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Gibb brothers discography

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(Die Zuordnung der Singles orientiert sich in dieser Liste - abgesehen von den Jahren 1963 & 1964 - an den jeweiligen A – Seiten !! d.h. wenn die A – Seite auf einem Album zu finden ist, so ist hier auch die gesamte dazugehörige Single bei diesem Album zu finden, selbst wenn die Auskoppelung – wie oft der Fall – bereits zu einem früheren Zeitpunkt erschienen ist!!)


SINGLES (alles 7‘‘):

The Battle Of The Blue And Grey/The Three Kisses Of Love

Timber!/ The Battle Of The Blue And Grey

Timber!/ Take Hold Of That Star

Take Hold Of That Star/ The Three Kisses Of Love

In The Morning/ Exit, Stage Right

Where Are You?/ Secondhand People
SINGLE (Johnny Devlin and his Devils): (Aus: November 1963)

Stomp The Tumbarumba [Cover Version]/ I Beg Of You (Non Bee Gees – Track; Bee Gees hier nicht im Background!!)

[Johnny Devlin: vocal, guitar? -- Barry Gibb: vocal -- Robin Gibb: vocal -- Maurice Gibb: vocal -- others. Australia. This is the first of two (known) Johnny Devlin singles the Bee Gees appeared on as backup singers, and was probably the first top 5 hit record the brothers appear on. It was also their first record release outside Australia: in 1996, a fan reported a copy released in 1963 or 1964 on the Olga label in Scandinavia. However, their role on this record is minor. Johnny Devlin is a New Zealander who recorded in Australia. Tumbarumba is a town in northern New South Wales. And the stomp was evidently a popular dance this summer-- notice a few following titles. It was a practice at Festival to use featured artists and bands as uncredited help on other records, so the Bee Gees turn up as backing singers on records like this where their contribution is barely audible. Some of the unidentified musicians on their own records are likewise probably from other Festival acts!!]


SINGLES (alles 7‘‘):

(Noeleen Batley): (Aus: Februar 1964)

Forgive Me (Non – Bee Gees – Track)/ Surfer Boy (B Gibb).

[This is the first of four songs Barry wrote for Noeleen Batley, a young singer whose records' unusually good arrangements and vocals make the most of Barry's songs. She had had her first hit record in 1959, but was still just 20 when she did this surfing ballad. Now Noeleen Batley Stewart, she is still a friend of the Gibb brothers, and in Australia she does commercial session work. Robert Iredale produced the four songs, interesting because they sound better than the Bee Gees' sessions.]
(Jimmy Hannan): (Aus: Februar 1964)

Beach Ball [Cover Version]/ You Gotta Have Love [Cover Version]

[Jimmy Hannan: vocal -- Barry Gibb: vocal -- Robin Gibb: vocal -- Maurice Gibb: vocal -- others. The Bee Gees make another appearance as backup singers, including a little background talking on "Beach ball", another top 5 single. These two songs also appeared on an EP with his next single (see below). Note, February is time for silly summer songs in Australia.]
(Jimmy Hannan): (Aus: März 1964 ?)

You Make Me Happy [Cover Version]/ Hokey Pokey Stomp [Cover Version]

[Jimmy Hannan: vocal -- Barry Gibb: vocal -- Robin Gibb: vocal -- Maurice Gibb: vocal -- others. The boys sang backup on a second Jimmy Hannan single, possibly recorded together with the first. All four songs were also issued on an EP.]
(Tony Brady): (Aus: März 1964)

Let´s Stomp, Australia Way (B Gibb/ Devlin)/ Lucky Me (B Gibb).

It´s a Surfing World (B Gibb/ Brady) (= Radio Commercial for „Surfing World“).

I Will Love You (B Gibb)/ I´m Gonna Buy My Mother-In-Law A Block Of Land On Mars (Non Bee Gees – Track).

[For one of these songs Barry Gibb collaborates again with Festival artist Johnny Devlin, but this time as a songwriter, Barry's first known co-writing credit. "It's a surfing world" is not a record, despite the way it is mentioned in some previous sources. Tony Brady recalls it being a commercial, but thinks someone else sang it, possibly Bryan Davies, who however does not recall doing it. It is almost surely for the magazine "Surfing World". The Parlophone recording is probably from a different session than the songs for RCA. By coincidence, the B side "I'm gonna buy..." is by Nat Kipner, who was later involved with the Bee Gees (see 1966). ]

(Del Juliana): (Aus: Juni 1964)

Never Like This (B Gibb)/ What'd I Say (= Ray Charles –Song!!).

