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East boro housing trust job description

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Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive
Responsible To
Chief Executive

  1. To assist to provide an efficient administrative service within constraints, the seven principles of conduct and the policies and procedures of the Trust.

  1. To undertake administrative duties as directed by the CEO.

The main duties include:-

Administrative Duties

  1. To deal with enquiries/telephone calls, process relevant messages to the CEO and relevant departments, including listening to the out of hours messages on a daily basis and passing all messages via email to the department or individual.

  2. Assist with the monitoring and managing of the Trust’s phone system, ensuring diverts are in place to cover staff meetings/absences.

  1. To manage the CEO’s diary, arrange and organise appointments, meetings, conferences, and other events using Microsoft Outlook.

  2. Open and distribute external and internal post.

  3. Collate and distribute monthly board report to all Board Members and Management Team via email using Adobe Acrobat. Send correspondence to Board Members when necessary.

  4. Manage meeting room/board room diaries.

  5. Monitor staff logins on the Trust website staff portal ensuring all current staff have access.

  6. Responding to the ‘book a chat’ email messages received via the Trust website, and forwarding on to the relevant department or individual.

  1. Monitor and distribution of keys to staff for Head Office and internal offices.

  1. To prepare and distribute minutes internal/external meetings and appointments and any other word processing documents.

  1. To maintain office filing systems and ordering of stationery.

  1. To monitor and log Department Managers’ annual leave records using the Simply Personnel software.

General Duties

  1. To promote The East Boro Housing Trust and its work in the community and in all areas of its operation.

  1. To communicate clearly with other staff, peers, managers, tenants, customers, board members and all other agencies and interested parties.

  1. To undertake training in all aspects of business and financial administration with internal training provided by the Trust and external training provided by other third party agencies as arranged and agreed by the Trust.

  1. To attend Forums, Meetings, and Conferences as requested by the CEO.

5) To perform any other duty commensurate with the post as requested by the

Equal Opportunities
To comply with and promote the terms and conditions of East Boro’s Equal Opportunities Policy.
Data Protection
To comply with the terms and conditions of the 1984 & 1998 Data Protection Acts.
To comply with the terms and conditions of East Boro’s Confidentiality Policy.

East Boro Housing Trust is a Charitable Registered Society under the

Co-operative & Community Benefits Societies Act 2014. No 16946R.

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