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Brussels, 12/01/2016

Doc. CA/02/2016

20th Meeting of Competent Authorities for REACH and CLP (CARACAL)

8-9 March 2016


Brussels, Belgium

Concerns: CASG Nano – Extension of the Mandate
Agenda Point: 4.2 Nanomaterials update and CASG Nano mandate renewal
Action Requested: For endorsement.


CASG Nano is a subsidiary working group to the Competent Authorities for REACH1 and CLP (CARACAL) established in 20082. The mandate for CASG Nano was changed in 2012 and 2014 with the aim to focus work on regulatory and policy issues while ECHA deals with the scientific and technical aspects of the REACH implementation for nanomaterials.

Since November 2014 one meeting of CASG Nano have been held. CASG Nano has focussed on the regulatory aspects outlined in the Commission Communication on the second Regulatory Review of Nanomaterials3, in the REACH Review4, REACH Review 2013 and in the Commission Recommendation on the definition of Nanomaterial5. CASG Nano has provided inputs to intermediate steps of the possible regulatory modifications of REACH Annexes for nanomaterials as well as two Impact Assessments related to the possible amendment of Annexes to REACH for nanomaterials and Transparency Measures for Nanomaterials. It has served as expert group and sounding board for the workshop on the on-going review of Commission Recommendation on the definition of nanomaterial.

CASG Nano has also served as an exchange forum concerning information on national and private sector initiatives, research and market developments. In short, CASG Nano has delivered the output as requested by CARACAL, but the work has not been finalised in the timeline foreseen in 2014.

Extension of the mandate

The Commission services suggest that the focus of CASG Nano should be maintained on the regulatory and policy issues in accordance with the current mandate and that the mandate should be extended by 1.5 year to 1 January 2018.

Annex I

Mandate for the
CARACAL sub-group on nanomaterials


The objective of the CARACAL sub-group on nanomaterials (CASG Nano) is to exchange views on legislative and policy issues and other considerations of a policy nature in relation to nanomaterials in REACH and CLP. The Commission will keep CARACAL informed of progress and results of the work of CASG Nano.

Expected output

The CASG Nano should provide advice to the Commission in particular on the following regulatory and policy issues:

  • Nanomaterials in REACH and CLP, in particular in view of the Communication on the second Regulatory Review of Nanomaterials and the REACH Review Report:

    • Regulatory aspects and identification of possible adaptation needs, in particular possible amendments of REACH annexes, to ensure clarity on how nanomaterials are addressed and safety demonstrated in registrations.

    • Provide data and discuss potential regulatory adaptation and consequences in coherence with other relevant EU legislation;

  • REACH implementation issues, such as:

  • Information on nanomaterials.

  • International co-operation on regulatory issues

  • Other issues of relevance


The meetings of the CASG-Nano will be chaired by the Commission services. ECHA participates in the meetings of the sub-group.
Each Member State may nominate one member to the CASG-Nano.
EEA, accession and candidate countries may each nominate one observer to the CASG-Nano. Other observers to the REACH CA meeting may nominate a maximum of 10 observers to the subgroup. The Commission will assign observer seats to the subgroup meetings based on nominations received, with a view to ensure a balanced representation between various interests groups. The Commission may invite external experts to participate in the sub-group as appropriate.
The rules for the replacement of members/observers of the CARACAL apply mutatis mutandis.

Operation and Timeline

The Rules of Procedure of the CARACAL apply with regard to convening the subgroup meetings, the agenda and the documents.
Subject to the needs identified by the Commission and advised by the members of the CASG-Nano, two annual meetings will be organised. Subject to the delivery of the expected outputs, future needs and discussions in CARACAL, the CASG-Nano will be disbanded on 1 January 2018.

1 In March 2008, the classification and labelling issues were still part of REACH.

2 CA/13/2008 rev1

3 COM/2012/0572 final

4 COM/2013/49

5 2011/696/EU

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