[The single, produced by Johnny Devlin, is a Beach Boys-like tune, but by a female singer. It also turned up on the CD "Girls Girls Girls / Australian girl singers of the sixties, part 1", 1997, Canetoad, Australia. Del recalls also recording the unreleased "Boy on the board" written by Barry!!.]
(Johnny Devlin): (Aus: Juni 1964)

Blue Suede Shoes [Cover Version]/ Whole Lotta Shakin´ Goin` On [Cover Version]

[Johnny Devlin: vocal, guitar? -- Barry Gibb: vocal -- Robin Gibb: vocal -- Maurice Gibb: vocal -- others. Australia. The group did a second single singing backup with Johnny Devlin. "Whole lotta shakin' goin' on" is the only one of the three songs they did with him where the Bee Gees are noticeable, and it still is not much!!]

SINGLES (alles 7‘‘):

Peace Of Mind/ Don´t Say Goodbye

Claustrophobia/ Could It Be (I´m In Love)

Wine And Woman/ Follow The Wind
SINGLE (Reg Lindsay) (7‘‘): (Aus: Oktober 1964)

Lonely Road (Non - Bee Gees –Track)/ Scared Of Losing You (B. Gibb).

SINGLE (Trevor Gordon & The Bee Gees):

House Without Windows/ I´ll Be Happy.



I Was A Lover, A Leader Of Men/ And The Children Laughing/ I Don't Think It's Funny/ Wine And Women/ How Love Was True/ Don't Say Goodbye/ To Be Or Not To Be/ Peace Of Mind/ Timber!/ Take Hold Of That Star/ Claustrophobia/ You Wouldn't Know/ Could It Be/ Follow The Wind.


I Was A Lover, A Leader Of Men/ And The Children Laughing (7‘‘ – Single)

Don´t Say Goodbye/ Peace Of Mind (7‘‘ – Single)

Cherry Red/ I Want Home (7‘‘ – Single)).
SINGLES (alles 7‘‘):

(Noeleen Batley): (Aus: März 1965)

Baby I‘m Losing You (geschrieben von Barry)/ His Lips Get In The Way (Non – Bee Gees – Track),

[Noeleen Batley (see 1963!) recorded two Barry Gibb songs in 1965. This one showcased both her voice and a ballad by Barry, indicating how good Barry's songs sounded when sung and recorded well, unlike the cheap job being done with the Bee Gees' own sessions!!]
(Jimmy Boyd): (Aus: März 1965)

That's What I'll Give To You (B Gibb)/ My Hometown (W. Newton – Nummer!!).

[This song made a solid r'n'b number on the Chicago-based Vee Jay label, produced by Terry Melcher (see Wayne Newton), who wrote the B side. Jimmy Boyd had had a hit as a child singer, over ten years earlier, with "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth".]

RED ROSES FOR A BLUE LADY (Wayne Newton) (LP): (Aus: März 1965)

Nur 1 Lied v. den Bee Gees: They' ll Never Know (B Gibb).

[Wayne Newton, known now as the biggest act in Las Vegas, was at this time making hit records, and sings this boyish ballad in the higher voice he was then known for. Barry's new publisher Belinda, working hard to get his songs recorded by American artists, contacted Newton while he was on tour in Australia and offered

him some Barry Gibb songs. Newton's producer Terry Melcher also produced Jimmy Boyd, and that is probably how Boyd came to record "That's What I'll Give To You", presumably another one of the songs offered to New-ton.]
HIT THE TRAIL (JOHN HORE) (LP) (andere Quellen geben das Erscheinungsjahr 1966 an):

Nur 1 Lied v. d. Bee Gees: Tribute To An Unknown Love (B Gibb)

[The LP must be from 1965, because a back cover photo shows "Air New Zealand", which started up in April 1965. Hore met the brothers during an Australian tour and received four demos from them later, of which he chose this one. Whether this record was even released in Australia is unknown. Hore sings a nice baritone to a country-western backing, and adds a catchy whistling motif. He is still performing (1999) as John Grennel.]

SINGLES (alles 7‘‘):

(Noeleen Batley): (Aus: Oktober 1965)

Padre (Non – Bee Gees – Track)/ Watching The Hours Go By (B Gibb).

