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Geranium Calliope™ The geranium that blooms all summer Why plant it

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Geranium Calliope

The geranium that blooms all summer
Why plant it:

Calliope geraniums are easy to grow and have unmatched color on large, semi-double blooms.

Where to plant and key care tips:

Calliope is a half-ivy, half-zonal geranium with a unique mounding and semi-trailing habit, so it’s great for beds, containers or baskets. These heat- and drought-tolerant plants bloom all summer and attract butterflies. Deadhead for faster re-blooming.

Light: 6+ hours daily

Water: When soil is dry to touch

Feed: All purpose 2x monthly

Height: to 10-12” with 16-20" spread

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Calliope is one of the best and most versatile geraniums available for baskets, containers, and gardens. With a vigorous semi-trailing habit and semi-double blooms, Calliope was developed by crossing zonal (upright) geraniums with ivy geraniums. Its large flowers are richly colored with Calliope Dark Red as the most popular variety, followed closely by Lavender Rose. Crimson Flame is a new bicolor variety.

Calliope likes lots of sun and is both heat and drought tolerant. Geraniums don’t like “soggy feet,” so plant Calliope in well-draining soil and water when soil is dry to the touch. Feed twice a month with an all-purpose fertilizer and, for the best flower display, deadhead spent blooms as needed.
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