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Guide to Post and Rail and Cedar Shake Sales for Personal Use

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Prince George Forest District

Guide to

Post and Rail and Cedar Shake Sales for Personal Use

What is a personal use Post and Rail and Cedar Shake Sale?

Legislation applicable to Post and Rail and Cedar Shake Sales for personal use is described in the The Forest Act section 47.6(5a,b) :

The Prince George District Policy is as follows:

  • Cash sales are limited to one sale (max 50m3) per person per year.

  • Cash sales are generally intended for post and rail or cedar shake use only.

  • Cash sales are restricted to areas already established by the Prince George District.

Sale Locations

The Prince George District has four areas established throughout the district. Sites are located west of Prince George near Norman Lake (post/rail), north/northwest of Prince George near Chief Lake (post/rail), east of Prince George near Dome Creek (cedar shakes), and south of Prince George (past Stoner, near Trapping Lake).

What does a Cash Sale Cost?

See the latest version of the Interior Appraisal Manual S 6.6 Miscellaneous Stumpage Rates, Table 6-4 Miscellaneous Stumpage Rates for the stumpage rate for post and rails, etc.

To attain a cash sale you must apply in person at the Prince George Forest District. Please bring the following:

  • The exact amount in cash to pay for the cash sale, or a certified cheque payable to ‘Minister of Finance’.

  • A drivers license for identification.

  • The number and size of posts/rails or shakes that you want to purchase.

During regular business hours, cash sale licenses should be able to be issued immediately. Maps showing the cash sale location will be provided by the Prince George Forest District at the time of sale.

All timber that is transported must be marked with a timber mark. The sale number is the timber mark for the sale. This timber is exempt from being marked with a hammer, however a crayon or spray paint must be used to mark the timber prior to transport. Industrial equipment is not allowed to be used for a sale. This means that falling must occur by hand, skidding must be done by hand, and timber is transported by a pickup truck/trailer.
Note that Compliance and Enforcement staff will be inspecting sale areas to ensure that harvesting occurs within the defined sale area, timber is marked, and that licensees do not exceed their sale quota.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Any Questions?

You can contact the Prince George Forest District for additional information.

Prince George Forest District

2000 South Ospika Blvd.

Prince George, BC

V2N 4W5

Tel: (250) 614-7400 Fax: (250) 614-7435

Electronic inbox

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