[für die B-Side: Noeleen Batley: vocals/ Barry Gibb: guitar/ Robin Gibb: organ (?)/ Maurice Gibb: bass (?) & others. Produced by Barry Gibb. Sydney. This does not have the fine arrangement of Noeleen's previous Barry Gibb songs, but on the other hand it has the Bee Gees themselves, and it is Noeleen's favorite.]

(Dennis and the Delawares): (Aus: Oktober 1965)

Bad Girl (B Gibb)/ They Say (B Gibb).

[Dennis Williams and the Delaware play a pair of lively rock numbers. The Bee Gees are not on this recording, but Barry was present making suggestions during band rehearsals earlier. Dennis Williams was the singer and the band were the same as on the Bee Gees' single "Claustrophobia".]

(Lynne Fletcher): (Aus: Dezember 1965)

You Do Your Loving With Me (geschrieben v. B. Gibb)/ In My Book (Non - Bee Gees – Track).

[Produced by David Mackay (siehe Bunburys, 1986-1988)!].

(Trevor Gordon and The Bee Gees):

Little Miss Rhythm And Blues/ Here I Am.

WINE AND WOMEN (EP; Australien):

Wine And Women/ Follow The Wind/ Peace Of Mind/ Don´t Say Goodbye.


Spicks And Specks/ Jingle Jangle/ Tint Of Blue/ Where Are You?.


SPICKS AND SPECKS (LP) (nur in Australien):

Monday's Rain (anderer Vocal-Track als auf „Monday´s Rain“-Album!)/ Spicks And Specks/ How Many Birds/ Jingle Jangle/ Playdown/ Tint Of Blue/ Second Hand People/ Where Are You/ I Don't Know Why I Bother With Myself/ Born A Man/ Big Chance/ Glass House.
MONDAY`S RAIN (LP) (Australien):

Where Are You?/ Spicks And Specks/ Playdown/ Big Chance/ Glass House/ How Many Birds/ Second Hand People/ I Don`t Know Why I Bother With Myself/ Monday`s Rain/ Tint Of Blue/ Jingle Jangle/ Born A Man

(Singleauskoppelungen: Monday´s Rain/ Playdown (7‘‘ – Single)

Monday´s Rain/ All Of My Life (7‘‘ – Single)

Born A Man/ Big Chance (7‘‘ – Single))
SINGLE (7‘‘):

Spicks & Specks/ I Am The World (D: März 1967)

SINGLE (7‘‘): (Richard Wright Group) (Aus: Mai 1966)

Neither Rich Nor Poor (B Gibb)/ You Can't Love 'em All (Non – Bee Gees – Track).

[This is not the Richard Wright from Pink Floyd, nor the one in the Australian band the Groop. The A side was recorded before the band was formed, and possibly features Gibb vocals and instruments. It was produced by David Mackay (see the Bunburys, 1986-1988).]
SINGLE (Lori Balmer):

Who´s Been Writing On The Wall Again? (B Gibb)/ In Your World (B Gibb)

[Lori Balmer: vocal -- Barry Gibb: vocal, guitar -- Robin Gibb: vocal -- Maurice Gibb: vocal -- others. Produced by Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb. Australia. Lori Balmer ("Lori" on the label) was about ten years old when she recorded this single, and sounds like it. "Who's been writing" includes the singer's first name, "Jenny" in its first recording in 1965 and "Lori" here. Lori Balmer made another single with the Bee Gees in late 1968.]

THE TWILIGHTS (The Twilights) (LP):

Nur 1 Lied v. d. Bee Gees: Long Life (B Gibb)

[Glen Shorrock: vocal/ Terry Britten: guitar/ Peter Brideoake: guitar/ John Bywaters: bass/ Laurie Pryor: drums/ Paddy McCartney: vocal. This recording was made in Ossie Byrne's studio, where Barry suggested they do this new song, but there's no evidence of the Bee Gees being on this one. The Twilights' lead singer Glen Shorrock was later with the Little River Band, and guitarist Terry Britten went on to a songwriting career in England.]


