeldt, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, (2002) Francesca Von Thyssen Foundation (Brick Lane, London, 2003) and Baltic Contemporary, Gateshead/Newcastle, August, 2004; Spike Island, Bristol, 2004, Sao Paolo Biennal, 2004; Avignon, 2004; Hatje Cantz, 2004. English/German
Out On A Limb: The Body in Parts (The Photography of Thomas Florschuetz) cat. essay, Thomas Florschuetz, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Baltic Contemporary Art Centre, Kunsthalle Chemnitz, 2004/5. English/German
Strawberry Fields Forever, essay for ex. cat., Abetz/Drescher: Paint it Black, Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin/Galerie Suzanne Tarsiève, Paris, February, 2004. English/German/French
Reverie and Ennui: Stories of the Commonplace, essay for ex. cat., Laura Bruce, Buero der Kunst, Dresden, April/May, 2004. English/German
Michael Sailsdorfer, interview Michael Sailsdorfer/Mark Gisbourne Manifesta 5, San Sebastian, June, 2004, p. 189-191 English only
Rohkunstbau XI (Exhibition Curator and Essayist): European Portrait II, Schloss Gross Leuthen, Spreewald. (artists Miroslaw Balka, Chen Shaofeng, Thomas Florschuetz, Shilpa Gupta, Susan Hiller, Markus Huemer, Kristina Incuraite, Lina Kim, Joao Penalva, Yedhudit Sasportas, Cornelia Schleime, Yinka Shonibare) ‘A House in the Country’ (including essays by Kathrin Bettina Mueller, Abbas Maroufi), June 26 – August 21, 2004. English/German
East International ‘Martin Kobe’ (selected by Gerd Harry Lybke/Neo Rauch) ex. Catalogue Essay entry (Martin Kobe), Norwich, July, 2004. English only
Julian Rosefeldt, ‘It’s Only a Paper Moon’, Collection of Francesca von Hapsburg Museum of Contemporary Salzburg, July, 2004. English/German
Maria Lassnig, Between ‘Eye and Mind’: The Paintings of Maria Lassnig, Catalogue Essay, Galerie Hauser & Wirth, London, September, 2004. English only
Jaroslaw Flicinski, Jaroslaw Flicinski: Painting as Architect of Mind and Space, Catalogue Essay, Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw, September, 2004. English/Polish
Eva and Adele, Eva & Adele: Life in the Pink, Catalogue Essay, Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin, September, 2004. English/German
Martin Assig, Reason and Realisation in the Paintings of Martin Assig, Catalogue Essay, Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin/Galerie Tanit, Munich, September, 2004. English/German/French
Jonathan Leaman, Jonathan Leaman, Preface, Israel Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, October, 2004. English/Hebrew
Cameron Rudd, Cameron Rudd: The Return of the ‘Flâneur’, Catalogue Essay, DNA Galerie, Berlin, January, 2005. English/German
Bernhard Martin, Painter as Vagrant: Itinerant Motifs in the Work of Bernhard Martin, Essay, Thaddeus Ropac Galerie/Hatje Cantz, 2005. English/German/French
Anya Gallaccio, Nature as Necessity in the Work of Anya Gallaccio, Catalogue Essay, Palazzo delle Papesse (Palazzo Piccolomini), Centro d’Arte Contemporanea, Siena, January, 2005. English/Italian
Marc Bijl, Marc Bijl: Transgression and the Social Space, in Marc Bijl Afterhours Catalogue Essay, Den Haag Contemporary Art Museum, February, 2005. English/Dutch
Christian Hellmich, A House of Your Own (Christian Hellmich), Catalogue Essay, Galerie Schwind, Frankfurt, January, 2005. English/German
Martin Borowski, ‘Picture This’: Issues of Embodiment and Representation in the Paintings of Martin Borowski, Catalogue essay, Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin, April, 2005. English/German.
Michael Weseley The Hidden Visible: Transformation and Annihilation in the Photography of Michael Wesely, Catalogue Essay, Guarini Foundation, Berlin (18 May - 8 July), and Fotohof Salzburg (28 July – 3 September), Fahnemann Projekts, Berlin, May 2005. English/German (including essay by Eugen Blume).
