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Draft Programme: 2nd Annual Phd Conference, Crawford School of Economics and Government Australian National University

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Draft Programme:

2nd Annual Phd Conference,

Crawford School of Economics and Government

Australian National University
1. Economics – Trade
Matthew McKay

Do Trade Preferences Promote Exports? African Growth and Opportunity Act and Apparel Exports from Sub Saharan Africa. (A product level approach)
Swarnim Wagle

Can Lost Tariffs Be Recouped? A Partial Equilibrium Analysis to Tax Reform
Fahad Khan

The Impact of Economic Policy on Institutional Development

2. Economics - Growth

Ramesh Paudel

Economic Performance in Developing Countries: Is Landlockedness Destiny ?
Michael Cabalfin

Sources of Economic Growth in the Philippines
Dominic Meagher

China's energy boom: understanding the relationship between economic growth and energy consumption in China

3. Economics – energy and environment
Sitta Rosdaniah

The role of government in Indonesia’s electricity industry
Shenghao Feng

Carbon Tax, Revenues Recycling and Double Dividend - A CGE Approach in the Context of China
Hyungsup Lee

Cost difference in mitigating carbon emissions between countries: a factor decomposition approach
Kurnya Roesad

Policy and investment barriers to renewable energy development in Indonesia

4. Environment
Robert Bino

Reconciling different conservation and heritage values
Patrick Doupe

Modeling the process of deforestation
Zahrul Muttaqin

Involving Local Communities in REDD+ Program in Indonesia

5. Public Policy - Rights and Theory
David Court

The nature of film investment: interpreting the failure of the Film Finance Corporation, Australia
Yu Wei, Neo

Social Exclusion in Children’s Research
Matthew Stanhope

Loyal Dissent and Cognitive Complexity in Religious Institutions
John Boswell

Narrating as Performing

6. Macroeconomic and Monetary Policy
Raymond N. Prasad

What has changed in the US Monetary Policy? Divergence from the Great Moderation, Inflation Measurement Bias and the Black Swan in the Money Market
Marcel Schroder

How does real exchange rate misalignment impact on economic growth?
Tuan Anh Phan

Publishing Interest rate forecasts with Central Bank time inconsistency Problem: an extension
Arti Devi

What explains the Inter-day Volatility in Australian Dollar?
7. Human Capital
Gregore Lopez

Human capital, economic growth and Malaysia’s educational institutions
Truong Thi Thu Trang

Implications of the possible removal of migration restriction in Vietnam
Sitthiroth Rasphone

The marginal effect of public spending on poverty in Laos
8. Land and Agriculture

Sandra J. Velarde

Different landholders, different motivations: A landholder typology for bioenergy cropping uptake
Philippa Carr

The Gordian knot of mine closure in developing countries
Hoa Thi Minh Nguyen

Productivity, Net Returns and Efficiency: Land and Market Reform in Vietnamese Rice Production.

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