Nur 2 Lieder: Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder [Cover Version] & I Am What I Am [Cover Version]


Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder [Cover Version]/ I Am What I Am [Cover Version])

[Mike Brady: vocal, guitar -- Pete Watson: bass, vocal -- Danny Finley: drums, vocal -- Maurice Gibb: piano, vocal -- Barry Gibb: vocal -- Robin Gibb: vocal. Australia. These are not Gibb compositions. Their contribution to these recordings is not very noticeable. This is on CD, 1996, "M P D Limited, the legendary Go!! Recordings“.]

SINGLE (Ray Brown And The Whispers): (Aus: November 1966)

Respect (Non Bee Gees – Track; Bee Gees sind hier auch nicht im Background!!)/ Too Late To Come Home [Cover Version]

[Ray Brown: vocal -- Barry Gibb: vocal -- Robin Gibb: vocal -- Maurice Gibb: vocal -- Laurie Barclay: guitar -- Alex Zacali: guitar -- John Manners: bass -- Pat Jeffrey: drums. This was among the band's last numbers, and the vocals were done separately from the band. The group had worked earlier with Robert Iredale and Bill Shepherd as the Bee Gees had done. Reports of the Bee Gees singing on their earlier "I am what I am" are not correct according to John Manners in 1998!!]

Why Do I Cry [Cover Version]/ I Haven´t Got You (Non Bee Gees – Track; Bee Gees singen hier auch nicht im Background!)

[Vyt: vocals -- Chris Eggleton: guitar -- Barry Gibb: vocal -- Robin Gibb: vocal -- Maurice Gibb: vocal. Produced by Nat Kipner and Ossie Byrne. Hurstville NSW. Recorded at Hurstville where the Bee Gees were working, and they put on backing vocals. On CD, "Ugly Things No.2 / Savage sounds from the sixties", 1983, Raven Records, Aus. The song is a cover of a Remains number.]


RONNIE BURNS (Ronnie Burns):

[= EP mit 4 Bee Gees – Liedern, die bis dahin nur als Demos (von den Bee Gees eingespielt!) vorhanden waren; Bee Gees im Background; Lieder im Endeffekt etwas anders als Bee Gees – Demos!]:

Coal Man/ Top Hat/ All The King`s Horses/ Butterfly.

(Singleauskoppelung: Coal Man/ All The King´s Horses).
SINGLE (Mike Furber):

Where Are You?/ Second Hand People

[Mike Furber: vocal -- Barry Gibb: vocal -- Robin Gibb: vocal -- Maurice Gibb: vocal -- others. Australia.

A single of two songs off the Bee Gees' new album, with them singing backup!! "Where are you" is miscredited to Barry Gibb on the label.]

BEE GEES` FIRST (LP) (D: Juli 1967 & Oktober 1975 wiederveröffentlicht):

Turn Of The Century/ Holiday/ Red Chair Fade Away/ One Minute Woman/ In My Own Time/ Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You/ Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy Of Arts/ New York Mining Desaster 1941/ Cucumber Castle/ To Love Somebody/ I Close My Eyes/ I Can`t See Nobody/ Please Read Me/ Close Another Door.


New York Mining Desaster 1941/ I Can`t See Nobody (7‘‘ – Single) (D: April 1967)

New York Mining Desaster 1941/ To Love Somebody (7‘‘) (D: Dezember 1972 & März 1976)

To Love Somebody/ Close Another Door (7‘‘ – Single) (D: Juni 1967)

Holiday/ Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You (7‘‘ – Single)

Holiday/ Red Chair Fade Away (D: Juli 1967) )
BEE GEES 1st (Argentinische Ausgabe):

Identisch mit vorangehender Liste & „Massachusetts“ / „World“ !!
RONNIE (Ronnie Burns) [beim Bootleg-Release: statt „Butterfly“ der Song „Coalman“!]:

Nur 6 Lieder v. d. Bee Gees: Top Hat/ Butterfly/ In The Morning/ Exit Stage Right/ Terrible Way To Treat Your Baby/ I´ll Know What To Do.

(Singleauskoppelung: In The Morning/ Exit, Stage Right)

[Burns followed up his hit "Coalman" with more Gibb songs. First came an EP of the two single songs plus "Top Hat" (without the spoken section in the Bee Gees' version) and "Butterfly", early in 1967. He then had a second hit single of the doublesided "In The Morning"/"Exit Stage Right" in July. These are all very close copies of the Bee Gees' versions, and some say the Gibbs actually appear on all of them, but I can hear them only on "Coalman" and "All The King's Horses".]
TURN AROUND, LOOK AT US (LP) (Australien):

Turn Around, Look At Me [Cover Version]/ Cherry Red/ The Battle Of The Blue And Grey/ All Of My Life/ The Three Kisses Of Love/ I Am The World/ Theme from "Jamie McPheeters" [Cover Version]/ I Was A Lover, A Leader Of Men/ Every Day I Have To Cry [Cover Version]/ Wine And Women/ I Want Home/ Peace Of Mind.