Mark Raidpere, Between Lead and Gold, Catalogue Essay, in ISOLATOR, Estonian Pavilion, Venice Biennale, June, 2005. English/Estonian
Sybille Berger, The Candour of Colour, Catalogue Essay, in Sybille Berger, Newlyn City Art Gallery, Newlyn, Cornwall, England, June, 2005. English only.
Gabrielle Heidegger, An Essay in Red and Black, Catalogue Essay, in LAL – RED In Honour of Kali, Museum für Indische Kunst (27 May – 28 August), Berlin, May, 2005. English/German (including essays by Klaus Peter Schuster and Raffael Dedo Gadebusch). English/German
Lori Hersberger, The ‘Shattered Image’ Accumulation and Fragmentation in the Work of Lori Hersberger, Catalogue Essay, Kunsthaus Zürich/Thaddeus Ropac Galerie, Salzburg and Paris, June, Paris, 2005. English/German/French
Rohkunstbau XII, 2005 (Exhibition Curator and Essayist), Kinderszenen/Scenes From Childhood, Schloss Gross Leuthen, Spreewald. (Artists: Louise Bourgeois, Sergey Bratkov, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Yann Delacour, Marcel Dzama, Fang Lijun, Laura Ford, //////für///, Michael Kutschbach, Bjørn Melhus, Michael Sailstorfer, Cornelius Völker), Schloss Gross Leuthen (25 June – 28 August), June, 2005. English/German (including essays by Andreas Wenderoth, Jakob Hein, and Thea Herold)
Theo Böettger, What are the roots that clutch, what branches grow……., Catalogue Essay, in Theo Böettger, Kunstverein, Rüggen, June, 2005. English/German
Markus Huemer, As Things ‘Take Flight’: Some Phenomenological Aspects of the Work of Markus Huemer, Catalogue Essay, in Markus Huemer: Soziales Interesse ist Eigentlich auch Vorhanden, Stiftung Saarländischer Kulturbesitz, Saarlandmuseum (30 July – 25 September), July, 2005 English (including German essay by Ralph Melcher) English/German
Peter Welz, Neither here not there: Peter Welz – Plangent Space –Echoes in Solitude, Catalogue Essay, in To Unsay (PeterWelz), Renaissance Society Chicago, and Mönchehaus – Museum für Moderne Kunst, Goslar, 2005. English/German
Gabriela Albergaria, ‘As It Is’ (Nature and Reparation in the Work of Gabriela Albergaria) Catalogue Essay, in, Centro de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra, Victor Diniz, 2005. English/Portuguese
SEO, 'Colour Me This...?’ (Attitude as opportunity in the work of SEO) Catalogue Essay, Galerie Michael Schultz, November, 2005, English/German
Maya Ott The Field of Play (The Paintings of Maja Ott), Catalogue Essay, Ott, Munich, December, 2005. English/German
Stephanie Schneider Life’s a Dream (The Personal World of Stefanie Schneider), Book Monograph, Hatje Cantz, January, 2006, English/German.
Stefanie Schneider Stefanie Schneider, Laudatio-Essay-Text Wastelands book publication, Zephyr Raüm für Fotographie, Mannheim, February, 2006, English/German
Lilia Almog In The Time of Love, Catalogue Essay, Lili Almog: Perfect Intimacy, New York, Powerhouse Publications, March/April, 2006 English only
Sebastian Hempel, All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy, Catalogue Essay, Sebastian Hempel, Städtische Galerie, Dresden, May, 2006. English/German
'Matthias Müller', in Ideal City/Invisible Cities, Zamość (Poland), Potsdam (Germany), June-October, 2006, June, 2006 English/German/Polish
'Jaroslav Flicinski', in Ideal City/Invisible Cities, Zamość (Poland), Potsdam (Germany), June-October, 2006, June, 2006 English/German/Polish
Donata Wenders, Absent Presence, Essay in book, Donata Wenders: Islands of Silence, Prestel Verlag, Germany, June, 2006. English/German.
