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Fossils web quest

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Fossils web quest

  1. What were the first fossils found in Antarctica? Where and when were they found? The first fossil found in Antarctica was the cycloptersaurous.

  2. What was the first dinosaur fossil found in Antarctica? Where and when was it found? The duck bill

  3. What dinosaur fossil was found on Vega Island in 1986? The Hypsilophodont, a type of small, herbivorous dinosaur, was discovered in the mudstone layer of Vega Island by the British Antarctic Survey in 1986.

  4. What are the two reasons the fossil found on Vega Island is of particular importance to understanding the climate and location of Antarctica millions of years ago? Because there were plants eaters on Antarctica many years ago and it is cold there know so if you put that to a conclusion it must have been further north. The first fossil found on Antarctica.

  5. The first dinosaur fossil and the fossil found on Vega Island in 1986 were representative of what geologic time period?

  6. What dinosaur fossil was found in the Transantarctic Mountains in the summer of 1990-1991? During what geologic time period did this dinosaur live? Cryolophosaurus was discovered in 1991 by paleontologist William R. Hammer and his team on Mount Kirkpatrick, the highest peak in the entire Queen Alexandra Range of the Transantarctic Mountains.

  7. Besides the fossils already discussed, name the other fossil animals that have been found in Antarctica. It would tell you that an ocean once existed there and then withdrew

  8. Why have so few dinosaur fossils been found in Antarctica? Today, Antarctica is covered by a thick layer of ice and snow, making fossil excavation very difficult. Sixty-five million years ago, when the last of the dinosaurs died out, Antarctica may well have been much warmer than it is now and it may have supported a wide variety of plant and animal life. Over the millions of years since the last dinosaur disappeared our planet's weather has changed, leaving Antarctica a cold and inhospitable place where finding evidence of fossils is difficult, if not nearly impossible.

  9. Early expeditions to Antarctica reported on seeing fossils, but they did not collect them. Who first reported seeing fossils of leaves and stems of plants? Who reported finding beds of coal near the South Pole? Robert a. Sutton

How do plant fossils and beds of coal support the idea that Antarctica once was warmer than it is today? There was a lot of vegetation.

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