Every Day I Have To Cry [Cover Version]/ You Wouldn´t Know (7‘‘ – Single)

Turn Around, Look At Us [Cover Version]/ Theme from „Jamie McPheeters“ [Cover Version] (7‘‘ – Single))

Turn Around... [Cover Version]/ Everyday I Have.../ Wine And Women/ Peace Of Mind.

TIMBER (EP; Australien):

Timber/ Take Hold Of.../ The Battle Of..../ The Three Kisses Of Love.

SINGLE (Noeleen Batley) (7‘‘): (Aus: September 1967)

How Far Is Somewhere (Non - Bee Gees – Track)/ The Wishing Song (geschrieben v. Barry).

[This song was not published in the US and is probably about the last of the Australian-published compositions to be released. It is Noeleen Batley's fourth Barry Gibb song and is again a fine performance.]
SINGLES (alles 7‘‘):

(Esther & Abi Ofarim):

In The Morning (aka Morning Of My Life) (3:30) / [In The] Garden Of My Home (2:56)

(The Monopoly): (Aus: 1967)

House Of Lords (B, R & M Gibb)/ Magic Carpet (Non – Bee Gees – Track).

[An almost Elizabethan melody, at least as performed here with multiple voices and guitars!].

(Adam Faith):

Cowman, Milk Your Cow / Daddy What'll Happen To Me (= Non Bee Gees – Track).
(Los Bravos): (Aus: 1967)

Like Nobody Else (B, R & M Gibb)/ Wearing A Smile (Non – Bee Gees – Track).

[= 1. Aufnahme v. Bee Gees – Lied, das bis dahin nur als Demo vorhanden war!!]
(The Family Dogg): (Aus: 1967)

The Storm (B, R & M Gibb)/ Family Dogg (Non – Bee Gees – Track).

[= 1. Aufnahme v. Bee Gees – Lied, das bis dahin nur als Demo vorhanden war!!]

(Gerry Marsden):

Gilbert Green / What Makes Me Love You (Non Bee Gees – Track).
(Dave Berry): (Aus: 1967)

Forever (B, R & M Gibb)/ And I Have Learned To Dream (Non – Bee Gees – Track).

[= 1. Aufnahme v. Bee Gees – Lied, das bis dahin nur als Demo vorhanden war!!]

(The Sands):

Mrs Gillespie's Refrigerator / Listen To The Sky (= Non Bee Gees – Track).
(Johnny Young): (Aus: 1967)

Lady (B Gibb)/ Good Evening Girl (Non – Bee Gees – Track).

[Young had two number 1 songs in Australia in late 1966. This one, recorded with The Strangers (see Ronnie Burns, 1966) was top 40, and he had a second Gibb top 40 with "Craise Finton Kirk..." in Aug 1967. Both were produced by Peter Robinson in Melbourne. Young recalls he paid for Barry's planefare home once, and Barry

wrote him this song in return!]

(Johnny Ashcroft): (Aus: 1967?/ 1968?)

Don't Forget Me Ida (B Gibb)/ Think Pink (Non – Bee Gees – Track).

[Despite the very late date (guessed from the catalog number), the song is from Barry's Australian publisher and so it must be from no later than 1966. Adding to the mystery is an unreleased stereo demo with lyric changes, said to be from 1972!!]

(The Majority):

All Our Christmas/ People (= Non Bee Gees – Track)

New York Mining.../ I Can´t See Nobody/ Turn Of The Century/ Holiday.


New York Mining.../ I Close My Eyes/ I Can´t See Nobody/ Cucumber Castle.


New York..../ I Can´t See Nobody/ Spicks & Specks/ I Am The World.

TO LOVE SOMEBODY (EP; Australien):

To Love Somebody/ Close Another Door/ Red Chair Fade Away/ One Minute Woman.

TO LOVE SOMEBODY (EP; Frankreich):

To Love Somebody/ Spicks & Specks/ Turn Of The Century/ Close Another Door.


