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Fall Scavenger Hunt: fruits & nuts instructions

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Fall Scavenger Hunt: FRUITS & NUTS

Instructions: Hidden within the Washington Park Arboretum are 12 clues. Clue locations are described below, and the route is marked with hanging pine cones that have been painted white. Each laminated clue contains a secret letter. Leave the clues where you find them, but use the secret letters to fill in the blanks below. After finding all 12 secret letters, use them to crack the code on the back. Good luck, have fun, and Happy Fall!

  1. Arbutus unedo (Strawberry Tree) LETTER: _______

From the Visitors Center, head to the south end of the parking lot towards the greenhouse. On your right, look for a group of large shrubs with dark green leaves, bright red fruit, and little white flowers to find your first secret letter.

  1. Mahonia x media (Oregon Grape) LETTER: ________

Walk southeast across the parking lot towards the stone fountain. Follow the gravel service road past the greenhouse and plant sales area to find the Pollination Garden. While facing the beehives, look to your left for a pair of medium-sized shrubs with spiky green leaves and tight clusters of light green flower buds.

  1. Rosa canina (Dog Rose) LETTER: _______

Continue on the gravel road up and over the hill. Pass by our log pile on the left and when you see a steaming mulch pile, look right for a wide path that changes from gravel to grass. Look for a tall thorny shrub with bright red fruit on the right side of the path.

  1. Malus ‘Golden Hornet‘ (Crab Apple) LETTER: _______

Continue on the path heading west towards Arboretum Drive and a row of tall Cedars. Just before reaching the Cedars look for a medium-sized tree with small yellow fruit on your right.

  1. Crataegus × lavallei ‘Carrierei’ (Cockspur Hawthorn) LETTER: _______

Proceed onto Arboretum Drive and turn left heading south. After passing by a small parking lot and the Woodland Garden meadow, look for a massive tree with dark green leaves and bright red/orange fruit.

  1. Callicarpa sp. (Beautyberry) LETTER: _______

Continue on Arboretum Drive up the hill. About half-way up, when you come to a row of tall hemlocks on your left, look beyond them for a small shrub with bright purple berries.

  1. Brian Mulligan Sorbus Bench LETTER: _______

Get back on Arboretum Drive and continue heading south up the hill. After passing a small gravel parking lot on your left, look for a path leading into the Brian O. Mulligan Sorbus Collection. Follow the path into the collection until you come to a bench on your left.

  1. Stranvaesia davidiana LETTER: _______

Continue heading south through the Sorbus Collection following the path back to Arboretum Drive. Cross the drive and look for a dirt path leading down the other side. Follow the path and head right. Just before the first trail intersection, look right for a large shrub with dark green leaves and bright red berries.

  1. Euonymous sp. (Spindle tree) LETTER: _______

Follow the trail down the hill and go right at the fork. At the next fork, look right for a stand of reddish-brown trees with papery bark. Head off-trail towards those trees and look for a large shrub with pale green leaves and yellow fruit shaped like pumpkins.

  1. Taxus brevifolia (Pacific Yew) LETTER: _______

Get back on the trail, take your first left and head down the hill until you come to Azalea Way. Turn right heading north on Azalea Way. Turn left after the 2nd bench and head down the grassy slope being careful not so slip. Take the gravel trail heading north and look for a short spreading shrub hanging over the trail with short green needles and red fleshy cones.

  1. Quercus coccinea (Scarlet Oak) LETTER: _______

Continue heading north along the trail until you reach a “Y”. Search the large gray trunk of the tree in front of you for the next clue.

  1. Malus sargentii (Sargent Crabapple) LETTER: _______

Continue heading north along the trail and turn right at the crossroads. Pass by a temporary green plastic fence on your left, up a gentle slope, and left at the “Y” to head down the stairs towards the Visitors Center. To the left of the stairs, look for a medium-sized tree with red fruit for your last clue.

Now see if you can unscramble the letters for the secret code. What do they spell?

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

That’s it! You’re done! To redeem your completed clue sheet for a small prize either A) visit the front desk of the Graham Visitors Center during regular business hours (10AM – 4PM), or B) complete the information below.

Write your email address and phone number on the line below. Deposit into the folder attached to the scavenger hunt sign in front of the Graham Visitor Center. We will email you your prize by December 9th.

________________________________________________________ _________________________

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