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Headline: Real win battle of Madrid By David Gilmore

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Headline: Real win battle of Madrid
By David Gilmore
A JUBLIANT Real Madrid ended a 12-year wait for Champions League glory as they beat local rivals Athletico Madrid 4-1 to secure the prize after extra time.

Goals in added time from Gareth Bale, Marcelo and Cristiano Ronaldo ensured emphatically that Real lifted the trophy after a much tighter 90 minutes.

Athletico had lead for most of the match in Lisbon following Godin's opener after 36 minutes.

A last gasp equaliser from Sergio Ramos after three minutes of stoppage time set up a dramatic finale.

World record transfer Gareth Bale arrived at Real from Premier League side Tottenham last summer for a staggering €100 million and scored a crucial goal in added time.

Delighted, he said: "For me, the price tag means nothing, if I came for a penny it would have been worth it as long as I play well. We want to win more now. This is what every player dreams of, winning the Champions League."

Real manager Carlo Ancelotti was full of praise for Welshman Bale saying: "At the right moment, Gareth Bale was ready to score and that's how it's been all season. He'll be even better next year."

In the end despite being outclassed by Real, Athletico be extremely proud of their achievements this season particularly considering the massive gap in wealth between the two sides.

Real Madrid's squad cost a staggering € 521 million, over 6 times more than Diego Simeone's €79.05 million spent on Athletico. [more]


Despite this, Athletico were recently crowned Spanish league champions, beating off competition from not only big spending Real, but also Barcelona on their way to their first title since 1996.

Real had endured a long wait for what would be their 10th European Cup victory or 'La Decima' and hold the record for most number of wins with AC Milan closest at seven victories.


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