To Love Somebody/ In My Own Time/ Turn Of The Century/ Close Another Door.

HOLIDAY (EP; Portugal):

Holiday/ One Minute Woman/ Cucumber Castle/ Please Read Me.

SOUNDS OF MODIFICATION (Sounds Of Modification) (LP):

Nur 1 Lied v.d. Bee Gees: „You“


HORIZONTAL (LP) (in Japan heißt die Platte „Massachusetts“!) (D: Februar 1968):

World/ And The Sun Will Shine/ Lemons Never Forget/ Really And Sincerely/ Birdie Told Me/ With The Sun In My Eyes/ Massachusetts/ Harry Braff/ Day Time Girl/ The Earnest Of Being George/ The Change Is Made/ Horizontal.


Massachusetts/ Barker Of The UFO (7‘‘ – Single) (D: September 1967)

Massachusetts/ Holiday (7‘‘ – Single)

Massachusetts/ Sir Geoffrey Saved The World (7‘‘ – Single) (D: Nov. 1967)

Massachusetts/ Spicks And Specks (7‘‘ – Single) (D: Dezember 1972)

Massachusetts/ World (7‘‘ – Single) (D: Nov. 1975)

World/ Sir Geoffrey Saved The World (7‘‘ – Single)

World/ I´ve Gotta Get A Message To You (7‘‘ – Single) (D: März 1974)

World/ Holiday (7‘‘ – Single)

World/ Horizontal (7‘‘ – Single) (YU: 1968)

And The Sun Will Shine/ Really And Sincerely (7‘‘ – Single))
HORIZONTAL (Argentinische Ausgabe):

Identisch mit vorangehender Liste & „Jumbo“/ „The Singer Sang His Song“/ „Word“/ „Sinking Ships“; aber „Massachusetts“ & „World“ fehlen!!
SINGLES (alles 7‘‘):

Words/ Sinking Ships (D: Februar 1968)

Words/ First Of May (D: März 1974)

Jumbo/ The Singer Sang His Song (Mono-Version 3:02) (D: April 1968)

JUMBO (EP; Australien):

Jumbo/ The Singer Sang His Song/ The Earnest Of.../ The Change Is Made.

WORDS (EP; Australien):

Words/ Sinking Ships/ Birdie Told Me/ With The Sun in My Eyes.

RARE, PRECIOUS & BEAUTIFUL I (Compilation v. Australien-Singles)) (D: Juni 1968):

Where Are You ?/ Spicks And Specks/ Playdown/ Big Chance/ Glass House/ How Many Birds/ Second Hand People/ I Don`t Know Why I Bother With Myself/ Monday`s Rain/ Tint Of Blue/ Jingle Jangle/ Born A Man.


Massachusetts/ Barker Of The UFO/ Cucumber Castle/ In My Own Time.


Massachusetts/ Barker Of The UFO/ Craise Finton Kirk..../ I Close My Eyes.

WORLD (EP; Australien):

World/ Sir Geoffrey.../ In My Own Time/ Please Read Me.

EP OHNE TITEL (Bulgarien):

Massachusetts/ The Change Is Made/ Harry Braff/ The Earnest Of Being George.

IDEA (LP) (D: August 1968):

Let There Be Love/ Swan Song/ In The Summer Of His Years/ Indian Gin And Whiskey Dry/ Down To Earth/ Such A Shame [= Melouney -Komposition - damals noch Bee Gees - Mitglied]/ When The Swallows Fly/ Kitty Can/ I`ve Decided To Join The Air Force Today/ I Started A Joke/ Kilburn Towers/ Idea.


I`ve Gotta Get A Message To You („Single Version“ => „Fast Mono Version“; 3:00)/ Kitty Can (7‘‘ – Single) (D: August 1968)

I Started A Joke/ Kilburn Towers (7‘‘ – Single)

I Started A Joke/ Swan Song (7‘‘ – Single)

I Started A Joke/ Idea (7‘‘ – Single)

Let There Be Love/ Really And Sincerely (7‘‘ – Single)) (NL/ Belgien: 1969).
IDEA (LP) (US – Version):

= ident. mit europäischer Version, aber plus „I´ve Gotta Get A Message To You“ („US-Version“ => „Slow Stereo Version“ mit früherem Fade out; 2:50) statt „Such A Shame“!!