Christian Hellmich, 'This is the House that Jack Built….' (The Paintings of Christian Hellmich), ex. cat., Lehmann Maupin Galerie, New York, June, 2006. English only
Tim Eitel Tim Eitel "Picture Show": Between the Modern and the Real, Catalogue Essay, Holzwarth Publications (Pace Wildenstein, New York), Berlin, 2006. English/German.
Rohkunstbau XIII, 2006 (Curator and Essayist) Out of the Blue, Drei Farben 'Blau-Freiheit' (Three Colours 'Blue-Freedom'), Schloss Gross Leuthen, Spreewald. (Artists: Gregor Schneider, Sylvie Barré, Vasco Araujo, Michael Wesely, Melanie Manchot, Costa Vece, Mona Hatoum, Monica Bonvicini, Hannah Doherty, A.K. Dolven, Langlands and Bell, and Blue Noses), plus artist's statements, Prestel Verlag, July, 2006. (including essays by Bert Rebhandl, and Warnfried Dettling) English/German
Tenerife, Canary Islands, In Waiting for God, Catalogue Essay, Nuevos Misticos/New Mystics Sala des Exposiciones Cabrera Pinto (30 June – 3 September), La Laguna, Tenerife, June 2006. English/Spanish
Zhang Huan, Zhang Huan: Palimpsest "Writing on the Body", catalogue essay, Zhang Huan, Volker Diehl Gallery, Berlin, June, 2006. English/German
Mark Gisbourne, Kunst Station Berlin Book. Profiles texts and interviews with and twenty international artists living and working in Berlin (with Berlin photographer Jim Rakete), Knesebeck Verlag, Munich, Germany, September 2006, in German. Künstlern und Künstlerinen/Artists included, Norbert Bisky, John Bock, Monica Bonvicini, Candice Breitz, Tacita Dean, Thomas Demand, Martin Eder, Tim Eitel, Mona Hatoum, Bernhard Martin, Jonathan Meese, Bjørn Melhus, Daniel Pflumm, Thomas Rentmeister, Cornelia renz, Julian Rosefeldt, Yehudit Sasportas, Thomas Scheibitz, and Michael Wesely.
Several International editions:

Mark Gisbourne, Art Berlin Now, (English Language Title) Book. Profiles texts and interviews with and twenty international artists living and working in Berlin (with Berlin photographer Jim Rakete), Thames & Hudson, London, September, 2006, in UK English (UK);
Mark Gisbourne, Art Berlin Now, Book. Profiles texts and interviews with and twenty international artists living and working in Berlin (with Berlin photographer Jim Rakete), Abrams, New York, March, 2007, in USA English.
Heinz Günther Herpel, Kunstpunkt-Five Years On, Kunstpunkt, Berlin, Septmber, 2006, German/English
Jim Dine One From the Heart, catalogue essay, Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, November, 2007. English/Swedish

URP! Dieci Posizioni Tra Pubblico e Privato Co-Curator with Giuliana Altea, Planning, Installation and Catalogue Essay 'Intervention as Transparency' : Ex. cat., Document of Installation (14 November-14 December, 2006) Uffici dell'assessorato alla Pubblica Istruzione, Beni Culturali, Spettacolo e Sport della Regione Sardegna, Viale Trieste 186, Cagliari, December, 2006. English/Italian
Berlin North: Baltic South, critical essay/article on Nordic artists living and working in Berlin, in Art Criticism Today, Volume 1, no. 1, 2007. English only
Mark Gisbourne 'Ich Wundere mich, wie es sein kann', essay, in WARUM KREIG? Albert Einstein-Sigmund Freud - Texte und Protokolle zum Briefwechsel. (Herausgegeben von Cathrin Pichler), Bruno Kreisky Forum für internationalen Dialog, Schlebrügge, Editor, December 2006. Deutsch/German only Dedicated to Anna Politkowskaja.

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