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Draft cnn land Use & Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes – November 18th, 2015

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Draft CNN Land Use & Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes – November 18th, 2015


Resident of:

Amanda Petretti (NA Rep), Terry Parker,


Laura Young (NA Rep)


Jo Schaefer (Chair)


Evan Burton, Yvonne Rice (NA Rep), Karen McAninch


Kimberly Botter (NA Rep)


Ted Carlston (NA Rep), Bob Price (NA Rep)


Jim Howell (NA Rep)




Representative of:

Nan Stark (BPS)


Sandra Lefrancois; Chase Ballew


Kate Lyman (TriMet), Dan Marchand (TriMet)


Minutes prepared by Chase Ballew, CNN LUTOP Intern. For errors/omissions contact

1. Welcome and Introductions

Attendees introduced themselves. Eleven residents and five staff/speakers were in attendance.

2. Review Meeting Guidelines for Friendly and Productive Discussion

Sandra Lefrancois reviewed the guidelines for friendly and productive meetings.

3. Review and Approve Minutes

Attendees reviewed the minutes from the last meeting, and approved unanimously.

4. Letters of Support

Neighborhood Representatives brought two requests to advance letters of support to the CNN Board for ratification at the December board meeting.

Rose City Park requests support for amendments they want in the Comprehensive Plan. The motion to forward this to the CNN Board for consideration was approved.
Gateway Green in Madison South requests support for the I-205 Undercrossing project, a part of the Sullivan's Gulch multi-use trail connecting the Madison South neighborhood to the Gateway Green parkland. The motion to forward this to the CNN Board for consideration was approved.
5. Comprehensive Plan Maps

Nan Stark (Bureau of Planning and Sustainability) discussed the current status of the comprehensive plan. The city is expected to add 123,000 households and 142,000 jobs by the year 2035, and the comprehensive plan details how to accommodate this growth.

One of the city's goals is to increase the number of people living in “complete neighborhoods,” with ready access to shopping, transit, sidewalks, parks, schools, etc.
Nan presented several maps detailing how the city wants to change, and focus growth and improvements. The majority of the growth is expected to be accommodated in designated centers and corridors; the city's single family neighborhoods are expected to see no significant changes.
Currently, the city is working on changes to the zoning map. The maps are available in interactive form online through the Map App, and you can submit comments there as well, or by emailing: The comment period for the discussion draft of the zoning map update closes December 3rd.
6. TriMet Service Enhancement Plan

Kate Lyman and Dan Marchand (TriMet) presented on revisions to the North/Central Service Enhancement Plan. The draft plan was release earlier this year and presented to LUTOP in June, and based on feedback from the community revisions have been made.

The revised proposal still breaks apart Line 71 at Parkrose TC, but with the 57th Avenue segment going east on Killingsworth to Parkrose TC, instead of following Alderwood Road to Cascade Station, as originally proposed; this change is because most riders of the 71 expressed a desire to get to Parkrose TC as quickly as possible.
Additionally, the revised proposal extends Line 11 along Columbia Boulevard from MLK to Parkrose TC. Those in attendance commented that while this improved access to industrial jobs along Columbia, lack of frequency and a short span of service would limit it's utility, particularly given the lack of connection to other routes. A suggestion was made to connect this line to the Kenton MAX station.
TriMet staff report that adding transit services to streets that haven't had it before is a complicated process, requiring engineering study, extensive public involvement, and formal approval from business owners of bus stop locations.
One feature being explored is the use of community service connectors to connect difficult-to-serve industrial areas with nearby fixed-route services. TriMet will be arranging these jointly with employers, to ensure that they meet the needs of workers, who may not work normal 9-5 shifts.
Jim Howell wants TriMet to consider extending the new Line Z to the Vancouver/Williams corridor or Swan Island, as this would provide more transfer opportunities without duplicating the existing service on MLK. TriMet staff responds that residents of the Cully neighborhood, which this new line is being created to serve, have repeatedly expressed that a direct connection to downtown is their highest priority.
7. Adjourn

Further discussion was cut off so as to end at 8:30 as scheduled.

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