IDEA (Japanische Ausgabe):

Identisch mit europäischer Ausgabe & „Jumbo“/ „I´ve Gotta Get A Message To You“!!

IDEA (English Monoversion; Bootleg):

Let There be love/ Kitty Can (vocals more pronounced)/ In the summer of his Years/ Indian Gin and Whiskey dry (slap base more pronounced)/ Down to earth/ Such a Shame/ Idea (different mix, whistling at beginning, different mid-section, longer guitar solo, extra vocal by Barry at the end!!)/ When The Swallows fly/ I have decided to join The air force/ I started a joke/ Kilburn Towers/ Swan song // Bonus Tracks: In The Bleak Mid-winter (Robin Gibb, Christmas show 2000)/ O‘ come all ye faithful (Bee Gees)/ Silent night (Bee Gees mix)/ In the bleak mid-winter (Robin Gibb, Christmas show 2000, longer version)/ New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Monoversion, slightly different ending)/ Barker of the U.F.O (Monoversion)/ I've gotta get a message to You (Monoversion)/ First of May (Monoversion, does not fade out at the end)/ Tomorrow, Tomorrow (Monoversion, short promotional version)/ Mother and Jack (Robin Gibb, Monoversion, longer ending => B-Side v. „Saved By The Bell“!)/ August October (Robin Gibb, Monoversion, shorter ending)/ I've come back (Maurice Gibb, B-Side of "Railroad" - Single)/ Little boy (Performed by The Marbles).

Another Cold And Windy Day (Things Go Better with Coca Cola; 1:30)/ Sitting In The Meadow (Things Go Better with Coca Cola; 1:30).


Intro Overture-Have You Seen My Wife Mister Jones (=New York Mining Disaster 1941)/ Every Christian Lionhearted Man Will Show You/ Words/ Gilbert Green (never released before!)/ Turn Of The Century/ To Love Somebody/ Holiday/ Medley: C´mon Marianne [Cover Version]-In My Own Time-I Can´t See Nobody-Strange Brew [Cover Version]-In My Own Time/ Morning Of My Life/ Massachusetts/ Spicks And Specks/ Finale Overture- Now I Found That The World Is Round (=World) // Bonus Tracks: Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You & Words (from the Ed Sullivan Show)/ I Started A Joke & First Of May (from the Tom Jones Show)/ Holiday (Rare Beeb Radio Broadcast)/ With The Sun In My Eyes (Rare Beeb Radio Broadcast)/ The Earnest Of Being George (Rare Beeb Radio Broadcast)/ World (Rare Beeb Radio Broadcast)/ Words (from the Smother`s Brother Show)/ And The Sun Will Shine (from the Smother`s Brother Show).

BEE GEES – LIVE IN HAMBURG 1968 (Recorded April 1968 in Hamburg, Messehallen Ernst-Merck-Halle) (Bootleg):

New York Mining Disaster 1941/ To Love Somebody/ Jumbo/ The Singer Sang Has Song/ I Have Decided To Join The Airforce/ I Started A Joke/ Let There Be Love/ Band Introduction/ Words/ I Can't See Nobody/ Morning Of My Life/ Really And Sincerely/ Massachusetts/ I've Gotta Get A Message To You/ Spicks And Specks/ World.

RARE, PRECIOUS & BEAUTIFUL II (Compilation v. Australien-Singles) (D: Dezember 1968):

I Was A Lover, A Leader Of Men/ Follow The Wind/ Claustrophobia/ Theme From Jamie McPheeters [Cover Version]/ Everyday I Have To Cry [Cover Version]/ Take Hold Of That Star/ Could It Be/ To Be Or Not To Be/ The Three Kisses Of Love/ Cherry Red/ All Of My Life/ Don`t Say Goodbye.

SINGLE (The Brigade) (7‘‘): (Aus: 1968?)

All By Myself (geschrieben v. M Gibb)/ Him Or Me, What's It Gonna Be.

[Maurice's song from the 1966 demos turned up two years later on an obscure Australian single produced by Ron Tudor in Melbourne.]


I´ve Gotta..../ Kitty Can/ Down To Earth/ Such A Shame.


I´ve Gotta..../ Kitty Can/ Harry Braff/ The Earnest Of....

I STARTED A JOKE (EP; Australien):

I Started.../ Kilburn Towers/ In The Summer Of His Years/ Such a Shame.

