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Geology and mineral resources of dholpur district

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Dholpur district is situated in north-east corner of Rajasthan. It was declared as the 27th district of the State in the year 1982. Prior to this it was a sub-division of Bharatpur district. Dholpur is the smallest district of the state and lies between latitudes 22° 22' to 26° 67' and longitude 77° 14' to 78° 16' covering 3004 sq. km. area. It is bounded in the north by Bharatpur (Raj.) and Agra (U.P.) districts, in South by Muraina (U.P.) and Gwalior (M.P.) districts and in the west by Karauli district. The district has four Panchayat Samities, viz. Basedi, Bari, Dholpur and Rajakhera and five

Rocks of Bhander Group of Vindhyan Supergroup are exposed in the southern part of the district. The Rewa Group is represented by Indergarh sandstone. Its outcrops are exposed in west of Baseri and northwest of Sepau along the border. This is conformably overlain by rocks of Bhander Group, comprising Sirbu shale and Upper Bhander sandstone. The Sirbu shale occurs with interbeds of stromatolitic limestone, which is intermittantly exposed along the southern margin of the district bordering M.P. It is confirmably overlain by the upper Bhander sandstone which is well axposed in south west of Dholpur.

tehsils, viz. Basedi, Bari, Dholpur, Rajakhera and Sepau. Topographically, most of the part of the district has rugged topography formed by the rocks of Vindhyan Supergroup. Chambel is the only perenial river of the district. This river flows along the eastern border of the district as well as borders of the state seperating Rajasthan from Madhya Pradesh.

Geology :- Geologically the district comprises rocks of Rewa and Upper Bhander Groups of Vindhyan Supergroup. The Stratigraphic succession of the district is shown as below:

Quartenary - Soil & Alluvium

Upper Bhander (Maihar) Sandstone with intercalations of shale

Vindhyan Upper Bhander Group

Sirbu Shale with stromatolitic limestone

Super Group

Rewa Group Lower Rewa (Indergarh) Sandstone
Mineral Resources

The mineral wealth of the district is constituted mainly by sandstone & limestone. A total of 87 mining leases are existing in the district.

Dholpur district is known for its unique Sandstone. In general Dholpur sandstone is fine to medium grained, compact, resistant to acid, available in differente shades and colours and can be easily dressed and chiseled. It takes good polish at cut surface. The colour of the sandstone depends on the constituents of the cementing meterial. The famous Dholpur sandstone is being used in Rajasthan as will as in neighbouring states since centuries as building and dimensional stone. The famous historical buildings like Rashtrapati Bhawan, Red Forts of Agra and Delhi, Vidhansabha Bhawan, Jaipur and many other forts are built by the Dholpur sandstone. It is being used in roofing, flooring, panelling, beams; pillars, door and window sills, cladding, wall fancing, making of statue, perforated windows, jalies and carved decorative articles. Details of the important sandstone localities of the district

are given below.

Tehsil Village

1. Bari Kankrai, Dhimri, Tanoti, Totpur, Naksonda, Richhai,

Chilaghund, Bhola Ka Pura, Birpur, Basai, Dang, Khanpur Gurjar, Bijauli, Maidana, Barauli Ka Pura, Talab Sahi, Janura.

2. Baseri Kachchhanpura, Khidarpur, Angai, Thawa, Dhond, Bidarpur,

Tilawa, Birja, Dhor, Nandanpur, Tajpur, Sar Mathura, Badarea, Chand, Kharagpura.
The deposits mentioned above have splittable and blockable sandstone. The blocks of 8'x4'x3' and even bigger size can be excavated. In general, Dholpur Sandstone contains 98.20% SiO2, 0.840% Fe2O3, 0.32% Al2O3, 0.28% CaO, MgO is absent and loss on ignition is nil. Physically this sandstone has 2.40 kg/m3 density, 1.20% Water absorption, 208 kg/cm2 Modulus of Rupture and 460 kg/cm2 compressive strength.

A total of 64 leases of sandstones are in operation in the district.

Lime Stone: The Vindhyan Limestone occurs in and along the banks of Chambal river. It is grey in colour, fine to medium grained and massive. At present, there is no mining lease for limestone. The main locations of limestone are Sawar Pali, Basai Dang and Rojai Kalan in tehsil Dholpur.

Masonry Stone: The sandstone which is hard and compact but does not has splittability, is used as masonry stone in the form of Khanda, Gitty & boulders. The leases of Khanda, Gitty, boulders & Bajari are distributed throught the district. It is also supplied to the neighbouring parts of M.P. and V.P. States. The prominent deposits are listed below:

Tehsil Village

1. Dholpur Chandpura, Narpura, Bhilgaon, Surajpura, Bishnoda, Kotra,

Panch Gaon, Purani Chhawani.

2. Rajakhera Pahari, Mairana.

3. Sepau Rundh-Rajaura.
There are 22 working leases for masonry stone are existing in the district.

Mineral Administration: The Mineral Administration in the district is looked after by Mining Engineer, Dholpur under supervision of the Superintending Mining Engineer, Bharatpur and Addl. Director, Mines, Jaipur Zone. The geological work is carried out by the Senior Geologist, Alwar, who works under the supervision of the Superintending Geologist, Jaipur Region and Addl. Director, Geology, Jaipur Zone.

The telephone numbers of these offices are given below:

Addl. Director, Mines, Jaipur Zone, Jaipur : 0141-2227505 (0) -

Addl. Director, Geology, Jaipur Zone, Jaipur : 0141-2227234 (0) 2308239(R

Superintending Mining Engineer, Bharatpur : 05644-222421 (0) -

Superintending Geologist, Jaipur Region, Jaipur : 0141- 2224687(0) 2391848(R

Mining Engineer, Dholpur : 05642-220762 (0) 220762 (R

Senior Geologist, Alwar : 0144-2731099 (0)

Mineral statistics of Dholpur District (Year 2004-05)

S.N o.


No. of leases


Sale value


(000 tonnes)

(Rs. in Lacs)

(Rs in .000)














Masonry stone





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Bavaji, I.R.; A report on resistivity survey in parts of Gambhiri river basin in Eastern Rajasthan (R-1801

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