I STARTED A JOKE (EP; Portugal):

I Started..../ Idea/ When The Swallows Fly/ Indian Gin & Whisky Dry.


Seite A: Bee Gees Titel // Seite B: „The Other Ray Charles“ (= Ray Charles Titel)
EINE RUNDE POLYDOR – EINMALIGE JUBILÄUMS – AUSGABE – 30 STARS MIT WELTSCHLAGERN IN NEUAUFNAHMEN (= „Polydor“ – Jubiläumsplatte mit 4 Medleys) (Polydor | 109 535):

Nur 1 Lied v. d. Bee Gees: „Gena‘s Theme“ (1:33) (Instrumental; v. Bee Gees peformed & geschrieben; = ein „Idea“ – Outtake; = Teil eines Medleys)
SINGLE (Orchester Max Greger):

The Square Cup (Instrumental written by Barry und Maurice)/ ??

SINGLE (Lori Balmer):

Treacle Brown / Four Faces West
SINGLE (David Garrick):

Maypole Mews / Like to get to know you better (Non Bee Gees – Track).


ODESSA (LP) (auch als Promo-LP in den USA mit nur 10 Titel – aber mit Kommentaren eines NYer DJ !! - erschienen) (D: März 1969):
Odessa (City On The Black Sea)/ You`ll Never See My Face Again/ Black Diamond/ Marley Purt Drive/ Edison/ Melody Fair/ Suddenly/ Whisper Whisper/ Lamplight/ Sound Of Love/ Give Your Best/ Seven Seas Symphony/ I Laugh In Your Face/ Never Say Never Again/ With All Nations (International Anthem) (nur auf LP!)/ First Of May/ The British Opera.


First Of May/ Lamplight (7‘‘ – Single) (D: Februar 1969)

Odessa Pt. 1/ Odessa Pt. 2 (unveröffentlicht) (7‘‘ – Single))

FIRST OF MAY (EP; Australien):

First Of May/ Cherry Red/ I Was A Lover.../ The Three Kisses Of Love.

RARE, PRECIOUS & BEAUTIFUL III (Compilation v. Australien-Singles) (D: März 1969):

Wine And Woman/ I Don`t Think It`s Funny/ Turn Around, Look At Me[Cover Version]/ I Am The World/ The Battle Of The Blue And Grey/ How Love Was True/ And The Children Laughing/ You Wouldn`t Know/ I Want Home/ Timber/ I Was A Lover, A Leader Of Men/ Peace Of Mind.

LAMPLIGHT (EP) (D: Juni 1969):
BEST OF THE BEE GEES I (Compilation) (D: September 1969):

New York Mining Desaster 1941/ To Love Somebody/ Holiday/ I Can`t See Nobody/ Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You/ Massachusetts/ I`ve Gotta Get A Message To You („US-Version“ => „Slow Stereo Version“; 2:50)/ First Of May/ I Started A Joke/ World („Stereomix“ => In fact, "World" is Mono until near the end when the orchestra comes in on the right channel) / Words („Stereomix“ => has very little instrumental accompaniment; Barry sounds almost as if he is singing a cappella on this mix.)/ Spicks And Specks.

SINGLE (Barry und Maurice Gibb) (7‘‘):
Tomorrow Tomorrow/ Sun In My Morning (D: Juni 1969)

SINGLE (P.P.Arnold):

Bury Me Down By The River / Give A Hand, Take A Hand (= 1. Aufnahme des Songs!!; beides produziert von Barry).
SINGLE (Billie Lawrie): => Maurice: Producer & Arrangements

Roll over Beethoven [Cover Version] / Come back Joanna (written by Lawrie) [Cover-Version].

SINGLE (Samantha Sang):

The Love Of A Woman / Don‘t Let It Happen Again.
TOMORROW (EP; Australien):

Tomorrow Tomorrow/ Indian Gin And Whisky Dry/ Sun In My Morning/ Let There Be Love.


Tomorrow Tomorrow/ Suddenly/ Sun In My Morning/ Whisper Whisper.

SINGLE (The Tigers):

Smile For Me (written by Barry und Maurice)/ Rain Falls On The Lonely (Non Bee Gees Track).
SINGLE (The Vic Lewis Orchestra and His Singers):

Come And Get It (Non Bee Gees – Track) / No Other Heart (written by (Thorne/Lewis/R Gibb).

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